Written by maxblythe

15 Jan 2013

The party must have been good with so many headaches the following morning ,my wife woke early and left to go to bed at home ,feeling ashamed at her inability to walk home the previous evening . I was asked to remain and make her apologies ,and to thank Shona for a great party ,Ashley had brought me a coffee ,and as I drank she and her friend Angie shared my sofa . Fortunately I was completely covered with a duvet ,so neither could see I was a little excited by their presence ,Ashley could not resist a comment on her view the previous evening ,"you and Mum seemed to enjoy yourselves last night !" grinning as she spoke I also noticed Angie seemed amused presumably aware of what had gone on . To avoid any further embarrassment I told them to bugger off while I got dressed ,Angie tugged at the duvet ,"I'll help you " ,just in time Shona appeared from the kitchen ,"you heard the man ,sod off " ,whilst they vanished upstairs she bent far a kiss ,whispering that she would contact me asap to fix a meeting ,rubbing my prick beneath the duvet to make sure I understood the type of meeting .Joining her in the kitchen when dressed I had a bacon sarnie and a brew before making my exit after thanking her again ,and passing on my wife's apologies .

It is amazing how a hot shower can revive even the most jaded body ,leaving my wife snoring in her bed I dressed for leisure in shorts and Tshirt and went downstairs for a long lazy day. No sooner had I made a cuppa and settled on the sofa than the doorbell rang ,and on opening the door I was surprised to see Angie ,overcoming the shock I invited her in ,"what can I do for you " she hurriedly explained that her boiler had stopped working and she wondered if I could have a look ,apparently Ash had suggested me .Quickly putting on trainers and fleece we jumped in my car and drove to her house ,as soon as she found the manual she said she was going to change as she was still in her party dress ,leaving me she headed upstairs .All I did was turn off the gas supply wait for 5 minutes then gas on ,follow start up process and bingo we have heat ,well the boiler fires into life .Angie reappeared ,what a transformation she looked miles better than she had last evening ,her blond hair was up ,neat and framing her delicate face ,a simple grey smock worn over black tights and knee length leather boots .I must have been staring mouth open , she burst out laughing ,"can I help you with anything ,hello!!" I stammered an apology then told her the boiler seemed OK,suggested we waited 10 minutes to make sure then she could collect her kids .Just enough time for a coffee then I said I was off ,the boiler sorted ," what do I owe you ?" she said searching for her purse ,I said it had been my pleasure and made to leave "maybe we could have a drink sometime ?" smiling I replied it would be my pleasure ,grinning she replied "it would ,I can guarantee that !" . Driving home I passed Ashley ,a knowing grin on her face ,she was obviously on her way for a debrief , fucking women !!

My wife woke around noon and we spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching films ,I made a meal around 7 ,tried some wine but realised alcohol was not a good idea ,my wife said she would just pop next door to make her apologies . I knew she would be gone for at least 30 minutes so I checked my email ,none from Shona sadly ,but Ashley had been on earlier in the day ,message short and sweet as ever ,"come around tomorrow I need some cock " reply "see you at 10.30 ,wear stockings and heels !!".When my wife returned I went to bed ,telling her I was going into Manchester in the morning to check out the sales ,looking for something special .As usual Ashley provided something special ,she opened her door wearing only stockings ,heels and a smile ,dragging me in she started to remove my clothing ,as my shirt hit the floor her fingers were easing my trousers over my hips ,"I want you to fuck me just like you did mum last night you dirty bastard ,how could you do it with my dad upstairs and your fucking wife next door ?" .Now stark naked I pushed her to her knees,sliding my prick between her lips ,just the tip teasing her pulling my hips back as she tried to take me in deeper ,starting to fuck her mouth slowly I rotated my hips probing deeper until the full 7 inches vanished ,my balls resting on her chin . Quickly sliding out I led her into her kitchen leaned her over the counter and rammed into her ,just as I had with her mother last night ,"is this what you wanted ? did you enjoy watching us ,did you tell your mum you've been watching her fuck ?" each word reinforced with a thrust of my cock ,deep inside of her .It was obvious she was ready to come ,I knew how to push her over the edge "did you tell Angie I was coming to fuck you today ?" as I thought that did it she started to shake ,"when do you think I'll fuck her ? should I do it here ,what do you think ?" her orgasm was huge ,"fuck you " she snarled still shaking as I continued to push into her now dripping pussy . Leaning over her ,my mouth close to her ear ,now slow shorter strokes I whispered ,"what does she like ,what does Angie want ?" her head rocked from side to side ,I knew she was bubbling up again ,"come on you can tell me ,I know you've talked about it ,what will she do ?" she almost sobbed as another wave of pleasure rippled through her core . Her voice came in staccato sobs as I continued to fuck her "she's going to ride you like a jockey ,she says she'll make you beg for her to stop " ,deep breaths whilst I continued to ram into her ,it was as if I was outside my body ,I was nowhere near coming and yet she was climaxing yet again .Ashley gasped almost in a permanent state of coming ,"imagine Angie getting fucked like this ,do you think she'll enjoy it as much as you ?" increasing my speed now ,eager to take my own pleasure ,"will you fuck us both ,please will you " she was almost begging ," only after I've shagged her on her own ,so fix that first then we can think about you both " no more talking I concentrated on taking my pleasure .My huge hands gripping her waist I was pulling her back onto me rapidly approaching that glorious second of explosion ,shooting a huge gush into her I wrapped my arms around her slender body ,forcing air out as spunk poured into her in a never ending stream .I knew she had truly enjoyed the sex ,especially involving Angie ,she had a kink about watching and involving herself in others sex ,yet she pretended otherwise, so of course I just continued "when are you going to fix me up then ?"her reply instant "fuck off ,fix it yourself " ,I was grinning "I'll let you watch if you want " that did it ,she threw a cup at me and stalked off into the bathroom .I could hear the shower as I made coffee ,joining her in the shower I gave her a kiss and asked her to soap me up ,as her hands slid over my body I could feel her starting to relax again ,she just loved sex and she had the ability to get me going time and time again .We left the shower dried each other ,then still naked went through for coffee ,I had to admit she did tick most boxes for me ,she loved to fuck and made no secret of the fact ,she could be easily teased however ,"so when have you and Angie decided that I will be begging," no longer angry she smiled ," leave it to me I'll fix it ,and yes you can use here ,you cheeky bastard ,I hope she fucking kills you !!"

As I was driving home I had a call on the mobile ,it was Ashley !! ," OK ,you owe me one ,she will meet you at mine tomorrow ,same time as today ,I'll give her the keys ,good luck " and she was gone .Typical of her everything has to happen immediately ,still better sooner than later ,can't help but wonder how it will go but fuck ,it should be fantastic ,she certainly looked good yesterday .So the morning arrived my wife left before me ,so no problems able to get ready without any worries ,and yet I must admit to having some nerves . As I rang the bell she must have been almost at the door ,it opened quickly ,she was smiling and kissed me hard on the lips , I couldn't resist "where have you hidden Ash then ?" she laughed aloud the ice was broken immediately ,"she not here to save you " she mocked ," come through so I can eat you !!" .As I followed her I was mesmerised by her hips swaying her tight little arse hypnotising me as she walked ,she was wearing jodhpurs ,skintight looking as if she had sprayed them on ,with high riding boots .She had obviously just arrived ,as she still had her padded coat on ,slipping from it revealed a pale yellow polo shirt ,noticing my puzzled look "I'm going riding later !" a lecherous grin spread across her face ,"let me take your coat ,you wont be needing that for a couple of hours will you ".

I sat on the sofa as she made a pot of coffee ,she chatted easily ,totally relaxed and in control and having poured the coffee joined me on the sofa ,"Ash tells me you want to have us together ," I nearly choked ,obviously she was well primed and out to shock me.Recovering some composure I thought it may be fun to play along ,"can you think of a man who wouldn't " I mused "what about you ,are you up for it ?" , she put her boot in my already bulging groin ,"help me off with these will you ,then I can help you with that !!".Once her boots were off she took my coffee and straddled my legs grinding her pelvis slowly against the bulge ,my hands slipped under her shirt seeking her pert breasts ,her nipples were like pebbles between my fingers ,her eyes closed as she continued to rock back and forth .Leaning forward she kissed my neck " take it off"she whispered ,raising her arms to ease my task ,she knew the impact this would have ,whilst small they were fantastically firm standing proud ,nipples slightly upturned and almost purple in colour ,"suck them " as she said it forcing one between my open lips .She stood up and slid the jodhpurs over her hips as I stood and urgently stripped off except for my boxers ,she sat on the sofa allowing me to remove the jods and started to stand before I pushed her back down . Hooking my arms under her knees I pulled her toward me ,then easing her thighs apart gently started to lap her pussy ,the reaction was instant " fuck ,did she tell you I love oral " her hands behind my head pulling me deeper into her .As my tongue slid deeper and found her clit she was lost ,groaning in pleasure I could feel her juices starting to flow ,Christ was she wet almost ready to come ,and almost ready to fuck ,sliding my tongue down I reached the area below her pussy ,just as sensitive .I was waiting for her to speak ,nothing ,continuing I placed the tip of my tongue against her bud ,bingo sliding her hips forward she tried to force my tongue up her hole ,truly excited beyond belief .By now I was ready to slide into her ,one or two probes then lean back and push my cock to her pussy ,slowly sliding its length into her ,"let me get on top " she begged ,ignoring her I started to fuck her .She was into the moment ,pushing against my long strokes ,my hands tweaking her nipples as I slid deep inside ,within a couple of minutes she gasped her legs trembling " I'm coming ,oh god I'm coming ,don't fucking stop now " .I slowed my pace so her climax was longer in building ,slowly ,so slowly until she finally went over the edge ,her body twitching as the shock waves consumed her.Letting my cock slip from her I quickly pulled her from the sofa ,now positioning her in front of me, her chest on the cushions her peachey bum toward me,opening her thighs I eased back inside her,burying myself up to my bollocks . Each subsequent thrust nearly lifting her off the cushion,she became vocal as she once more climaxed her pussy gripping my cock as she spasmed in pleasure ,"just fucking wait until I get on top of you,I'll fucking show you " .