Written by maxblythe

18 Jan 2013

At last I was due to meet Shona ,we had not had any contact since New Years Eve ,when we had fucked in her house whilst our respective partners had slept off the alcohol ,and now we could catch up ,and hopefully I would once again experience one hell of a woman .She had contacted me yesterday by email ,saying her hubby was back at work today so I should call at hers as soon as my missus went out .Talk about lucky ,my wife had trouble starting her car ,I had to go out with the WD40 ,finally after about 10 minutes I managed to get it started ,as she drove away I nipped inside to clean up before going next door .I nearly passed out as I went down our drive ,his van was back on their drive ,fucking hell what's going on ,pretending to look at my motor I just went back into the house .

After 15 minutes it was clear he was back for the day ,bollocks its a frigging conspiracy ,as I was making a brew my mobile went,it was Ashley ,Shona's daughter ,"mum's just text-ed me ,he's been sent home apparently some material was delayed so he's got an extra day off,she's really sorry and says she will hopefully see you tomorrow ." I thanked her for letting me know and was just about to go "woo hang on I thought you might want to come round to mine ,unless you've got something better to do ,I'm off all day and would welcome the company !!" .This was undoubtedly Ash looking for a shag ,so the day wasn't a total fuck up after all .Jumping in the car I saw Shona looking out her window ,waving as I pulled away ,I felt a prick shooting off to shag her daughter ,but at my age you take any opportunity offered .

It only took half an hour to get to her flat ,she obviously saw me parking up as she was standing in her doorway as I left the lift "you've taken your time !" glad to see her sarcasm hadn't deserted her " I thought you might have made an effort " me being equally sarcastic ,as ever she looked hot . She really did know just how to dress to knock me dead ,just a little black dress and her spike heel ankle boots ,her auburn hair worn up and makeup carefully applied .We could have gone to any restaurant in Britain and apart from her "Fuck me" shoes she would have looked totally at home ,showing me through she closed and locked her door ,"we don't want any more scares do we ?" .She had made coffee and whilst pouring she spoke again ," Christ you were lucky ,mum was going to really see to you today ,after New Years Eve she been aching for it apparently ,mind you it was hot watching you ,I'll tell you what you were both lost to the fucking world ,but risky or what !!" .I had to agree with her ,about the risk but I also knew I could not have turned her down ,"have you spoken to her this morning?" I just wondered if Shona knew I was here ,"yes she rang after she saw you leave home ,she just said to have a good time ,and she'd see you tomorrow " .She drained her cup before me ,and returning from the kitchen she stood directly in front of me ,and spreading her legs let her dress slip from her shoulders ,stepping out of it letting me stare at her .Her underwear was black lace ,her bra tiny ,basically a shelf to support her breasts ,leaving her effectively naked ,the tiny thong barely covering her vagina ,which she was obviously shaving as any bush would have been visible .Leaning forward she took my hand "let's go to bad " helping me from her sofa "I'll leave the boots on ,I know you like them "

As she led the way her hips swayed provocatively ,she was turning into one sexy young lady ,as we reached the bed she turned ,unclasped her bra ,the started on my cloths ,knocking my hand away as I tried to help ,"leave everything to me ".As I stepped from my boxers she placed her open hand under the rigid shaft, then gently closed her fingers ,slowly moving it backward and forward ,watching the head hanging out of her grip .Sliding on to her knees she took me into her mouth ,her eyes upturned to find mine ,watching my reaction as she sucked me deep ,then I felt her finger exploring between my bum cheeks ,the fact my cock got harder still giving away the pleasure I was feeling .She pushed me back on her bed ,and in a flash knelt over me ,"I'm going to do you like mum did " thrusting herself onto my cock ,hot as she was she wasn't Shona ,but she was in danger of bringing me off very quickly ,pulling her down I started to suck her nipples ,this also stopped her fucking me . I could feel the lace against my shaft,she had obviously slid them quickly to one side as she rammed into me ,lifting her off me I lay her beside me ,before I knelt between her thighs and eased her briefs off as she lifted her hips ,"now just relax and open those legs " she smiled in anticipation . She had long slender legs ,which I lifted over my shoulders ,the spike heels resting on my back as I lowered my mouth onto her ,my tongue exploring between her silky smooth lips ,her hips pushing up to send me deeper .I knew how much she loved to be eaten ,she was already extremely wet and was becoming vocal ,louder by the second . As I concentrated on her button ,hardly touching her as I flicked rapidly across its tip ,she tensed then shuddered to a huge ,loud climax "stick it in me ,push it in quickly ,c'mon shag me ,please shag me now " . Lifting my head I leaned forward her hands grabbing and feeding me urgently into her ,her hips thrusting to ensure I went deep . I was lost in her lust slipping my arms under her legs to pull her onto me ,then placing her boot clad feet over my shoulders ,now I could go deep ,my hands under her arse thrusting hard into her .I was completely gone just hammering into her tight fanny ,she returning every thrust with interest ,"come into me ,let me have your spunk " her demands pushing me over the edge ,shooting into her ,still pumping as I released her legs and slumped onto her breathless body.

Eventually my breathing returned to normal ,but long before my cock had softened and slipped from her ,"you are going to be the death of me I'm to bloody old to try and keep up with youngsters " kneeling up I looked down at her . She was smiling ,a satisfied look on her face "you're not getting away that easily I want it again before you go " I just rolled my eyes ,feigning horror "just what I said ,killing me !!" .Ashley decided we should nip out for a quick lunch before in her words "she fucked me some more " ,I quickly dressed she slipped on the little dress repaired her hair and makeup ,then finding her coat she made for the door "come on I'm ravenous ",.She though I hadn't noticed that she had not replaced her underwear ,I still can't get over that in the young ,gravity seems to have no effect ,well nothing detrimental ,her tits stood proud ,her stomach taught and as she led the way her backside looked just lovely .Ash in the years to come would develop her mothers figure ,already the curves were developing,her breasts and hips filling out ,but everything was taught but just like her mother she was built to please and lord did she enjoy sex .As we sat drinking our coffee awaiting the sandwich ,she parted her thighs ,giving me the full view of her nakedness ,I pretended to be shocked and embarrassed ," for fuck sake cover yourself ,you'll get us arrested " ,she just chuckled " coward ,your not going to feel me then ?" I looked away as if checking if anyone was watching .The waitress brought our sandwiches and I ordered another round of coffee,as soon as she left I slid my hand onto her leg ,stroking that lovely smooth skin ,then slid the tip of one finger inside her silky pussy .She didn't move ,but her eyes were watching the waitress as she made our coffee, "she's coming back" she hissed,assuming I would withdraw my hand ,actually trying to move but unable to without making it obvious what I was doing ,as the drinks were put in front of us the finger slid deep inside . I knew the waitress could not see anything ,she may suspect but was not able to verify it ,I just smiled and said thanks ,Ash hurriedly bit into her lunch ,for the next couple of minutes I teased her already sensitive clit ,then watched in pleasure as she trembled onto my hand . Her face was almost scarlet ,she had struggled to be silent as I teased her to her pleasure ,also conscious of where we were ,and what I was doing to her .When I removed my fingers and started to eat my sandwich she quickly rearranged her dress ," come on let's get going ,I'm sure she knows what you were doing " I just laughed ,"I'll leave her a good tip so stop worrying " ,leaving her I went to pay ,as I waited for the bill to ring through the waitress asked whether we had enjoyed our lunch , I smiled and replied "thoroughly thanks " paying the bill and leaving her a few quid as a tip " thanks for that ,it's been a pleasure ,she's a bit young for you though ,come back on your own next time !!" .

She practically dragged me back to her flat ,I imagined we would go straight to her bedroom so I was surprised when she started to remove my cloths in the lounge ,I was about to lift her dress only stopping when she pulled back ,"leave it just let me take care of you " ,just wearing my boxers I was led through to her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed .She reached to her dressing table for a bottle of baby oil ,"just stand up for a second " as I did she reached into my shorts easing the elasticated waistband under my balls,"now sit again and don't move " .Pouring the oil into the palm of her hand she smeared it over my shaft ,paying close attention to my knob," tell me what you did with Angie ,everything " , as I told most of the story ,she kept asking questions " how did she feel ,was it good " all the while wanking me slowly ,occasionaly using both hands ,the second one to massage my balls .Applying more oil ,to cock and balls,she continued "did she ride you ,did she ?" I couldn't believe for one minute that they had not spoken ,and didn't think Angie would have kept anything back .Nodding slowly to show she had ,"was it good ,did you enjoy it ,did you ?" again I nodded she just kept milking me ," is she better than me ?" I said no instantly .She was kneeling directly in front of me ,"please take your dress off ,let me see you naked " at first I thought she was going to refuse but then she lifted her arms allowing me to lift it over her head . She realy was stunning ,her hands expertly working me ,varying the speed so that I never quite got to come but hell it was close ,"please let me come ,god you are driving me mad ". Adding a little more oil her hands weaving their magic ,"Ash ,please god do you want me to have a heart attack ?" slowly lifting her face "beg ,just like you did with Angie ," her fingers stroking my knob " OK ,I beg ,fucking hell I beg you make me come " her grip tightened ,and her pace quickened .So all this nonsence brought on by her fucking daft mate obviously winding her up ,christ knows what she had said but it had realy wound her up ,a little more pleading would give her something to get her back with . Groaning loudly I looked down at her ,"god it's fucking fantastic ,Ashley please ,please let me come now ,I've never felt anything like this ,please " smiling she finally succumbed ,"come on shoot over me" ,her dainty hand finally bringing me off ,globs of thick spunk across her tits,and still she milked me "Ash ,you are fucking magic " prising her hand from me I lay back on the bed smiling .