21 Mar 2018

After saying goodbye to the couple with my wife's help duped me and simone went indoors , she said do you want a cup of tea going out to the kitchen , I said yes please and then I said I'm going for a shower , she said I'll bring your tea up to you , I got in the shower and let the water cascade over me reflecting what had just happened, I could feel my cock getting hard , especially thinking of simone shagging cliff , not me fucking his wife , and I wondered how long it had been going on , I washed and got out of the shower and simone hadn't appeared with my tea , wrapping a towel around me I opened our bedroom door , I could hear simone talking on the phone and all I could hear was we haven't spoken about what happened yet , then she said I don't think he will have a go at you he's just shagged your wife for fuck sake , if anything it's me he will have a go at because of our affair amongst other things ,she said I've got to go his tea is getting cold with that she put the phone down , I crept back into the bedroom and sat oh the bed , simone entered with my tea , handing it to me she said there you are darling , I'm going to shower now , with that she stripped off turned on the shower and had her shower , I put on a clean pair of shorts and t-, shirt finished my tea and went down stairs , I switched on the TV and started to watch the news , about 10 minutes later simone came down stairs in her see through dressing gown with a towel wrapped around her wet hair , she stood behind me and was running her fingers through my hair , and she said we have to talk , are you cross with me for what happened today , I told her no , I would have liked to have known what was going on with you and cliff but I'm not mad , she leant over and gave me a peck on the cheek saying you are are great husband , I said from now on I would like you to be honest with me and tell if you get up to anything when I'm not with you , she said I only went with cliff because his wife tod me he had a big cock but you are bigger than him , but it just got a regular thing getting shagged without you knowing , I'm sorry, I looked at her and said are there other guys or anything else you have been up to ... you won't get cross , no I said it makes me horny , she said I've got up to no end of things I think I'm a nympho or slut I just love sex , she came and sat on my lap , well one time I was out with mates on a works do and we went on to a club after , and we were drinking heavily but dancing helped us not to get too drunk , any way we met some guys , well five to be exact , they said to us would you like to come to ours for a nightcap , well me and judy were up for it ,we went with them , and me and Judy were laughing and I said to her I don't think much of yours , it must have been just one of the guys flat as it was small , we were given a drink , and someone put on some slow music and two of the guys got me and Judy dancing they started to kiss us , and I felt the guy I was with lifting the back of my dress exposing my knickers to the three sitting down , I didn't stop him I felt horny looking across at Judy who had stopped dancing and the guy had hitched up her dress and her knickers were by her knees and he was fingering her cunt , , I was supposed fucking turned on I said okay everybody clothes off And we all did , the guys took turns dancing with us groping and fingering us , and she looked at me and said it was so horny seeing 5 erect cocks , I sat down on the settee , the guy I was dancing with shagged me the others were watching wanking their cocks , when one finished another cock was in my cunt , I took all of them , while I was being shagged Judy was being licked , that's the night when you wanted me but I said I just want a shower and sleep , I said I remember now , your not too tired now are you as I lifted her on to my hard cock , trouble is is was so worked up I shot my load too quick ... I wonder what else she got up to , I might let you know