Written by pantypaul

13 Dec 2010

I was feeling very horny last monday, so I got on the train to manchester. When I got there I walked up to piccadilly and went in to a pub called outlaws. It is frequented by gay males usually of the older age. I looked around, there were some decent looking blokes, but there was one at the end of the bar that kept looking over, probably about 50, same age as me.After about ten minutes he got up and went to the toilet, he had been gone for ages, so I went to the loo also. As I was entering the loo he came out and smiled at me. I smiled back and carried on in to the cubicle, my cock had woke up now and was starting to get hard. When I got in the cubicle there was a note on the sistern saying "enjoy". Along side was a condom which had some warm sperm in the bubble, I was now fully erect and pulled my pants down and rubbed my hard cock. I got the condom and slid it over my hard cock, the sperm was now all over the top of my cock, it felt so good, like having sloppy seconds.It wasnt long before I added my sperm to the other load, just as I was squeezing the last drops in to the condom, I heard a tap on the door "can I have my condom back if you have finished with it" I opened the door and took the condom off and handed it to him, he looked at it, smiled then put it to his mouth and squeezed both loads of come down the condom and in to his opened mouth. I watched as he took it all in his mouth, he must have swallowed some, as when he opened his mouth there was still a bit in there.He came nearer and kissed me on the lips, gently pecking at them, then his tongue traced the outline of my lips, and slowly slipped between them.I opened my mouth, and he passed some of the sperm to me. We kissed for ages till all the sperm was gone, it was so horny.

He pulled away from me, kissed me again and turned round and left the loo, I pulled up my pants , but when I got back in the pub, he had gone, so I went back to my stool and finished my drink.