26 Mar 2019

Age? Part 2

Thank you for all who read the first part and thank you for all the inspiring comments.

My eyes were drawn to another female neighbour. Not because of her good looks but

due to the fact that I thought she was a Junkie or an Alcoholic.

She was slim built and walked in the manner of a Junkie, holding her head down when she passed you and muttering an almost inaudible, hello.

On my way home from town by bus, a journey of fifteen minutes, she came on to the bus and spotting me she came and sat down beside me.

Conversation was laborious as she would start speaking then half way through her story she would appear to get tired and her voice would trail off to a whisper. “Do you know about Alexis?” she blurted out. “No, I replied, “what’s the matter with her?” I asked. She giggled in a strange way, “No, Alexis, I got one for Xmas but can’t get it to work.”

Well, I arranged to go to her flat after tea, around about seven pm. The front doors of the flats have a bubble effect clear glass panel approximately one foot or thirty centimetres wide running down the full length of the door. It was dark outside as I approached her Flat. I rang her doorbell, no one answered. I rang the bell again.

This time the hall light came on and I was astonished to see her walking towards the front door, totally naked. Her long naked legs, her shaven pussy, her pert small breasts with small hard nipples were all illuminated by the Hall light. She stopped briefly, inches from the front door, while slipping on a short towel robe over her naked body.

“Who is it she asked.” I said my name and the door opened. She apologised saying that she had been in the shower and it had taken longer than usual due to the fact that the shower was not working properly. She beckoned me in and ushered me along to her Living room.

I followed gazing lasciviously at her long naked legs, her hips swaying from side to side as she walked. “Have a seat while I get the Alexis thing,” she said. The short towelling robe barely covered her naked bum. Returning with a cardboard box she leaned over in front of me to hand it to me. Her robe opened slightly allowing me to gaze on her naked breasts.

“Would you like tea or coffee,” “Anything stronger?” I asked. “No, only tea or coffee.” I opted for coffee. She brought me a mug of coffee and a mug of tea for herself. As she sat down opposite me I

caught a glimpse of her naked pussy as her short robe opened slightly as she sat down. Her shoulders were almost bare as the robe was loose at the top.

Her boyish chest was also exposed and I couldn’t help thinking that if her robe would only open another inch or two I would see those magnificent breasts of hers, the image still etched into my memory.

I explained to her that in order to get the Alexis to work she would need a lap top or tablet and a broadband connection. She advised me that she had neither and that she couldn’t afford to pay for broadband.

She then asked me if I would like to buy Alexis or knew of anyone who might want to buy it. We settled on a price of thirty pounds. Leaning back into her chair, her robe rode up her naked legs and I could clearly see her pussy lips protruding from under the bottom of the robe.

We conversed for almost two hours during which time she told me that she had lost her seventeen year old son due to a motorcycle accident that he was involved in. She told me that she had turned to drink and during this time her husband had left her and she had been forced to sell their house. She had given up drink some years ago and was basically a recovering alcoholic.

I asked her about drugs and she told me that she had never used them. I saw her in a completely different light and was appalled that her face had been ravaged through drink, a face that didn’t belong to such a beautiful body.

Nothing sexually happened apart from a kiss on the cheek and a thank you for my companionship. “Any time you want a coffee you are welcome to come up,” she announced as we parted company.

I had one of the best wanks that evening, the images of her naked body still etched into my mind.