Written by mrfiction

21 May 2011

Air Con Course

I and my mate were lucky enough to get an air conditioning course in Norwich which would last for 10 days. No big deal to us but this involved being put up in a boarding house, all paid for by our boss, which included a weekend’s break. It was a hot August, and things were forecasted to get hotter.

To us it would be a welcome change from the routine of our normal working week. Little did we know how much of a change that would be.

We arrived at our digs, after a long and tiring drive on a Monday afternoon. It was a lovely old five bedroom house on the outskirts of Norwich.

The landlady was very pleasant and good looking peroxide blond in her mid 40’s, with a figure that belittled her age. Didn’t know at the time but she was divorced and happy being that way. As our host she put us at ease straight away with her welcome. We were given a shared room and then shown around the house so that we could get our bearings. I was impressed by her facilities, especially her mini bar in the lounge area. It was a cosy space which you could relax in, without fear of interruption.

Our course didn’t start till the following, morning so we went down to the local pub, which was about ten minutes down the road. After a few beers, and a bite to eat, we went back. The landlady invited us to her mini bar for a few more drinks. The three of us chatted till about midnight, and I could tell she was charmed by my mate, as he was a black guy, and a natural winner with the women. She seemed very interested in our private lives, as in, are you married or attached, and what do you do for fun in your spare time etc. Innocent enough questions to start with, but later would find out a bit more about the reasons behind them. We were enjoying the night but decided to retire to our bedroom after being told breakfast would be served at 07:30 am.

We both woke up bleary eyed at 06:45 am, by a knock at our door. I looked over at my mate and he was under his quilt, as I was, so I said “come in”. The landlady walked in holding a tray with two cups of tea.

Of course I have mentioned, she was a very friendly host but the tea and the tray, was not what caught our attention, as she was wearing a semi see through negligee. I could easily see she was not wearing any underwear. She smiled and placed the tray on the bedside table and said “good morning, boys, breakfast will be ready soon, hope you had a good nights sleep I did, it’s going to be a hot one today”. She then turn and walked out the door leaving me with a lasting impression of her firm bottom and shapely legs as seen through a pain of frosted glass.

We both could not believe what we had just seen, and came out with nervous boy talk. Eagerly we both got dressed to go down stairs for breakfast as we new she was cooking it. Hopefully we would get another longer glimpse of the body she just imprinted on our minds.

When we arrived at the breakfast table our eyes were greeted with her wearing a very short, white and very tight pair of hot pants, with a bikini top to match, which only just fitted her amble breasts. It was mid August and we were in a heat wave. Thank God for heat waves.

She was teasing us with her body and I wasn’t complaining.

That carried on each morning for the rest of the week, with her wearing various types of revealing clothing for us to start our day.

On our first Friday night we went into town and got plastered, as lads do on a Friday night. Tried a few chat up lines with the local girls but failed. We didn’t get back to the boarding house till about 02:00 in the morning.

Before we went to sleep, all we could talk about were our fantasies involving the landlady and whether she was really was up for it.

The next morning she knocked on the door later than usual and entered, wearing the original see through outfit, but no tray of tea.

She said “You guys look hung over. Do you fancy a massage?”

We both looked at each other through blood shot eyes, and immediately said yes. Getting us to lay either side of her on the bed she started to stroke our chests and legs, slowly working her way up into the boxer shorts we were both wearing.

I bet she loved watching our erections grow as she teased us. My mate made the first move as he reached for her breasts and I followed suit. The memory still lingers with me as she removed her see through outfit, and let me and my mate suck and play with her erect nipples. My move came next as I stroked her inner thigh and glanced a touch of her soft, trim fanny, and she moaned. Our shorts came off and she griped our hard cocks, pulling them. We both sucked and licked her till she cried out “Fuck me”. My mate entered her first as I manoeuvred myself so that she could suck on my cock and watch his cock pump in and out of her fanny.

Her breasts wobbled with his thrusts and I allowed my hands to gently brush her nipples. I was close to climax as she took my tingling cock deeper into her throat with soft but urgent jerking movements, while kneading my balls with her hand. I watched as his thrusts became faster and shorter, no longer showing his full length.

He came hard and fast. I could not contain myself any longer so I let my own climax engulf me as she eagerly swallowed.