Written by Shelly1

9 Dec 2007

I was just reading the post by Alex further down the page and just had to contribute.

I also travel a lot on business and have had several sexual encounters one of which I would like to share.

I am forty five, fair haired with I\'m told great figure for my age, I have always had a good appetite for sex and more than a few good looking guys have tried their luck and suceeded in getting my panties off.

I had been to Hong Kong on business and had flown back into Paris, it was early morning and I had a connection to Leeds so checked through and went to the BMI business lounge.

I was having a croissant and coffee when I noticed this man enter the lounge, he was in his mid twenties I guess and obviously travelling on business by the look of his suit etc.

He sat down opposite me and I could see that he gave me an appraisal before going over to the coffee machine.

I had been away from home for two weeks so consequently had been without sex for the whole time so I was approaching the really in need of a fuck stage and thought that this guy could be the ideal partner, a no strings attached fuck which was all I wanted.

He came back and sat down and had another good look at me in the process, I finished my coffee etc and and set the cup down on the little table, while I was brushing the croissant crumbs off my skirt I let it ride up over my thighs and gave him a flash of my stocking tops and suspender straps.

He stood up and I thought he was going to leave but he leaned over to me and told me to follow him.

He had dissapeared into the mens room and I followed him barely able to walk as my legs had gone so weak.

Once inside he was behind the door, he took my hand and pulled me into a cubicle, I felt his mouth on mine and we were soon kissing, his hand came up under my skirt and ran up over my stocking tops to go inside my panties, he felt my wet pussy for a while before easing my panties down my legs,

When he got them to my ankles I stepped out of them and started to open his pants, I got his penis in my hand and wanked it for a while, he lifted me up slightly and I put it in my pussy.

He did me against the wall and we both had a terrific orgasm.

His flight left before mine so when he had gone I tidied myself up and had to go shopping for new panties and stockings as mine were all soaked with this guys semen.

More experiences of my time travelling if I get some favourable comments.