Written by pantypaul

22 Jul 2010

Yesterday I was at Dublin airport waiting for my plane, enjoying a quick pint. I had just sent the misses a text, I put my phone down and forgot it goes to my screen saver. Which is a picture of her sat on a chair, skirt pulled up flashing off her black stockings and gorgeous legs. The guy next to me had seen the photo and said 'nice' Abit shocked I said thanks. 'Any more, shes gorgeous' I was very flattered that some one found her attractive. I got the phone and found four others of her dressed in flesh coloured stockings sat on the edge of the bed, in various poses. 'Beautiful, just beautiful If she was mine she would never get out of the bedroom' I could see He was getting turned on by her. He asked could he have a picture of her so he could go to the toilets and wank off over the picture.I refused but follow me I said. I walked off to the toilets and went in to the first cubicle he followed me in and closed the door. I gave him the phone and he went to pull his zip down but I stopped and I pulled it down and took out his semi hard cock, I could hear him moaning with pleasure as I tookthe tip of his cock in my mouth. He was scrolling up and down on the photos, his cock was now rock hard about 7 inches long, [an easy mouthful] He put one hand on my head and pulled me in tight to him, I got a lovely taste of precum and he started to fuck my mouth hard. Then he slowed right down and he squirted three big jets of cum in to my mouth, it tasted good and I made sure I drank it all and licked his cock clean. Thanks he said as he pulled up his zip.' My pleasure I said' He gave me my phone back and went off to his flight. I checked my phone and the crafty sod had sent the photos to his phone. Hope he has a good wank over them.