Written by Steve59uk

27 Oct 2010

We had met on the internet and were soon talking about sexual likes and dislikes; before too long we had started having cyber sex, sometimes on cam together, watching each other masturbate and cum for one another while talking really dirty and nasty to one another. Sometimes I would call her while she was rubbing her pussy so I could hear how wet she was as well as see on screen her hands all over her clit and lips…….it was very arousing, erotic and also very addictive!!

We explored so many things we would like to do with each other and even explored other adventures and fantasies we would like to indulge in together……but it was our lust for each other at his stage that was at the forefront of our minds…..

After some weeks of this the lady in question was always so horny that I asked her if she thought I could make her cum just by talking dirty to her without her touching herself and she said she knew she could because she had done that the night before in bed just thinking about it…….I was soon telling her just how much I wanted to feel and taste her wetness and how I would love to slide my throbbing cock into her sweet pussy and she was moaning so hard and I could see on cam she was not touching herself……she urged me on and demanded more and more nasty talk and soon told me she was about to cum…..had I not seen it for myself I would never have believed it and it was such an erotic sight to enjoy ……….

Before long we discussed meeting and I started to make plans to fly to her nearest airport which led to many discussions about how hot and horny we would be for each other when we met…we explored how and where we would be able to get to do what we both knew we would want to do as soon as we met that first time and jokingly I told her what I wanted was for her to dress for me like a good slut when she came to the airport……

I said she would wear a short skirt with loose panties and heels so when she ran into my arms I could whisper in her ear and ask her if she was feeling horny for me and ready to be fucked…..we laughed about maybe heading for the restroom as soon as I landed but I said I’m sure after all the talk and the thought of what we had planned she would be wet enough when she saw me for me to be able to make her cum right there in the arrival hall while I whispered nasty things to her…..

We were both confident it would work and both so highly aroused by the idea we decided to try it….and I knew the moment I saw her she was ready and willing to try….

Her face looked flushed and her legs seemed weak as she ran over to me at the arrival gate….she almost jumped onto me and I knew straight away she was close to cumming……as she held me tight I whispered into her ear I wanted her to cum for me…..she started to shake…..mmmm yes baby that’s good just how we talked about it being I said to her…….don’t hold back now let your pussy take over and flood your soaking wet panties with your juices for me I urged her…..she was really trembling now and a soft moan escaped from her lips which she was biting onto hard to stop herself from shouting out loud….oh yes oh yes she whispered……clinging on to me tightly I felt her legs almost buckle as her climax rippled through her hot and sensual body…..tears started to run down her cheeks and a huge smile spread across her face …….wow she said that was one hell of an orgasm now get me out of this airport and back to a motel where you can really fuck me hard……..as we sat on the transit coach to the parking lot I slipped a finger inside those loose and wet panties and felt just how soaking wet she was………………..and she rubbed my rock hard cock and told me to get ready to out it to good use…………but first there was still time to finger her while we stood at reception waiting to check in………….now that was naughty……