Written by jenna_k

13 Jul 2012

Hi there i'm Jenna, i'm 35 and married. I'm 5ft 5 tall, size 12 ish, shoulder length straight dark brown hair with 36B boobs and i work at my local airport as a check in agent.

I love working at the airport, i adore the buzz and there's always something going on so your never bored.....and there is always some 'fun' going on, lots of shagging and lots of extra marital affairs. I have had a couple of affairs myself and am really hooked on the buzz it gives me.

Well my latest affair was a little different and i'll tell you all about it.

Whenever staff have to go through to the airside section of the airport, we have to give our security pass to the security officer and they swipe us through and we have to put our bags through the x ray and we walk through the metal detectors, just as passengers do.

Well after being at the airport for a while you get to know some of the security staff and they tend to check you less vigorously than the passengers, but i had noticed that one girl who workes there alwas tended to give me a thorough frisk if i 'beeped' when walking through the detector. I noticed that i found her quite attractive and i often found myself going to her to be frisked and as she ran her hands up and down my body i would give her a smile and look into her eyes.

I thought that she looked a little bit, well butch i suppose, but she was still an attractive girl, 5ft 7 ish, a size or so biggar than me with bigger boobs and streaked blonde hair, i'd say she was about 38. Well as time went by she started to call me by my first name and i started to flirt with her a bit and started to thrust my chest out a little when she started to frisk me and she definitely noticed.

Louise started to flirt a little back with me and we used to say hello if we saw each other in the terminal....i would always give her a big smile and make eye contact with her. She then started to frisk me a little more intimately, trailing her finger tips on my arms or legs or down my back whilst checking me. One night when i was on nights i undid the top button on my blouse before i went through security and i saw her glancing at my boobs and when she checked me over that night she ran the backs of her hands over my breasts a little more firmly than normal....they have to use the backs of their hands not their palms. When she did this i gasped ever so softly and she picked up on it and when shed finished i looked straight into her eyes, gave her a big smile and said 'thank you'.

I was getting more and more turned on by this girl and i wanted her so badly, i used to go home after work and slide my fingers all over my body and imagine it was Louise touching me, i would play with my wet pussy and stroke my clit until i would orgasm.

One day i was walking through the airport tunnel to get to the other terminal and i bumped into Louise and we had a chat. I was flirting like mad with her and she knew it, she was looking at my boobs and so i looked at hers so she could see looking, it was so obvious but it worked, she asked me what time i was working til, and i said 3 o'clock and she said oh so am i, shall we go for a drink after work? ok i said and we agreed to meet at a local pub.

I was so horny, my pussy was soaking wet and i couldnt concentrate all day until i finished work. Before leaving i let my hair down, did my make up and then made my way to the pub and i met Louise. We had a glass of wine and a chat and i wanted her to take me there and then.

After our drink and after i'd been flirting outrageously with her for an hour, Louise asked me if i fancied going over to her house for a while as her husband was working til late.....wow she was married like me, this could be fab!!! I agreed immediately and off we went. I follwed her and within 10 mins i was at her house and sat on the settee. Louise went to get changed and she came down in a denim skirt and a top. She was bigger than me all over, maybe a size 14 but with bigger boobs and a more curvy figure, she looked great.

She sat down next to me and we chatted, we were both turned slightly and we almost faced each other and then she raised her hand and ran her finger down my neck, oh my god it felt electric!! i then put my hand on her leg and slid it up her thigh a little. That was it, Louise leaned over and kissed me, she slid her tongue into my mouth and we kissed passionately. I then felt her touching my boobs and i moaned softly to let her know that i was turned on.

Louise started to unbutton my blouse and slid her hand into my top, inside my bra and squeezed my boobs, pinching my nipple gently, i reached up and squeezed her boobs through her top and she told me to follow her upstairs. Louise pushed me onto her bed and she took off her top and bra and slid down her skirt and knickers and she stood naked in front of me. Her boobs were bigger than mine and her pussy was well trimmed with just a little hair....i begged her to strip me and take me. She took off my blouse and bra and unzipped my skirt, it fell to the floor and she pulled of my shoes and hold ups and then my knickers....i was naked in front of her and she got on the bed next to me.

Louise took control and started kissing me and touching me, first my boobs, squeezing, pinching and then sucking my nipples. She then slid her hand up my thigh and touched my pussy, running her finger up and down my slit before she slid her finger into me. I screamed at the pleasure and she gasped when she felt how wet i was. She slid her finger in and out and flicked my clit gently. I was squeezing her big boobs and i sucked her nipples before she took my hand and placed it on her pussy and i felt a girls pussy for the first time. I slid a finger into her and felt the wetness, her pussy was hot and wet.

She then pushed me on my back and moved my wide legs apart, my totally shaved pussy on full view to her....then she licked me, omg i nearly hit the ceiling, wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me and then i felt her pushing a toy into me and she slid her vibrator all the way in before turning it on. She then spun around and sat with her pussy over my face while she slid her vibrator in and out of me and i licked pussy for the first time, she tasted devine!! i licked her and pushed my tongue as far as it would go inside her and then i found her clit. I flicked her little bud and felt it get bigger and she started panting. Louise kept the vibrator inside me and licked and sucked my clit and i did the same to her and then we both exploded into orgasm.

Omg i have never felt so totally satisfied and have never been so wet. We kissed and cuddled and touched each other for ages before we got up, had a shower together and got dressed. I said that i had to get going and Louise slid her arms around me and kissed me and we said cheerio with a promise to do it again soon.

I just got home before my husband and he knew nothing about it. Well me and Louise have been fucking for ages now and nobody is none the wiser. We have fucked at work quite a few times on nights and we meet at her house or at mine and have amazing sex....long may it continue!!!!