Written by TandS

12 Jan 2017

This is a true story which happened last September. I’m Tony aged 42 and my wife Sue is 40 and are both bi. Sue is 5’ 3”, blonde, beautiful 38D tits with extremely suckable nipples and a lovely smooth fanny. I am 6’ 0” smooth with a 7” cock. We have both had many sexual experiences both together and separately. We had rented a secluded villa with pool in the Algarve for a couple of weeks late summer sun. We both love being naked as often as possible to enjoy the sun. We had been there a couple of days and were stretched out by the pool when the pool maintenance guy arrived. He saw us and immediately apologised and started to turn away. I called him back saying not to mind us, but if he preferred my wife and I could go inside, he replied we were fine where we were, which was great because I really liked looking at the 30ish, fit, muscular, guy – my cock did too, as it started twitching! Sue was getting aroused too as she started squirming on her lounger!

Vitor (we found out later) couldn’t keep his eyes off Sue as she opened her legs and started caressing her inner thighs. As he made his way round the pool to Sue, she asked if he would put sun lotion on her, he looked at me and smiled as I nodded. He knelt down next to Sue and started to rub the oil into Sue’s stomach, gradually moving to her breasts paying particular attention to her nipples. Sue said “you look hot, take your tee shirt off” He pulled his shirt over his head and we both gazed with lust at his dark skinned hairy torso, his muscles rippling as he continued to oil Sue, getting closer to her love juice covered slit with every stroke. Vitor stood up and removed his shorts to reveal his beautiful cock, all 8” on show. Sue sat up and wrapped her hand around the girth, her fingers and thumb not quite meeting. She started to wank him as Vitor put two fingers in her and immediately found Sue’s clitoris. She released his cock and pulled his mouth to her and kissed him passionately. I came over and started to wank Vitor. He was surprised, but pushed my head onto his cock, sucking his lovely weapon. His other hand meanwhile found my very hard member and started to give me a slow wank.

If you want to know what happened (if you can’t guess!) let me know