Written by PhillWell

18 Aug 2008

My lover, Alicia, has a seaside holiday home. Her husband and children don't know about us. They invited me down for the weekend, and I was very pleased to go, I'd really been missing her.

I told her on the phone that I had a present for her, and gave it to her when I arrived: a very thick cucumber. I has also brought a spare vibrator with me since she'd not brough any of her collection (that she has managed to hide from her husband, who beleives her to be frigid).

Unfortunately we had little chance to be together. But on the first night we had hurried kisses, and her weak-at-the-knees reaction told its own story, she was incredibly randy. She told me she hadn't realy felt randy, until she'd had a couple of drinks. There's an association in her mind between being a bit drink and having mind-blowing, adventurous sex with me. We groped each other in the dining room, while her husband watched tv in the adjoining living room - not even a door, merely an archway between the two rooms. But when I pulled away in nervousness she got up from the table, took the cucumber with her to the kitchen, undid the top of her trousers and slid hand and cucumber down her leg, and then up again, into her cunt. I could see all of this from my position in the dining room, and was still able to see her husbands legs as he sat in hius chair in trhe living room. Talk about living dangerously!

The problem was that the cucumber was so thick she couldn't do much with it - she was neither relaxed nor wet enough, and gravity didn't help - it must have weighed the best part of a pound!. But she was getting randier by the minute. She kept on trying to get it deep enough for satisfaction and getting nowhere. And watching her I felt as if my trousers were ready to explode!

Eventually I went through to the kitchen and she bent over and peeled doewn her trousers. I whipped out my cock, moistened the end of it and was up her in an instant, keeping a desperate ear cocked (if you'll pardon the expression) in case her husband made a move from his chair.

A few moments thrusting satisfied our immediate urge and allowed sanity to rule again, and I withdrew and fastened up her pants. 10 seconds later, her friends appeared at the back door. We were so close to getting caught!

That was the first night ... there was more to come