Written by HarryNo1

14 Sep 2011

About 10 years ago my best mate Jim asked me and my then girl friend to go with him and his wife Pat on a week long holiday on a canal barge. My girl friend was all for it and so a very warm week in July of we went.

It was a right laugh only draw back was the girl friend decided we couldn`t have sex because the thought of Jim and Pat hearing us go for it was off puting, no matter what I said it was a no no.

By the 4th day even a hand job would have been a relief. The weather was hot so it really was shorts and bikini tops for the girls, Jim always frisky, trying to get Pats top of for a bit of topless bathing she slapping his hand away, I didn`t even try as I knew it would cause words between me and the girl friend. That night I tried everything to get a shag or a wank but she was having none of it. After she fell asleep I went up on deck to get some air and a bit of privacy for a wank when I noticed Jim and Pat at the end of the barge and by the position they were in I knew Jim was geting a blow job. I quietly watched for a minute my limp cock now rock hard inside my shorts. Jim looked up and saw me I started to beat a hasty retreat so they wouldn`t think I was perving them but Jim waved me over. I quietly walked over and for the first time noticed Pat was blinfolded, Jim was saying, Pat you know how you said you fancied sucking Harrys cock, Pat moaning the word yes through a mouthful of cock, well turn round and he stood up manouvered Pat round to face me. I no second thoughts dropped my shorts my very hard cock moving towards her, when to my surprise, at first it didn`t really registar, Jim pulled my cock and guided it into Pats mouth oh the pleasure of a hot wet mouth. We were so close Pat kneeling sucking my so grateful cock, Jim his hand gently pushing her head onto my cock, his hand just touching the small of my back pushing me into her mouth and his hard cock somewhere between us so horny and of course I didn`t last long and came with a gush of spunk right down Pats throat and the greedy slut was swallowing and still sucking for the last drops. We three stood just the sound of our breathing and then again Jims hand on my by now limp cock removing it from Pats mouth or I am sure she would have carried on sucking. Jim removed the blindfold and Pat looked up my spunk dribbling out of her mouth onto her tits. Then Jim took my place right slut you want spunk heres some more and he thrust his cock in and fucked her mouth till he pulled out cock jerking as he came over her face.

I left them to it a little shocked at what happened with Pat she was my best mates wife and he had let me fuck her mouth and I had let another man touch my cock in a sexual way. Next day I thought it would be uncomfortable possative the girl friend would pick up something was wrong, but it was just normal. That evening as it was our last night we had dinner in a pub and the girls went back to pack and Jim and I went to the beer garden for a private talk. Jim took the lead saying everything was fine Pat liked to be blindfolded to pretend she didn`t know whose cock she was sucking or being fucked by and as I was his best mate thought her first experience of another man could be me as they had often fantasied of fucking me. For a moment I thought he ment both of them but I immediately dismissed that from my mind but I would soon be proved wrong??? Of course all that talk of sex was giving me a hard on and the thought of Pats mouth round my cock well. I felt Jims hand on my thigh under the table moving up to my cock, grinning he squeezed it I pushed his hand away, I`m not queer Jim. Neither am I but occassionally a rough mans hand wanking me gives me pleasure. We walked back to the barge Jim said phone me when we get back and lets arrange something.

It took me about 48 hours of geting home to phone and yes we met up but for another day if I get any response.