Written by bellyboytim

9 Feb 2010

My wife and I had only ever had one MMF experience and it happened quite by chance with a complete stranger last year. We both enjoyed the experience but have never repeated it. Until last weekend that is.

We normally have a weekend break together in February to recover from the excesses of Christmas and as it is my wifes birthday. It was on last years weekend away that we spent the night with Tony.

Last weekend we set off for our break at a nice hotel in Yorkshire and on the drive there my wife was talking to me about all that she was going to do with me that night. I was hard in my pants and she could see what her talk had done to me.

"If I had one of those" she said, "mine would be hard too. But I've got a pussy and it is very wet. I think might have to have to rub it it a bit if that's okay?".

"You dirty sod" I said and found it hard to concentrate on driving as she pusher her fingers into her pussy and rubbed hard until she came with loud slopping noises. As she came back down she put her wet fingers towards my mouth but as I opened it she pulled them away and stuck them in her own mouth licking all the juice off for herself.

She continued with the dirty talk and reminded me about our night last year, how good it felt when Tony had come on her face and how she had woken up to feel Tonys hard on against her arse. How they had woken me as he had gently fucked her from behind. All very exciting, but also frustrating as I could do nothing to relieve my excitement!

We arrived at the hotel in the eearly evening and went up to get showered. I tried to get a quick shag from her but she told me to wait until after dinner and it would be worth it.

She dressed in a skirt and top and we went down for dinner. As we walked into the bar I nearly fell over as I saw Tony sitting on a bar stool having a beer.

"Shit! I don't believe it! Have you seen who's over there?". I half whispered.

"Yeah." replied my wife with a wicked smirk on her face, "Told you it would be worth the wait didn't I?".

"What, you mean.....", the penny dropped and she took my hand and led me over to where Tony sat and said our hello.

I was in shock! She had known he would be here. She had actually arranged it. My mouth was dry, I was shaking, by tummy turned over and my cock began to swell.

Tony ordered drinks. Four of them. I looked at my wife and she just smiled as we were joined by another man. "This is Jeff," said Tony "a mate of mine. He might be a bit short, but his dick is thick as hell. Shall we go up to the room?"

My wife picked up her drink and headed for the lifts. Tony and Jeff followed but I just stood there, rooted to the spot thinking "this can't be happening".

"Come on you." my wife said. It'll be fun. So I followed.

In the lift my wife handed me her drink before pulling Jeff to her and kissing him hard. Her hand went straight to his croch and she gave a little gasp as she copped a good feel.

We walked into our room and the door was no sooner shut than she fell to her knees in front of Jeff, undid his jeans and pulled his semi hard cock out of his boxers. Straight into her mouth. Within a few seconds he was fully hard and my god he was thick. My wike having to really stretch her mouth to take him in.

Tony got undressed and was hard too. By this time I was over the initial shock and began to undress too.

Tony went round behing my wife and began pulling at her top. She took Jeff out of her moth just long enough to allow her top to be removed than went straight back to her sucking. Tony was playing with her tits, squeezing her nipple really hard. She was enjoying it.

She stopped sucking and stood up to get her skirt off and was soon naked. I looked at Jeff and was drawn to his dick. I hadn't noticed while he was being sucked but not only was he thick he was also quite long, I't take a guess at about 7 inches or so. My wife lay on the bed and said "I want that in me now".

"Ww best get you opened up a bit first" Tony said. "How about I do you first?"

"Yeah yeah yeah" she quickly agreed and lay back. Tony climbed on top and guided his cock to her wet opening and slowly pushed in. Almost immediately, my wife let out a groan that told me she was comming in him.

Jeff climbed on the bed and put his cock to her face and she accepted the invitation to begin sucking him again.

All the shock and suprise had gone now and I just wanted to get in on the action. I knelt on the bed too and put my hard on to her face. She ignored it and continued to suck Jeff. I couldn't blame her. His cock was amazing and I found myself wondering how it would feel in my hand or mouth. These thoughts dissappeared as Tony announced that he was abouth to come. I looked down just as he pulled his cock out and began pumping a good load of thick spunk onto my fifes slit and over her dark bush.

She groaned and said "I like it up me you bastard"

"Plent more where that came from" replied Tony and climbed off.

"You ready for a real cock now then?" asked Jeff as he walked round the bed and climbed between her open legs.

"Fuck yeah!" she saidand lifted her knees. The sight of her cunt civered in spunk was fantastic and almost tipped me over the edge.

Jeff spent a couple of minutes rubbing his swollen end up and down the slit of her pussy, pushing in a small amount each time he hit the hole. During this time my wife has another two orgasms, tensing her belly hard each time.

"Now please. All of it. I want to feel you in me." She panted and Jeff pushed his big cock into her. Right to the hilt. She looked at me wide eyed and said, "fucking hell he's bigger than the rabbit!" to which we had to laugh. Jeff started taking long slow stokes and I found myself staring at his cock again as in went in and out. His speed gradually increased and soon he was pumping her hard and fast.

"I won't be long now" he said, "and I've not come for a week or so so you will bet a nice big load."

At this news my wife came hard, fucking right back at him as he pounded her. "here we go" he said and then he too pulled out his cock and began to spray spunk over my wife. One spurt caught her right under her chin, a couple more reached her tits and several more steamed accross her belly. Tons of it. White and thick and creamy. Fuck it looked good.

Jeff climbedoff her and went straight back to her face so she could take him in her mouth again and beging milking the last drops of spunk from him.

I could wait no lomger and went round to fuck her. I pushed in and looked at all the spunk on her body. I lay down on her and our bodied rubbed together, sliding on the slippy mess for a while before I gave her what she likes best. A pussy full of spunk.

She got plenty more that night too with both Tony and Jeff giving her a couple of loads as they fucked her in every position possible I think! Including one where Jeff took her doggy and puched his thumb up her arse! WOW!

She told me haw she had taken Tonys number last year while I slept and how she had been arranging the night for a few weeks "just for me" she claimed. I'm not so sure thogh!