Written by Cuminchelle

7 Feb 2015

We would like to relate one of the early nights we spent on one of our holidays to Turkey. We were staying Fetiye at an all inclusive hotel and on the second night we were there was a notice when we went down for our evening meal that there was a disco starting at twelve pm when the all inclusive stopped in the nightclub underneath the hotel.

We decided to go and Michelle wore a maxi dress with no bra or knickers as we both fancied some fun hoping there might be some guys there. We had a few drinks after dinner and ended up quite drunk when 12 came and we ordered a couple of extra drinks and walked down to the disco which was in the basement of the hotel.

When we got in there were a few people there and Michelle said she fancied a dance and got on the dance floor and began dancing. She was the first one on and a couple of the other girls got on the floor also as I ordered some more drinks at the bar as I drank what we had brought.

I got us both Black Russians and the barman poured them good and strong and Michelle joined me at the bar as she finished dancing.

We stayed at the bar talking to the barman and had a few more drinks and it ended up at about 1.30am and there was us and two other girls in the bar as everyone else had called it a day.

The guy on the mic said free drinks to the girls who danced on the bar so the two younger girls got up and Michelle wanted to get up too so the barman helped her up and they all began to dance on the bar.

One of the girls dropped her top down and pushed out her boobs and her friend followed suit and then not to be outdone Michelle pulled her straps to one side and helped out her large 44" D'S and danced brazenly. She then did no more than pull up her maxi dress to her knees and above and began to flash her upper thighs and then after some egging on by the girls and bar staff even higher until she was flashing her shaven slit for all to see.

The bar staff and girls cheered and Michelle continued to dance and flash until the end of the record and I helped her down to cheers from the guys working.

We sat with the girls who commended Michelle on her brazenness and asked if we fancied joining them downtown. We declined and the girls said we'll maybe later in the holiday and finished their drinks and left me and Michelle in the disco with the two barman and the DJ.

Another song went on and Michelle said she wanted to dance and I said I wanted to watch and went to the bar and asked one of the guys if he would dance with Michelle. He came out from behind the bar and began to dance with Michelle. They danced close and Michelle kept rubbing her boobs against him until the record ended and she sat down with me.

She said she was feeling horny as when she danced close to the young barman she could feel his hard cock pushing against her and she fancied having it inside her.

I told her to go for it and we would probably have a wild night down here.i went to the bar and ordered more drinks as the music started up, a slower one and Michelle got up and began to girate slowly on the dance floor until the DJ got of the stage and began a slow dance with her. They danced close and hornily as we watched and I got my drink as Michelle began to kiss the guy sucking his tongue into her mouth.

It all got a bit crazy then as the guy began to edge Michelle off the dance floor towards the soft settees and they sat down and Michelle kissed him as he pushed his hand up her dress and began to finger her pussy under her dress.

I got our drinks and the two barman and me went to where they were and stood round and watched as he lifted Michelles dress and she laid back in the settee and opened her legs as he got between team and opened her pussy lips and began to push his tongue inside her wet pusssy.

He sucked her clit hard then pushed his fingers up her pussy and began to finger her cunt and lick her clit.

Michelle began to shudder as she came on his tongue and his fingers. She shouted she was cumming and he fucked her pussy hard with his fingers as he licked her clit as she came.

When she had cum he pulled down his shorts and presented his cock to her pussy lips and slipped inside fucking her fast and hard.

He fucked her pussy as Michelle pulled and rubbed at her nipples as the three of us watched her getting fucked. All too soon the guy bucked and heaved his hard cock up her cunt and shouted as he shot his sperm up into Michelles pussy. He kept fucking his cock into her as she tried to cum again but could not. He fucked her and shot up her pussy until his cock softened and slipped from her wet red pussy lips.

When his cock slipped out his sperm drizzled from her cunt and one of the other barman stood at her open legs lifted them up and shoved his rock hard cock up her hard making her gasp.

He was only young and managed about a dozen thrust before shooting his virile young sperm into my wife as she rubbed clit to no avail. He bucked his hips into her and pulled out as I saw a large amount of spunk come out of my wife's pussy.

The last guy now stood with his shorts down presenting a decent sized and young virile cock up into my wife's pussy and he thrust himself inside. He fucked her hard and fast as she rubed her clit and she began to cum as he stopped and shouted in Turkish as Michelle came hard against his cock as he shot a huge amount of sperm into Michelle he just kept pumping as she came against his young cock.

He left his cock inside her as I put my hand against her arse and could feel the wet sperm around her arse and pussy. He withdrew and his spunk flowed out of her pussy and I pushed my fingers inside my wife and captured some sperm and lifted my hand to her mouth as she drank the sperm off my hand and fingers and I thrust inside and fucked her for about six or eight thrusts and came inside and added my sperm to the other guys inside her cunt.

She sucked my fingers and said mmmmmmm as I shot my last jet inside her.

I withdrew and looked at her red swollen pussy lips covered in sperm. One of the guys offered Michelle some napkins and she cleaned up her cunt and pulled down her dress and pushed her tits back inside.

This was only the second night of our second time in Turkey and we had a fabulous holiday with Michelle enjoying many days and nights of fun filled enjoyment.

We will share some more and Michelle is always interested in what you would like to do to her?