Written by lovetights

20 Sep 2011

I was coming back from Manchester yesterday evening and had to call off for a pee at the train station. The cubicles were all locked, so I had to stand in the stalls. There was only one empty one next to a asian guy, then on the other side was a young lad and an older gent.When I got my cock out I noticed the asian and the young lad lean forward to get a better look. This was a turn on as I had never had another man look at my cock. They were both pulling theirs and they were semi hard, I was now getting aroused. I looked at the asians cock it was beautiful, lovely shiny red head to. His was now rock hard and was tugging at it , also the young lad was pulling his as well.I looked over and the old man was pulling on his whilst looking at the lads.It was so horny looking at these cocks, I was now rock hard and wanted to come, but knew it would be impossible here , so I tucked my cock back in to my jeans and went for my train.

I couldnt get the thought of their cocks out of my head, as soon as i got in my house I got my cock out and wanked it till it was sore. I was so horny.

I want to meet up with some guys for a bit of the same or even take it a bit further. I need to know where other guys hang out.

So anyone in the wigan area let me know where to go...........