3 Nov 2016

I am a lucky fella with a wife I have loved for all the time since we met. Keeping that love and trust is no mean effort on both parties. I expressed my desire to allow my lady the chance to continue enjoying the variety of cock she had been enjoying up to our getting together. I want to state now threesomes, watching or letting your loved one go out on dates and come home well fucked is not for everybody so if it harbours any doubts think seriously as we did and save yourself from lining the pockets of solicitors unnecessarilly. So having honestly and fully discussed my desire for her to have extra cock when she desired it, we agreed that such events were kept as open between ourselves but a secret from friends and neighbours. So choices were reduced but still loads of opportunities which was undeniably expanded by the introduction of the internet and e-mails and of course the mobile phone. So now it is a simple practice to choose a possible partner from reading profiles and sending messages rather than the endless wait for contact magazines to send on replies from hopeful partners.

The interesting thing about the old method was simply that you got all sorts of hilarious applicants sending grainy or simply over or underexposed pictures of their engorged cocks assisted by scrawled handwritten messages on lined paper from notepads. others thought about their presentation and we were able to sort out what we decided were reasonable candidates. It is no exaggeration to say that it was as low as one in six which appeared genuine or had some kind of attraction.

Now we are in the next century and things are more simple. Our fun with others continues unabated. Not every week or indeed every month, but now and again we retain a fresh sense of enjoyment.

Our latest fun was a bit tame to start with, a bit of flashing of my lovely wife's sexy undies to any lucky passer by while sitting in the autumn sunshine in a local park. We had chosen for her fun a short kilt which is usually kept within the house for inside antics, a pair of hold ups and some high heels, she was naked from the waist up and she had a lovely long coat for ease of concealment. so with the bright sunlight and warm temperature the coat seemed a bit over the top, however we nevertheless found a bench near a boating lake being enjoyed by wildfowl. A path naturally ran all the way round the lake and various trees provided colour and cover for any decision I might suggest or undertake myself. Being a voyeur I like to leave my wife to expose herself as though innocent and to authenticate this I like to be at a distance to allow onlookers to be uninhibitted and let me enjoy someone looking at her well looked after body. She is now fifty but like a lot of ladies of that age, she is in good shape, her size twelve figure has changed very little in the time I have known her and though the breasts have dropped a little, they are still magnificent and sexy, her pussy trimmed, not completely shaved, a small strip is left but her lips are smooth. A tasty sight for any man wishing to look.

I sat with her a short while then announced I was going to drift off for a while leaving her with the book she had as a prop. I suggested she removed her thong before I left and she duly removed it and handed it to me. Her coat was open and the micro kilt hid nothing with her hold ups exposed past the lacy band and showing her thigh above. her breasts were covered by the coat but the open neck showed she was not covered by anything else. I walked through the more or less deserted park and saw a couple of joggers out but they went in a different way, then a young guy who was immersed in his music and oblivious to a naked woman flashing her cunt. Then a man around forty or so appeared and got on the path past Liz. I was near a shelter but away from his direction which was on the path passing the solitary lady in the coat, my wife. I realised she was aware of him and was ready to let her coat drop open for him to see her nude. he was a mere ten yards away when she let her coat drape open exposing her body to his gaze. He stopped and took a good look. I am thirty yards away behind some convenient laurel bushes. He looks around and sees he is alone for over seventy yards (except me) and in a very fortunate place to be viewing this good looking woman.

He walked very slowly towards her and then turned and said something. Liz left the coat open and replied to him I could only just see a conversation taking place but it was a silent movie as far as I could see. My position however had me looking at him from behind and my wife from straight on. I saw her open her coat wider and stand up. Then he stepped forwards and his hands disappeared from view but from her movements I knew he was touching her. This carried on for a few minutes with them very close together like lovers then he led her towards some trees. I watched and waited and saw them disappear behind a hedge. I quickly moved closer, running to start with then as I neared the point where they disappeared, stopped and listened intently. Heavy sounds of breathing and some mumbling then the voice of my wife saying 'Give me your cum, fuck me now and fill me up' I was so startled but now in an impossible place. Not knowing exactly how close or whether I would spoil anything if I blundered round the corner into the bushes and ruined a good fuck for them. so I stood like a statue and waited. Listening all the time for the tell tale grunts and groans of orgasm.

My cock was like rock but I had to hold my position, then I heard the sounds of satisfaction from him, then a few words between them before I got the sound of clothing being scrambled with, obviously him pulling his pants and trousers up having deposited a load of spunk in my willing wife's cunt. I crept away and then heard footsteps on the path behind me and I turned to see him walking away in the other direction. I then said to Liz that I was close by, she told me she had seen me but he hadn't but she was still as he had her, I walked round the hedge to find her with her legs open and a drip of come gathering on her cunt lips. 'He gave me a good fuck' she said grinning at me then she invited me to sloppy seconds which took absolutely no persuading for me. Lucky day