Written by Paul

5 Aug 2010

Although I am 50 now and well acquainted with the ways of the world there are still times when you face a dilemma that despite your age and experience leaves you as stuttering wreck.

For one reason or another I have been on my own for most of this year but have still managed a few casuals and an odd fling with an ex to keep me ticking over. My social life has been at a minimum due to circumstances beyond my control but I have had the pleasure of having my new neighbours visit regularly when they know I am off work the following day.

My neighbours are both mid thirties and moved in at the tail end of last year. Initially it was a lease agreement but have since bought the house. They moved here from Northern Ireland when a promotion was offered to Cindy who works as a theatre nurse at a hospital close by. Kenneth is a photographer and apparently talented at his trade but has accepted a job as a driver as there were few opportunities for him here.

I am fond of both but Kenneth is very much in charge and fairly volatile and moody for apparently trivial reasons, Cindy though is the calming influence and clearly the brains of the operation. They are really close and touchy feely like teenagers and you seldom see one without the other. Kenneth is also very jealous and protective but does not appear to have issues with me and does appear to trust me. Appear?

Kenneth could be described as a mans man and although he carries a fair bit of weight, I dare anyone to call him fat. His bulk, red hair and fiery temperament make him stand out in a crowd. Cindy is about size 12 with nice curves and fabulous breasts no less than DD. She is above average height and above average in looks with a cracking rear profile. Her hair is about shoulder length and also bright red. I am trying to avoid making them sound like Irish stereotypes but that is how they look.

Being next door fortunately it was not long until we struck up a good rapport and began dropping in on each other and sharing a few bottles of wine. And this is where my dilemma began. After a couple of months of doing this one night Kenneth text me fairly late on and asked if I fancied popping in to theirs for a drink. I swithered a bit then thought, what the heck. I chapped their door and walked in as arranged to find a flustered looking Cindy smoothing down her very short and fairly transparent black nightie.

Kenneth had on a short legged pyjama set and was sporting a fair tent as he tried to hide it and get comfortable on the couch. They were well on and I was stone cold sober and feeling more than a little ill at ease. I was craving a look at Cindy as she wandered around pouring drinks and changing the CD but Kenneth reinforced once too often how she was his and no one else's. When Cindy did sit next to him opposite me I deliberately kept eye contact with Kenneth though I was aware her short nightie would have offered me a fantastic view.

Kenneth went to the toilet after about half an hour and closed over the living room door before going upstairs. Every stair seemed to have a creak to it and offered the reassurance I needed as I relaxed enough to rest my eyes on Cindy for a moment. As we talked Cindy said, let me fill your glass then I will change the music. At that, she slid forward off the couch as her little nightie rode up and gave me my first ever point blank view of a ginger Brazilian.

My hands shook slightly as she blushed and took my glass from me. I did think the flash was an accident and it was just her being drunk and a bit careless but when she couched in front of the CD player on the floor with her back to me and asked, what will I put on? I then knew for sure it was for my benefit as her little black nightie was now hiked up almost to her waist exposing her fabulous bum and shiny labia. I was really nervous that Kenneth would walk back in on the scene as my eyes flicked to the door then back to Cindy as she kept her back to me in her crouched position.

We all know it does not take fifteen minutes to take a leak or change a record, but that is how long the show went on for. I sat and enjoyed Cindy wiggling her bum as she opened her legs enough to allow her labia to part totally and expose her hole, albeit just out of arms length of me. I really did not know what to do other than just look. It did appear like a very open and wet invitation but Kenneth's words that she belonged to him and no other man as he said on numerous occasions were ringing loudly in my ears.

Eventually the toilet flushed as Cindy got to her feet and smiled at me just as Kenneth entered the living room. Both went to the kitchen to pour the drinks and I could hear whispers and muted giggling for a few moments, then silence. The silence seemed to be the longest ten minutes of my life as my anxiety increased wondering what was happening. I did hope for an up front offer but as they entered the living room Kenneth's mood seemed to have changed slightly.

Sorry big fellow but we had better get to bed now, we can have a wee drink at your place tomorrow eh? he said.

I felt huge relief as his words offered comfort that he had not gone paranoid on me. At that Kenneth spun round drunkenly and headed up stairs and said, Cindy will let you out when you have finished your drink buddy.

Cindy sat opposite again and we kind of exchanged smiles as if, we enjoyed that! Cindy shrugged her shoulders then said, Ken is very jealous and not really in touch with his feelings.

It left me wondering if they were both kind of half up for fun but a bit insecure, or if Cindy was driving the thing against his wishes, or he was driving it against her wishes, or he had no clue what was going on? Mind blowing eh? What I did know though was that someone would have to utter the words to me that this was what they wanted as I feared stepping over a line I could not see.

I quickly swallowed my drink and as I got up to leave Cindy unusually directed me through the kitchen to the back door and closed the door behind her then opened the back door.

The kitchen light was off as I passed her in the doorway and she caught my arm and said, give me a hug before you leave big guy, it's okay to do that eh?

It was another bewildering statement to confuse things even further in my mind. I did think, who said hugging is okay, Kenneth or you? Cindy gently pulled on my arm as I stepped back inside the darkened kitchen and she half closed the door behind us. My heart thumped as my hearing strained to listen for Kenneth up stairs as Cindy backed up and lifted herself up to sit on the worktop.

Even in the dim light you could see her little nightie was again riding up as she beckoned me closer and held my hands and pulled me to her. She then wiggled a little to free what little of the nightie there was beneath her before wrapping her arms round my neck and placing her head on my chest as she slid closer to the edge of the worktop and pulled me between her open legs. I gulped a bit and swallowed hard and placed my hands on her bum cheeks and pulled her closer to the edge of the unit.

Cindy shocked me by taking my hands from her bum and placing them or her waist and said firmly, and keep them there!

Cindy then whispered in my ear, will you promise to wank to me tonight big guy?

My head was wrecked now but putting the fear of Kenneth to the back of my mind and how bizarre this had become, I said, I will wank to you just now if you want Cindy or you can do it for me?

Cindy sighed and said, I wish things were different big guy, I really wish, things will take time though and we have to be patient?

I kind of whispered and laughed in her ear at the same time, was that a yes or a no?

Cindy looked me straight in the eye and said, you do it yourself then and let me watch you.

Cindy slumped back on the worktop and said, tell me when you are cumming big guy.

Take your nightie off and let me see your tits then Cindy, I said.

Oh see you, was the reply.

I thought I had blown it but after a moments hesitation and a glance to the door Cindy lifted her nightie over her head. Her body is fabulous and as she placed the nightie beside her on the worktop she said, you need to hurry.

Cindy slumped back as she watched me undo my zip and drop my trousers and boxers to my knees. She almost immediately began fingering herself and was none too quiet about it and praised me by saying, you have a lovely cock big guy, let me see your spunk?

I could not take my eyes off her gorgeous body as she fingered herself with one hand and squeezed her huge tits with the other as I wanked my dripping hard-on. I nodded to Cindy that I was cumming and she surprised me by jumping down from the work top and kneeling in front of me.

As Cindy looked up at my face she said, on my tits big guy, all of it!

I shot most of it over her tits but Cindy seemed to lose a bit of control at the end and sucked the last drops from my cock. Just as she finished she stood up and kissed me and pushed her tongue half way down my throat. In doing so she smeared spunk all over the front of my shirt as she pressed tight against me.

I kind of lost control too and slipped my fingers where I had been told not to. Her fanny was gushing wet and she grunted out an immediate orgasm as she bit my neck and clawed at my chest and opened her legs as wide as she could in her stance.

Her legs were still shaking and shivering as she clung tight to me and whispered in my ear, go now and I will speak to you tomorrow, go quickly! And I did.

The following night as planned Cindy and Kenneth came in for a drink and suggested they should stay the night. Strange you might think as they live next door? I was really hopeful that it would turn out in a positive fashion but on that night and a few times since they seem to have taken cold feet at the last moment. They have now stayed on three separate occasions since then and spent the night in the next bedroom noisily shagging for all they are worth.

Although it is a tremendous thrill to hear them shagging and being really dirty with their comments and a massive turn on to have Cindy parading around in her scimpy nighties, and her allowing me a good flash and letting me give her a quick fingering when Kenneth is out of the room, it is still so hard to be patient despite the apparent progress.

I am enjoying things for now and will keep you posted if they sort their issues out and go the full monty. Fingers crossed?