Written by jane

11 Jan 2012

Its always the same after xmas and new year, money short and the rows begin,i told my hubby that i had got an evening job in the local supermarket stacking shelves, but i had decided to work the streets as a prostitute as this is somethng i have always thought about being paid to fuck someone,i did my first night last week and it made me feel so horny dressed in short skirt and revealing top with kinky boots on, i had to smuggle the fuck me gear out without hubby knowing changing in the car.It did not take to long before i was picked up in the red light district the guy took me to the back of a car park where i sucked his cock and he fucked me with a condom in the front seat, after which i thought well thats my first punter, i picked up another three that night fucking them in there cars all with condoms.I worked another two nights doing the same sucking cock and being fucked also i let a punter cum in my mouth and he watched a i swollowed his spunk,Last night i was working the street after twelve midnight having already been fucked by five punters when a van pulled up with two young lads in they said are you working and would i do twos up in the van,we agreed a price and i was feeling really horny with my throbbing fucked pussy so in i got sat between them they took me to a building site and we all got in the back they got there cocks out and i began to suck them up hard, they told me to strip off which i did and before i knew it i was being spitroasted with a cock in my mouth and the other lad sliding his barecock into my cunt, i was in heaven as i had been asked before to go bareback but had refused but here in the van with two young lads i was up for it,they changed places and both of them fucked me bareback the first lad humped me and held my thighs as he shot his load pulling out and his mate took his place as the spunk run from my cunt,he did not last long and i felt him shoot his load up my wanton cunt as well.we cleaned up and they dropped me off and as i was walking back to my car another car pulled up and asked me if i was working i said yes and got in his car he asked me for bareback and i agreed as now i felt like a real prostitute and dirty whore, he fucked me a shot his load in me saying that he loved bareback and sloopy seconds and said he will look out for me again,The moneys good and i love being fucked by random strangers and will visit the clinic just to make sure i am clean as i do enjoy spunk and bare fucking........