Written by STW

27 May 2011

The first thing I noticed about Alison was her cunt. A pretty little cunt it was too. A nice tight gash, no unsightly hair to hide it as she lent over the wall on the pedestrian bridge, pretending to look at the river below. A short denim mini skirt, the back ridden up exposing her pussy, completely aware of what she was doing. She couldn't not be, her husband or boyfriend, looking around frantically, telling her to stop. No one else was on the bridge and he saw me opposite, enjoying the view, as he tried to tell her she was being watched. He'd only meant it as a joke he tried telling her. It was comical to watch, him trying to pull the back of the skirt down to cover her arse, she moving her legs further open, displaying more, her pussy opening, her pink hole looking wet and inviting. She looked over her shoulder and winked at me as he gave up and stormed off. When she stood and turned I could see she was older than I’d thought, around thirty, maybe a little older, but fit, small tits hard little nipples, slim waist, I'd already seen her bum, legs and pussy all very tasty. She lent back against the wall, still no one else on the bridge, lifted the hem of the skirt holding it up while I admired her pussy. If that wasn't an invite for at least a chat I don't know what is.

“Go on then what was that all about?” I asked. She laughed telling me that her boyfriend had dared her to come up on the bridge and flash her pussy. “He didn't think I would. His reaction was funny though. I wish I could have seen his face” she giggled. “Panic stricken” I told her. “Do you always take up a dare?” She told me she usually did, she'd flashed her tits loads of times. It was her first pussy flash and had done it because I was there and she liked the look of me. Leaning closer she whispered “It's made me very wet” I asked when he'd be back, she just shrugged. Was she meeting him somewhere. “We were on our way for a meal. He's probably gone there. But fuck him. I thought he'd be up for a laugh. I was getting fed up with him anyway. The possessive type. Are you the possessive type? She asked. “Definitely not. If you're not going for the meal fancy a drink?” We went to a nearby pub, soon after we got there she sent her boyfriend a text telling him he was dumped for being such a wanker. Later in the evening I dared her to flash again, watching her open her legs and sit displaying her cunt to a group of guys at a nearby table. “Are you getting wet again? I asked, “Very. And Horny” her reply. “My place for a fuck?” She stood and took my arm, “Lead the way” I took her back to my flat that night and fucked her brains out. Which is an abridged version of how I met my wife.

Alison had been married and divorced, and 33 at the time, four years older than me, and an extrovert, always up for a laugh. She moved in with me a few months later and the “Dare Game” continued, not to frequently otherwise it would have spoiled it. All pretty tame at first, flashing her tits, going for a drive, daring her to take her top off, following me in to the Gents loo and taking a piss with the cubicle door open. That was hilarious, a bloke was at the urinals, didn't know she was there until she spoke and in his panic to hide his prick pissed down his trousers. A wet T shirt competition? I dared her to enter, to easy, she went further pulling her panties to one side flashing her snatch. It became a challenge to devise a dare she'd refuse.

We went on holiday, she took her thong bikinis, I dared her to wear just the thong from the hotel to the beach, which she did. Later we were looking in a shop close to the beach and I noticed a selection of micro strings. I bought the tiniest one I could find and dared her to put it on. She walked back to the beach, she might as well have been naked. Her arse bare, a thin piece of elastic dividing her cheeks, the front a minuscule triangle of material which did little to cover her pussy. She went in the sea and the material became transparent her gash visible. She lay on the towel, I dared her to open her legs, the string pulled tight in her slit, her pussy lips either side. She spent the afternoon sunbathing then for the walk back, just put on a T shirt that only reached her waist.

It wasn't until the holiday after we got married that I thought I'd come up with a dare she might refuse. Spain again, late evening sat at a table outside a street cafe. The place was busy the road packed with people. Alison had on a cropped vest top, you could see her tits from the side, and a short wrap skirt. Half way through the meal I dared her to open the front so the waiter could see her pussy. I could see from his reaction that she'd done it. No one else noticed, the table clothe probably hiding what she was doing. We'd ordered the coffee and while we waited I lent forward. “I dare you to take your skirt off before he comes back” Crowded cafe, busy street, I thought I might have got her. She looked around, then back at me, hands dropping out of sight. A moment later she lifted her bum off the chair then sat back down. Her hands were still out of sight, then she brought them above the table, holding the skirt, placing it neatly folded on the table between us, giving me a look that said you won't beat me that easily.

She was lucky not to end up with the coffee in her lap, the waiter to busy looking at her pussy when he returned. I felt her legs move and guessed she had parted them giving him her flash of her cunt. My cock was getting hard and her pussy was sure to be wet so I knew I was in for a good fuck that night. As we finished our coffee, the waiter was by the bar telling the other staff what he'd seen, and over the next few minutes most detoured passed our table for a look. Finished, I called for the bill, paid ready to leave. I picked up the skirt to hand it to her. “Carry it for me” she said pushing the chair back and standing, squeezing between the tables, her pussy at eye level. Heads turned as she took my arm and walked out onto the street. It was so busy she was able to mingle in the crowd, many not even noticing, though a lot did. As we reached the esplanade, the crowds thinned. We stood at a crossing waiting for the traffic to stop. Walking across the road, the sound of horns, blokes hanging out of car windows for a better look, she stopped right in front of one car, opened her legs and fingered her pussy, licking her fingers after, as we ran the rest of the way. We reached the pavement, a row of palms and lights down the centre and the beach the other side. She sat on the wall above the beach, less busy but still people strolling passed, mostly couples. A group of four guys approached, I think they'd been following us. Alison saw them and as they got nearer she opened her legs, reaching down rubbing her clit, before slipping her fingers in her hole. They stopped a couple of yards away watching her play with herself.

They each had a hand in a pocket, adjusting or rubbing their pricks, talking to each other, in German think. Alison was really in to what she was doing rubbing her clit, fingers moving in and out of her cunt, eyes almost closed, masturbating as if she was alone. There were steps down to the beach, out of sight of the road or anyone walking passed. A few people strolled by, slowing to see what she was doing, a couple stopped about 20 yards away watching. An idea had been forming, another dare, I wasn't 100% sure she'd do it, flashing and even being watched while she masturbated was one thing. I got closer to her, my mouth by her ear, “I dare you to take them over to those steps and suck their cocks” My heart was thumping in my chest. Her fingering faltered momentarily. Had I finally come up with a dare she wouldn't do, I hoped not. “You're on. Can I. All of them” She called them over, indicated the steps and while I stood at the top keeping watch she took the first one in her mouth sucking him greedily. The couple came over to see what was happening. I hadn't realised they were English, the woman looked, “What a Slut” but they stayed to watch. Alison had already swallowed one mouth full of spunk and had a second cock in her mouth. She'd continued fingering her pussy, and had seemed close to orgasm once or twice. One of the other lads sat on a lower step, between her legs, moved her hand out the way and started licking and sucking her cunt. She groaned, looking down at him, spreading her legs wider, then resumed sucking his mates prick. I could see her moving it pussy against the tongue, her hand wanking the cock she was sucking until he shot in her mouth, The last lad pushed his cock towards her face. Instead of taking him she stood up and bent over over, one hand on the steps. She spread her legs further apart, soaking cunt gaping open. The lad who'd been tonguing her got the message, dropped his shorts and stroking his erect cock guided it in to her waiting cunt. He started fucking her, holding her waist as he slammed his cock in her fuck hole. His mate pushed his prick in her mouth, hands on her head, holding her steady, fucking her face. I heard a noise, glanced at the couple near me, the girl who thought Alison was a Slut had her panties around her ankles, trying to keep quiet, as her boyfriend finger fucked her. I turned back to Alison, she'd just taken another mouthful, swallowed it and was noisily encouraging the last lad to fuck her harder and cum. Despite the language barrier he got the message, shafting her fast and deep until she cried out she was cumming, her whole body shaking as he emptied his balls in her cunt.

She put her skirt back on and we hurried back to our room where we had a good sloppy, sticky fuck, spunk squelching from her pussy. After I’d cum inside her she lay, hand over her pussy, “I dare you to lick me out, clean the spunk from my pussy” I wasn't going to let her beat me, down I went between her legs, sucking and licking her cunt, teasing her clit until I made her cum. That wasn't the last dares of the holiday or since, but those will have to be told some other time.