Written by Nick

31 Mar 2017

My name is Nick. I am confused about my current situation and I am hoping that readers will be able to explain it to me. The long and short of it is that my wife Angie likes to have sex with other men. I’m not unhappy about it, but it’s not the sort of thing you can talk to your friends about, and I would welcome some guidance on where I go from here.

Perhaps if I start by giving you a pen picture of us. I am 52 years of age, 5’ 9” tall with fair, slightly receding hair, and average sized equipment, untrimmed as I assume is the case with most men. Angie is aged 47, 5’ 5” tall with brown hair, which she has started to colour to cover the developing grey bits. She trims her pubic hair leaving a small triangle above. We both go to the gym regularly so have maintained fairly slim figures, albeit not quite as slim as we were 20 years ago. Angie is beautiful, I think in modern parlance she would be called a MILF. In addition to maintaining her figure, she dresses smartly and her makeup is always perfect.

We learned about 20 years ago that Angie couldn’t have children. We considered adopting but decided against it. Angie says she prefers not having to use condoms as they feel artificial and she loves the warm feeling of me cumming inside her.

It all started about 5 years ago when she had a brief fling with someone she worked with. It didn’t amount to much, just a brief fumble in his car, but his wife found out and threatened to cut off her father’s money (amongst other things) and he ended it.

Angie now advertises on various swinging websites from time to time to find potential partners. I hesitate to call them lovers, but I don’t know how she regards them, possibly simply as fuck buddies. She is always careful in choosing her partners, they are often married men with little experience of ‘philandering’, so the possibility of catching something from them is remote. She seems to feel the need for an assignation about once a month and she always tells me when she is going out to meet someone, albeit without giving me too much notice, I assume so I can’t raise any objections.

When she comes home, Angie always offers me sloppy seconds, which I have come to enjoy enormously. The feeling of sliding into Angie’s pussy while she still has his sperm inside her feels wonderful. Her cunt feels so ‘squelchy’ as I pump my cock into her and, during the past few months, I have started to clean up our joint deposits. The thought that she has brought her well-worn cunt back for me to enjoy seems to make our relationship stronger. She never volunteers to tell me about her time with her fuck buddy but, if I ask, she is willing to tell me in as much detail as I ask. Over the past 5 years, Angie has had a number of fuck buddies, none of them has lasted more than a year, and some for only a few months.

About a year ago, Angie asked if she could bring her fuck buddy of the time back to our house for their latest assignation. She assured me that they would use the spare bedroom, rather than our marital bed, so I found it difficult to say no. She had been seeing him for about 3 months, so I assumed she thought he might be one of her ‘longer-term’ friends. I agreed to go out for a drink to the pub, having arranged for her to text me when the coast was clear. In the event, having spent some time on foreplay, he asked if he could fuck her arse and, when she said no, he became quite stroppy. The fact that Angie was quite aroused from his foreplay did not save him and he was speedily shown the door. Angie told me later that, if she did ever consider anal sex, it would only ever be with me.

Angie has no trouble finding a new fuck buddy, as I said earlier she is utterly beautiful and she is always swamped with replies every time she places a new advert. She had been seeing her latest conquest for about 3 months when she asked him if he would like to come back to our place for their next meeting. Angie is very open and honest with her men, she tells them she is married and her husband knows about what she does. I suspect some of them enjoy it more because she has a wedding ring on her finger. The guy asked her how I would feel about him coming into our home and she said I would be OK. He then asked if I would wish to watch them while they were ‘doing it’, which quite surprised Angie, so she said she would ask me.

On the morning of the day when her new conquest was due to visit, Angie asked me whether I would like to stay in that evening to watch them ’at it’. I said I thought I would like to watch, but I was conscious that it would be a distraction for her, and I didn’t want to spoil her pleasure. She assured me that, once they got started, she thought she could ignore my presence completely and it could help me to understand why she feels the need for other partners. Anyway, by the time we came home from work later that day, I told Angie I would stay in that evening. Angie made it clear that she would tell me where to sit and I was not to speak or intervene in any way, to which I agreed.

Paul arrived at 8.30 pm as arranged and I greeted him at the front door with a firm handshake. He was aged about 40, slightly taller than me, looked slim and fit with all his own hair and teeth. Angie was still upstairs finishing off her makeup, so I poured us all a glass of wine and we sat down in the lounge to make small talk. I sat on the chair where Angie had told me to sit and Paul sat on the settee.

When Angie came into the room, our chins almost hit the floor! She wasn’t wearing a dress – she said she couldn’t find a thing to wear – only a bright read set of bra, French knickers, suspender belt and stockings. Needless to say, her lipstick was also bright red. She stood in the middle of the room and twirled round to give us both a good show, making us both murmur our appreciation. Without moving from the middle of the room, she reached out her hands towards Paul in a ‘come here’ expression and said “well come here and let me welcome you to our home”. I think Angie had planned this as part of the show for my benefit, as they stood in the middle of the room snogging and mauling each other for several minutes. When Paul attempted to undo her bra, she stopped him and said “no, wait”.

She slipped his jacket off his shoulders and threw it onto the other chair, which was quickly followed by his shirt. Still standing in the middle of the room, she unbuttoned his trousers and lowered them to the floor, while he kicked his shoes off. She then slipped her hand inside his boxers and rubbed his cock, saying “Mmmm, nice”. He seemed to take this as his signal to proceed as he reached round behind her to undo her bra and threw it aside. When he slipped his fingers into the side of her French knickers, she said “no, wait” again before sliding them down her legs herself and stepping out of them. She then turned to me, seemingly with a flourish of her hips and tossed the knickers to me with a smile on her face. I had already started to extract my growing erection from my trousers, so I wrapped the knickers round my cock and held it firmly in an effort to control my ardour.

Paul wanted to lead Angie back to the settee but she wanted to stay in the middle of the room for the time being, and she slid his boxers down to the floor, threw them away and started to kiss his erect cock. I noticed that, unlike me, his pubic hair was largely shaved, which gave Angie free access to his cock and balls. She slurped away on him for several minutes, taking his cock deep into her mouth, before he grabbed hold of her head and said “no, not too much”. He then led her over to the settee and laid her down, before pushing her legs apart. I noticed that she was already aroused as I could see the glistening of her juices as he slid a finger between her labia. He then proceeded to give her a good licking with his tongue, causing her to have what seemed like one long orgasm.

Paul seemed to be similar to me in that he wanted to ensure Angie’s pleasure before he fucked her, and he certainly did that. Eventually, he mounted her in the missionary position and he was quickly pistoning into her vigorously, giving her yet another orgasm. He then got her to kneel on the floor whilst leaning on the settee and gave it to her doggy style – which gave her a massive orgasm, as he was reaching round to stimulate her clitoris and maul her tits as he fucked her. All the while, Angie was gasping, groaning, grunting and calling out encouragement to him. All this time, I had a firm hold of my rampant cock inside Angie’s French knickers, as I wanted to save my orgasm until later. Eventually, and it seemed to have been hours rather than 20 minutes as I later discovered, Paul announced that he was cumming, and they both exploded into a torrent of appreciation for each other’s efforts.

After they had both calmed down, Paul flopped onto the floor leaning against the settee and said “Wow, it’s never been that intense before!” Angie got up and looked towards me smiling, before she disappeared off to the bathroom. When she returned, she was wearing some quite large and unflattering knickers, which she later told me were to preserve Paul’s deposits for my benefit.

After Paul had left, Angie wanted to go to bed, she wanted warmth and comfort for her coupling with me. I had the warm and very wet feeling of Paul’s sperm inside her, adding extra lubrication to my plundering of her deliciously wet cunt. When she orgasmed, Angie was much more vociferous than normal, almost as loud as when Paul had fucked her. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and, when we awoke about 8 hours later, there were damp patches all over the bed.

She told me about a week later that she had ended it with Paul - as she put it “it couldn’t get any better than that – and she is now advertising again.

So there is my story. Please tell me whether this is what being a cuckold is like. Before the most recent turn of events, I wasn’t unhappy but it would be interesting to know what other people think of me. I’m not sure whether Angie plans to repeat the recent experience with her next fuck buddy but, if she does, bring it on!!!