Written by Ed

14 Oct 2010

Hello again, my name is Ed and I previously posted on the 13 September 10, thank you to all those that posted messages and it was really interesting for me to note that people were split into two camps. Some encouraged the situation whilst others advised caution. Thank you to all and it certainly made me think again as to my predicament. I have to be honest I was not sure whether I should post again, and part of that feeling is more due to the outcome which you will read below. Without going over the finer details of my last posting I have been married over 25 years to Wendy, my wife is 51, and I firmly believe that during this time we have remained faithful to each other and have had a happy marriage.

I am not sure whether the texts from Adam continued as there was no trace on Wendy's mobile but certainly her appearance continued to be of a very high standard for work. I suppose I got used to it and whilst there appeared to be nothing unusual occurring which caused me concern I just resigned myself to enjoy how my wife was dressing and her new found confidence. What was slightly disappointing was the odd occasion we had to go out Wendy reverted to her old style appearance.

However just over a week ago I received another shock to the system. Wendy came home from work and said that she had been asked by her boss (Adam) would she interested to accompany him to the theatre as his wife had been taken ill at short notice. Apparently Adam had offered the tickets to us and Wendy had remarked that I was not that keen on the theatre and the following day Adam had suggested they go together otherwise the tickets would go to waste. What could I say, I felt I would be a killjoy in so far that I have always known that Wendy enjoyed the theatre so to say no would appear to being very unkind. So I agreed. On the day of the show Wendy came home after work to prepare for her evening out. She was happy for me to drive her to the theatre but said Adam would make sure she would return home safely as he would drive her home. Waiting in the living room for Wendy to get ready my eyes nearly popped out when my wife entered the room. She was wearing a matching jacket and skirt, the skirt being a few inches above her knee. More shocking was the silk blouse that clearly showed her bra underneath. Further to that she was wearing black shiney high heels with what appeared to be black sheer nylons. Trying to appear unflustered and acting normal I told her I would take her now to the theatre. Another shock was to follow, when she got out of the car I could see very clearly in the split second visible to me that she was wearing stockings. I returned home but my mind was now clearly in a buzz, and if honest my emotions were not so much anger as what it had been many weeks back but I was filled with jealousy and sexual tension.

That night dragged on forever and I was literally buzzing and could not concentrate on anything at home. Come the expected time of her arrival home about 11.30pm I had turned out all the lights at home and rested on the bed but clearly awake. I guess I must have dozed as I heard the front door open and clearly heard Wendy speaking to Adam. I lay still on the bed but could hear as I had left the door open. Wendy appeared to be very giggly and I heard Adam trying to keep her quiet. From what I heard Wendy was making Adam a coffee. The conversation was fairly bland until Adam remarked that he had found it very difficult to concentrate on the show as for most of it he had difficulty taking his eyes away from her legs that had remained visible below her hemline. He continued this topic of conversation constantly flirting verbally with Wendy, even telling her how great she looked in those high heels and maybe she should wear them more often in the office. I have to admit by now I was in two minds as to if I should interupt proceedings or continue to listen. The conversation went on for another 10 minutes or so with Adam constantly remarking how sexy Wendy was looking. He left me in no doubt that he wanted to take it furthr and would have done even in my own home. The problem I found coping with was Wendy was not exactly putting Adam straight but in a way and maybe in her defence was trying to be polite in her rejection, but having said that I got the impression that Wendy was enjoying the attention Adam was giving to her and in return was happy to accomodate Adam in his wishes for her to dress more provocative for him at work. As Wendy showed Adam to the door the conversation stopped for seconds at a time and I admit I was not sure what was going on, but then I heard the door close. Ireturned immediately to bed and pretended to be asleep.

In my summing up, and I apologise to those that were probably hoping for a very sexual ending with explosive sex. I now found myself in a situation where I need to think where all this is heading. I am getting very very sexually excited about the whole thing even though I am trying to curb this, the anger I initially felt is subsiding and really now its a mixture of jealousy, fuelled more so by the fact this is going on without my involvement and supposed knowledge, but more so that I am finding my wife's new appearnace extremely exciting and very sexy. My mind and thoughts are racing into overtime and I have even felt the need to masterbate on numerous occasions just to help myself to overcome such excitement. Needless to say whilst masterbating my thoughts are on my wife being fucked by Adam.

I am finding it very difficult to confront Wendy over this and to be honest I am uncomfortable with this. My yearning is very much to confront Adam as I genuinely believe I am in more of a position of strength. I also would find that more exciting as I would hope that Adam, depending what stance he would take either to completely deny it, or be honest and admit to me that he has sexual feelings for Wendy. I would hope he would admit his sexual desire for Wendy as the more this continues the more I have this (crazy, stupid, awful,) wicked desire to see Wendy having sex with Adam, but under my terms. I think what I am trying to say is that I want to be the one that orchestrates the terms and the situation. I guess that really means the title of 'cuckold' is really very misleading to this story and now I want to control any forthcoming events.

To end I am very aware again of those who commented that fantasies can lead to disaster and it could have a bad effect on my marriage. I really do feel in a dilemma but at this stage I will confront Adam in the next few days and see what that meeting delivers. Two months ago my life seemed so easy but now it has really openned a can of sexual tension in me.