Written by Louisa

26 Jun 2012

I'm a 31 yr old woman who has just discovered how stupid I am,Of course I knew a bit about same sex relationships but until I accidently came into this site I didn't have a clue about the kind of thing people did sexually with each other.

My husband and I have been married for 8 yrs,we don't have children and we've not had sex for the past 18 months,I stopped sleeping with him when I found him doing something which for me was unforgivable. He worked nights and I worked days,if I'm honest sex was becoming more infrequent anyway,he was always tired,I suspected that he masturbated a lot but it was'nt something I would ask him about,it was the kind of thing we never talked about,but I had occasionally seen signs on the bed sheets but did'nt know if perhaps it was something that happened when he was asleep,I had heard that men can ejaculate in their sleep.

On reflection I should have noticed other things,he used to wear boxers but then he began to get briefs,I know that in most cases wifes buy their husbands undies but he always insisted in getting his own,they tended to get smaller and tighter,perhaps I should have questioned him,but I did'nt want to cause trouble.I noticed that occasionally a pair of his undies would go 'missing',but I did'nt ask.

It got to a point that I did'nt know what was going on,then one day one of my colleagues talked about how one of her friends had gone home early to find her husband in bed with another woman,it bagan to plat on my mind.

I decided to do it,I took time off from work without telling him and decided to see if something was going on.He had gone to bed just before I left for work,but I wasn't going to work I'd decided to watch our house.After about 20 minutes a car pulled up a bit away,but that wasn't it because a young man got out,it looked like he was going to our door and he was going to our house.

As he reached the door I couldn't believe what I was seeing,my darling husband opened the door as the young man got to it,surely there was a completely innocent reason why my husband would come to the door wearing just a pair of his little tight white briefs,the young man would leave,perhaps he was trying to sell something,he went staright in and the door closed.

Twenty minutes passed and he didn't come out,I was feeling completely confused and decided I needed to know what was going on.At first I was just going to walk in my house but then for some reason I decided to do it as silently as I could.I got inside without making a sound,I couldn't believe the laughing coming from upstairs,I crept into the sitting room beginning to find it difficult to breathe,there was footsteps on the stairs and he didn't even see me in the sitting room,I saw him go into the kitchen.

He was completely naked and was in a state of sexual arousal,the only penis I'd ever seen erect before that was my husbands,I really couldn't believe how big his was,he was no more than twenty years old,I'll admit he had a lovely body.

I heard my husband call to him to hurry up 'I want to suck your beautiful cock again'I knew exactly what he meant,he had said again so he must have already been sucking it,that lovely member the young man was displaying proudly had been in my husbands mouth.I suddenly had a flashback of my husband wanting me to suck his erection,I couldn't do it,its funny that reading stories on here now it is something that most people do and most men love.

He was suddenly aware of my presence and stood with a glass of water in his hand staring at me he was now facing me and I could see the full size of his manhood,it shouldn't have happened but I felt a distinct tingling between my own legs.

He stood there transfixed looking at me,seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was naked and sporting a full erection,Tim he shouted,[my husbands name] come down,I heard my husband laugh and shout back,not until you come back to bed and let my suck that lovely cock of yours.I'm serious the young man shouted back you had better come down now,I could hear my husband doing a Jack Nicholson impression,Tims coming to get you,I heard him come down the stairs,as he arrived by his young man my shock turned to complete horror,he was also completely naked and I'd almost forgotten what his erection looked like,not that I'd ever seen it that often,we had sex in the dark.

Within a fraction of a second of him reaching for the young mans erect penis as he masturbated his own he saw me.

At that moment the world stood still,my husband was looking at me as if he'd seen a ghost,he was still holding the young mans and his own penis.The young man was first to react,he pushed my husbands hand off his erection and made for the stairs,we stood there looking at each other,his erection rapidly subsiding,I have no recollection of the next several minutes,I remember the young man go out the door.

My husband and I still live in the same house,he sometimes goes away for a weekend,we have never mentioned the incident again,I think I know he's having sex with other men and having found this site and then some others that are similar I am beginning to realise that sex can be performed in a lot of different ways,I'm beginning to wonder if my husband would like me to get involved in his sexual behaviour,perhaps I'm getting a bit wiser or maybe more stupid but I am starting to fantasise about watching two men having sex with each other,seeing them both in sexy little undies and then slowly getting naked,I keep thinking of my husband sucking another man or another man sucking him,I'm not sure about getting physicall involved at least not at first.