Written by Langford

11 Oct 2009

I kept thinking about my latest massage with Pieter and Louise and how I had been so turned on by a man as well as a woman during the massage.

The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself that I had a bi side and it was not until I had my first taste of a massage given by a man that I had started to realise this.

Pieter was only the second man to have given me a massage which had the same effect and aroused me sexually.

This had been followed by the 4 hand massage that Pieter & Louise (both Dutch) had given which took me to new heights of excitement and because of this I could not wait for my next meeting with them.

Louise greeted at the door on my arrival at their house for my massage with them,my heart nearly missed a beat when I saw her as she was only dressed in high heals hold up stockings and pink silky panties but the biggest reason my heart nearly stopped was because she had applied a deep red colour lipstick to each of her nipples they looked so good like rose buds.

Louise ushered me through the house and into the room they used for massage,as I entered my heart nearly stopped again Pieter was standing there clad in black stockings & suspenders his cock already erect,Pieter was of medium build about 5'10" and in good shape he had previously told me he was a fully qualified sports masseur and before moving to live in Spain worked at a Dutch first division football club where he was employed by the club to massage footballers sports injuries.

Louise gestured for me to take my clothes off I did as indicated which showed them I was already aroused with a semi erect cock,right I,m going to be in charge today she said so before your massage begins I want you to kneel down and suck Pieter's cock until he's really hard,I didn't know whether I wanted to do this however I knelt down looked at his cock and and let it slide into my mouth Pieter gently moved backwards & forward as he stood there his cock felt & tasted surprisingly good this lasted for no more a few minutes before he was really hard and groaning,okay you can stop now please sit on the side of the table facing me Louise said she was now standing between my legs,Pieter is going to massage your back while you can fondle & kiss me,I lent forward slightly took hold of the back of her head and kissed her lips she opened them and our tongues enjoyed exploring one another's mouths,my cock was responding and growing in size,I withdrew and lowered my lips on to those rose buds that I have described above I nibbled and sucked away Louise was one of those ladies that has extremely sensitive nipples as she was letting out yelps of delight I then lowered my right hand and eased it into the top of her panties my fingers eased downwards through the soft hair of her mound and to probe her clitoris I used two fingers rubbing them up and down her juices were following freely which allowed me to push her labia wide open up into her pussy,as this was going Pieter was busy massaging my back every now & then he would say to me go on she likes that make her come,Louise was by now very wet so I decided it was my turn to be in charge,I want you to get on the table kneel up with your arms behind your back I will kneel up opposite you and Pieter will the side so he can look at what I am going to do to you.

With Louise now in position I took hold of the back of her head & re-engaged our mouths I then put my hand down inside her panties and put my middle two fingers of my right hand up inside her pussy and worked them inside her in the front area of her pussy towards her mound of venus she climaxed I stopped the kissing and told her that I was not only going to make her cum again but I was going to make her even wetter by making her squirt her love juices as she came,Pieter was totally turned by this his cock looked really hard, I continued using my fingers to gently rub the area of her pussy that I knew nearly always made women squirt,Pieter reached out a hand but not before he had tipped and rubbed some massage oil on his hands he caressed my cock running his fingers up and down my shaft before taking it firmly in his hand then with his other hand he parted my buttocks and fingered the rim of my anus and inserted first one and then two fingers inside me the feeling he was creating was just too good to describe,this caused me to work on Louise pussy even more and I could sense from her moans & groans that she was about to let go she arched her back noisily climaxing her love juices squirting into and flooding her panties and soaking my hand she put her arms round me and seemed very satisfied.

Pieter then said okay Louise you've had your fun its my turn now so will you get down from the table,he then instructed me to lay face up on the table he then instructed her to take off her panties put then in my face and ask me to sniff them I didn't need asking I needed to sniff she was the instructed to wrap them round my cock.

The smell of her wet panties was intoxicating I then felt them cover my cock which was so hard in anticipation of what was coming Louise responded by saying okay but I want you to go all the way I wondered what this meant,Pieter then instructed her to climb back on the table to sit astride over my face and then lower her pussy onto my mouth and at the same time she was to use both hands on me to tease & squeeze my nipples I was gone totally gone I sensed that Pieter was now at the other end of the table he moved between my legs lifted and parted them and lowered his mouth onto my cock after pulling Louise's further down the shaft of my cock he was licking & sucking me alternatively and at the same time inserting his finger and the two fingers into my anus again,I was in a such a high state of sexual arousal now,his wife's pussy grinding away on my mouth and playing with my nipples while Pieter was busy on my lower half.

Pieter then took my cock away out his mouth parted my legs as wide as they would go and lifted them higher pushing them up towards Louise asking her to hold on to either leg leaving me wide open I could feel his cock at the entrance to anus his right hand working on my cock he gently pushed the tip of his cock into me slowly at first and then deeper the sensation was fantastic it hurt a little at first but this soon disappeared it didn't,t take long for him to let out a groan, Louise was watching this happen it was one of those moments when is was too late to say no,help! ,do I want this,yes I do,he tensed and let go this sensation only helped heighten my need to release the spunk my balls had built up my cock couldn't hold on any longer my cum shooting upwards and out of me in the direction of where Louise was sitting astride me that's better I heard her say.

Pieter withdrew lowered my legs and his wife lifted herself off,I lay there exhausted but fully satisfied still tingling with excitement.

We cleaned up I got dressed and was now ready to leave bust just before I left Louise said that they had both been so satisfied sexually that they wanted me to come back again but this time they would phone me with a set of instructions that they wanted me to follow before I arrived,Louise then gave me her panties saying to me that they would keep my mind focused until the next time.

So if any Swinging Heaven readers who would like to read about my next adventure with them then please post your requests.