9 Sep 2018

I remember me and my ex wife going to Amsterdam for a long weekend , after getting settled in the hotel we decided to explore a bit , we looked around the sex museum, and we booked a canal boat ride for the evening , after getting showered and changed I asked simone what was she going to wear , then she produced her blue halter neck dress , this will be ok won't it slipping it over her head , no underwear then , no it's the sex capital and laughing , I was watching her put on her make up , she looked so horny t wanted to fuck her and sitting close to her I slid my hand up her dress , she said giving me a gentle tap later we have to get that boat soon , we left and boarded the boat and ordering a couple of bottles of wine , the trip was enjoyable and we finished the wine and simone was a bit tyspy when we finished the trip , I said to simone I've heard about the women that are in Windows touting for sex , let's go and see then she said , and then we came across a sex club and after standing outside for a few moments we decided to go in , paying the entry fee and getting tokens for drink we went in this room it was dimly lit , after sitting down we were watching a couple on stage having a shag , I put my arm around simone and tried to get my hand on her tit but the halter on her dress was too tight. so she leant forward and untied it and then tying it looser , I started gently pinching her erect nipple , then this guy got up a couple of rows in front of us and on reaching where we were leant over and said here you are giving us his tokens ,, we thanked him and then simone said that's a good idea I'm going to the bar are you coming, no I said I will join you later still sobering up after all the drink we had been drinking all day ,, simone being an alcoholic she could out drink a man , okay get drunk but still drink , as I was watching this couple on stage I wondered what she was up to , I will reveal all later