Written by subsix

17 Jan 2011

Amsterdam Revisited Part Two

This is part two of our trip to experiences in Amsterdam. Part one was posted a few days ago. It's a true story of what happened during our New Years Trip to Amsterdam.

You will recall that we had met Dan and Coral, visited a specialised clothes shop and now the plan was for Kath and me to join them back at their hotel.

The girls where wearing very little under the coats, as we walked towards Damrax to grab a taxi, and as the wind caught them we were rewarded with flashes of stocking tops.

With the girls slightly in front of us Dan picked his moment and asked me if I enjoyed what happened in the shop, ‘of course I had’ ‘had we done anything like this before?’ was his second question. ‘My reply of ‘no, but I have wanted to push the boundaries with Kath’. Back in the UK Kath has an important job within the health service, and as such is always in charge. So for her to be controlled was very new.

Dan confirmed that if I was happy he would like to help us explore this scene. He explained that Coral was his sub partner and that she would do what she was told. I was a little concerned that ‘pain’ was something we didn't do. Dan assured me that if I thought it was going to far to tell him to stop, and he would. But tonight was going to be about fun.

By now we had reached he Main Street and quickly hailed a cab, I went to the front seat Kath was in the back, between Dan and Coral. Dan gave the driver the details of the hotel. Dan then said to Kath that him and I had been chatting and we thought tonight Kath should be tested. Kath asked for more details, but said that she wasn't into pain; this confirmed what I had said earlier. Dan asked was Kath happy to be exhibited in the way Coral had been earlier? Coral added that she loved doing this and watching others, Coral was also gentle stroking Kath’s leg. Kath looked at me and said that she would give it a try. Ok?

My cock was so hard as Dan asked/ told Kath to open her coat, she looked a little nervous as she unfastened the buttons, and then she was told to open it wide. Kath slowly opened the coat, her nipples visibly hardening, as more of her creamy flesh was on view, I then told Kath to open her legs. Dan and Coral helped with this, as they lifted Kath’s legs over their own so that she was well exposed.Her cunt looked so wet.

I saw that the taxi driver was adjusting his mirror to enjoy the view, to push things a little further I asked if he could drive with the interior light on, He laughed and said ‘of course’ I reached for the camera from my pocket and snapped a few pictures. Coral was feeling and fingering Kath’s pussy, and teasing Kath’s nipple. Dan asked the driver if he was enjoying looking, again the driver said ‘yes, of course’ Kath was visible getting wetter and the look on her face said that the gentle touch from Coral was very enjoyable.

We quickly arrived at the American hotel, as you may know, this is a busy hotel. We got out of the taxi and Kath had pulled her coat together for some modesty. The taxi driver was asking Dan if he could be of any help. Dan took his number and said we may call. Kath held onto my arm as we walked in, Dan suggested a drink.

The look on Kath’s face said she would rather go to a room. She needs cock or at least to cum., so we declined the drink, Dan adding that we could always call room service.

The reception area was still busy with arriving and departing guests as we walked towards the lift. Dan told Coral that she should remove her Coat when the lift doors closed and give it to me, also she should make her cunt available, Coral replied with a ‘Yes MASTER’

The four of us entered the lift and Coral handed me her coat, she looked wonderful in stockings suspenders and her high heels, she placed her hands behind her head and opened her legs, presenting her dark wet cunt for all. I couldn't resist having a feel of her wet lips and clit it was so hard.

The lift continued to rise. Kath’s hand was busy under her coat as she rubbed her cunt. The lift then pinged its arrival at the 5th floor. I started to hand Coral her coat. Dan interrupted by saying that she will not need it.

The atmosphere in the lift was so charged as the door opened. No one was on the landing as Coral walked out of the lift. Dan told us that the room was at the far end of the corridor.

I was so aroused the chance of a room door opening or a room service bod appearing was a real turn on. I thought that it was time for Kath to show more by removing her coat and handing it to Dan. Kath looked stunning in her hold-up and boots. It’s fair to say that the walk to the room was not a rush more of a stroll.

We arrived at the room door without meeting anyone, but I am sure that the CCTV captured our antics. Dan stopped at the threshold of the room and asked Kath if she was happy to enter? However she need to understand that she was required to obey Dan’s instructions without question.

I was allowed to use Coral in any way I wanted. If Kath wanted to call a halt to the event we could leave now. But once in the room the only way the preceding would stop would be at my instruction. Kath looked at me and said that she really wanted this to continue.

The door opened on the room.

I didn't think that this would take so long to write down, is it still worth me continuing or are you bored?