Written by dave_kemp_1

29 Sep 2011

After my true story TABOO FUN was posted I thought I will tell you about my other favourite porn cinema in Birmingham city centre.When I entered the sex shop(on Broad St) I noticed a couple(in their 30,s) browsing through the dvds so moved closer and overheard him say "lets buy this one,its about sex in public places - it should be fun" she replied "ok,but I doubt if its genuine coz do couples actually perform in public?" ,"of course they do"he replied.As they paid for the dvd I heard the guy behind the counter say "we have a cinema downstairs,couples get in free,why not have a look,its quiet down there only 5 guys in".When they went downstairs I gave them a couple of minutes before paying for the cinema myself.Upon entering the cellar cinema I spotted 1 guy saw in the front row,2 were sat halfway down,whilst the other 3 were spread about,but the couple were sat in the back row up against the wall.I entered the back row and nodded to the couple as I sat within 1 seat of her,and heard her say to her partner "you want me to wank you off in here,what happens if people see what we are doing?" with a laugh he told her "honey its a porn cinema so no-one is going to complain,anyway Ive already got my cock out so just stroke it".As she did he put his hand on her leg and slowly slipped her skirt higher up her thigh ,I said out loud "god lovely legs I bet those are stockings" and got an instant hard on when I heard her say "he knows Ive got stockings on","so what show him them"he replied and pushed her skirt right up showing off her black stocking tops and sussies.I groaned "thats lovely would you mind if I moved closer?",and was thrilled when after a whispered chat with her fella she answered "of course you can so you can get a better look".Once I was sat next to her things got horny quickly,her fella had her top open showing a gorgeous pair of braless tits,and as he sucked on a nipple he had her skirt right up and her legs open and his fingers inside her tiny black panties fingering her pussy.Politely I asked her "do you mind if I get my cock out and play with myself?",she replied "I will wank it as you join in playing with me",so I groped a tit and sucked on her hard nipple as she slowly wanked our 2 cocks.Two guys appeared in the row infront,and 3 others stood behind watching what we were doing and I said to her "I hope you dont mind but you are the centre of attention and its no wonder coz you are gorgeous and bloody sexy",she whimpered "Im loving it and Im so turned on".The 2 guys infront stood up to show they were wanking their hard cocks and she squealed with delight as they shot their spunk,turning to her fella she said "I want fucking now" and stood up and whipped her panties off before kneeling on her seat.As he fucked her from behind each of the 3 men stood behind offered her their cocks in turn which she sucked off.After her fella had spunked her pussy,and she had orgasmed,he said to me "your go now if you have a condom I will pull out you go straight in".I rolled on a condom and was straight up her soaking wet pussy and fucked her hard as I played with her tits until I spunked.I thanked them both for the fun when they left.If you want fun go to the Amsterdamxxx on saturdays between 5.30 and 8.30