Written by neighbour15

25 Oct 2011

I hadn’t seen Amy for some time,months in fact.She had moved in with her boyfriend about six miles away and I thought our little adventures had finishe,a disappointment narurally but I would have to live with it,or without it depending how you look at it.

Last week,she had her 23rd birthday and a small party at her parents house next door to me.I was invited as a friend of the family and expected nothing but a party.Amy looked great,as I said before,not classically beautiful but now slimmed down and with one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen.Or had the pleasure of.She was wearing a figure hugging low cut blue dress that showed her figure perfectly..As the evening wore on and drinks flowed everyone began to relax and get noisier as is normal and her boyfriend was getting more and more pissed,obviously not driving.After a few beers I needed to visit the bathroom and as I came out,Amy was there waiting.For me.She pulled me into a bedroom and kissed me,her hand slipping down to my rapidly hardening cock and she began stroking it through my trousers.

‘I want you inside me so badly,’she whispered in my ear.I eased her dress off her left shoulder and stroked her left tit,the nipple hard in my hands.

‘Not here now,’I said sensibly and she agreed but we arranged to meet in the morning as she was taking her parents dogs for a walk as she was staying overnight.I was already looking forward to the next day as she covered herself up and I left trying to conceal my hard on.

When Amy came back downstairs her nipples were visible through her dress,I still had a hard on and hoped nobody noticed.

Next morning we met as arranged,behind the fifth tee on the golf course to commence our walk.She was dressed in her usual cargo type trousers,walking shoes and outdoor jacket.It did not look a very promising morning weather-wise.Amy told me her boyfriend was still in bed with a hangover and that he had tried to fuck her when they went to bed but couldn’t get it up and eventually dropped off to sleep.

She told me she had missed me and our little sessions together and I said the same.Apart from that we just exchanged the usual pleasantries until we reached the seventh and she let the dogs off the leash..She just turned and kissed me and in the same movement unzipped my trousers and slipped her hand inside.

I looked quickly around but there were no golfers behind us,only in front and heading away from us.Not that it would have bothered Amy,she loved showing herself off and I did begin to wonder if she might have invited a four-ball to join us.At that moment it began to rain,hard and we ran for the trees to keep dry.

In the trees and out of the rain,she carried on as before.She undid my belt and pushed my trousers down then my pants.My rock hard cock sprang free.She murmured softly as she began stroking it slowly back and forth.I opened her coat and pulled her close to me.My hands went under her shirt and up to cup her bra-less tits.Firm yet soft and smooth,her nipples rigid as I squeezed and stroked her tits.Amy started moaning,she loved having her tits squeezed and fondled,she was getting so carried away she stopped wanking me.Not that I minded,I would probably have cum too soon if she’d carried on.

I dropped my right hand to her trousers and unfastened them and with my left hand still attending to her right tit I pushed her trousers down a little and my hand down.She no underwear on and I had easy access down through those thick dark curls that I liked so much and with a bit of adjustment slipped my finger into a warm and very wet cunt.Amy had now abandoned any attempt at stroking me and was just lost as I fingere fucked her,slipping my finger then two in and out of her cunt.Then I began to stroke her clit with my thumb and she cried out in pleasure.I looked over her shoulder to see if we had company but we were alone and I carried on finger fucking her as she pushed herself onto my hand faster and faster.Suddenly she gave a loud long MMMMMMMMMM and came,her body shaking violently,then going rigid as her legs gave way.I had to hold her weight for a few seconds until she settled down.

‘I needed that so much,’she whispered in my ear.’Thank you.Now it’s your turn.’

I looked around as she pushed her trousers down and stepped out of them.It was still raining,and cold with it and I could not believe she wanted to fuck.I was about to say we can’t when she turned around and leaned against a tree.I couldn’t resist her gorgeous arse facing me and moved behind her.I eased my cock between her cheeks and rubbed it slowly aginst her moist cunt lips.I managed to find her and slipped my cock into her lovely,hairy cunt.For some reason I thought about being banned from the golf club if we were caught but then thought fuck it I’d rather do this.I eased all my length into her until my balls were against her arse and started fucking her with long slow strokes until she started cumming again and pushed back on my cock almost knocking me away.

‘Cum in me,cum in me deep,’she cried out.I increased the pace of my thrusting into her and within seconds I held her arse hard and shot spurt after spurt of spunk as deep inside her as I could.

Amy turned and dropped to her knees and suck my softening cock clean then she quickly pulled on her trousers and we rearranged ourselves and walked back onto the path as though nothing had happened.

‘I can feel your spunk coming out,’she said nonchalantly as we walked on.I had to smile.’And even better,mom and dad are off to the States for two weeks next week and Nick is on a course for the second week,so we can have as much fun as we like.’She squeezed my cock as we walked and smiled.