Written by neighbour15

13 Dec 2010

I hadn’t seen Amy for a while,other than to speak to in passing and once when she was out walking the dogs around the edge of the golf course.I was on the seventh tee waiting to tee off when she appeared behind us.We spoke,naturally, and I went over to talk to her.My playing partner smiled at me as I went.Amy wanted me to join her in the woods but I explained that it just wasn’t the done thing to abandon your golf partner during the round,no matter how tempting the alternative.So with her back to the course she opened her shirt and with a smile, showed me her tits.Then covered up and carried on with the dogs.As you may know,since she slimmed and toned her body,she has become something of an exhibitionist,as well as a randy little bugger.

I thought she had decided against our meeting after that until the other day.

I was out in the rear garden shifting what remained of the snow from the paths and generally clearing up some rubbish,when my mobile went.It was a text from Amy.

‘Bedroom window.’It said.

I stopped working and looked across to their house.She was standing in the window wrapped in a blue towel and one round her head in a turban,Obviously just out of the bath or shower.I could imagine that beautiful body warm and damp,even more so the wet hairs round her cunt.My cock started to get hard straight away.

The towel then fell away and she stood naked as far as I could see as close to the window as she could.He left hand began stroking her tits while her right disappeared down below the windowsill presumably to finger herself.She turned away and seconds later I got another text.

‘Nd a fk cm rnd.’

What could I do?I let myself into the house with the key her dad had given me and went upstairs.Amy was standing naked towelling her hair.I stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders,still warm and damp.I kissed her right shoulder then slipped my hands around her waist before bringing them up to squeeze her tits.She sighed.’Glad you could come.’

I played with her nipples her breathing quickened as her right hand went back between her legs.I turned her around and replaced her hand with mine,slipping a couple of fingers into her hot wet cunt and started working them in and out and my thumb on her clit.She came suddenly with a great shudder and a groan,almost collapsing on me.

She leaned on me for a few minutes until she regained herself.’I missed your touch’ she said then unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.She unfastened my dirty gardening jeans and tugged them down to my ankles and started to stroke the rock hard bulge in my pants.’Interesting’ she said then eased my pants down.My cock sprang free precum already glistening on the tip.

Amy licked my knob free of the precum before taking the purple head between her lips,then slowly,very slowly took all of my cock in her mouth.She held it there,her lips brushing my pubes,I had never been taken that deeply before and I nearly came there and then.It was all I could do to stop.I held her head so she couldn’t move to regain some control but then she started.Her mouth moving up and down my shaft,licking,sucking and then squeezing with her left hand and fingering herself with the right.Then she put her right hand between my legs and started to slip a well lubricated finger up my arse.I couldn’t stop it,I shot five or six great spurts of hot spunk into her mouth.

She looked up at me,showed me her mouthful of my spunk,then swallowed the lot.

I took the towel and started dabbing her beautiful body dry.I started with her shoulders working my way down her back to her firm round arse.I kissed her between her cheeks,tonguing her crack,she shuddered with pleasure and moaned.I dabbed her legs then moved to her front,dropped the towel onto the bed and ran my tongue up the inside of her right thight ending in the still damp clump of gorgeous black hairs surrounding her cunt.I parted the lips with my tongue ,running it up and down the slit,then sucking her into my mouth.I felt her body shudder and she grabbed my head with her hands then she lay back on the bed her legs apart.

Standing at the edge of the bed I leaned over,sucking her hard nipples alternately into my mouthBy now she was panting hard and groaning with pleasure and I slipped my hard cock easily into her cunt and began to fuck her deeply,stroking her clit with my thumb to match my thrusts Amy came with a loud shout of ‘Fuuuuck’ and her body went rigid.I stayed still inside her as she relaxed then I started to fuck her again with Amy meeting my thrusts with her own.Soon I felt my own orgasm imminent and slammed into Amy hard several times then thrust into her as hard as I could and shot my load of hot spunk deep inside her.

We relaxed and lay side by side smiling at each other.We were both soaked with sweat ,Amy said ‘I’ve never been fucked so well before.’and stroked my now soft cock,then took it into her mouth again.She stopped and suggested we have a shower,where we stroked and soaped each other under the hot spray for ages.