Written by tinksuk

8 Mar 2012

tinks approached the bed where eva was already in full swing kneeling up on the bed 2 cocks in hands and one in her month. as tinks sat down a rather handsome tatood bloke beconed her with his throbbing cock and whispered to tinks "do you do anal" tinks rather shyly replied... "err.. not today but eva is usually up for some anal fun, i'll ask her" "Eva?"coo'd tinks shly. "yes" replied a busy eva. "Eva, are you doing anal today?" for a moment their was hush, then eva leaned over to tinks and in a sultry voice replied "if they turn me on enough!" wow!! For another moment the playroom fell silent as all eyes turned on eva and all eyebrows were raised, including tinks.

all focus then resumed on eva, all the guys turning their attention to fullfilling Eva's wish!

over the next half hour the atmosphere in the playroom turned hot and steamy as eva was surrounded by hot horny guys of all ages doing their utmost to please her. tinks continued to play, but even she had trouble keeping her eyes off eva and becoming more and more turned on herself watching the action beside her unfold. at one point after making 3 guys cum almost simutaniously through sex oral and a majic hand, eva lay back into the lap of one really lucky man. her cheeks were blushed and with a glisten in her eye she put her middle finger in her mouth and then moved the slighty wet finger down her clit and into her throbbing pussy. It was now obvious to all EVA WAS NOW TURNED ON!! all eyes then focused on the horny young tatood man who was now ready to approach her with his throbbing cock. she stayed lying in the arms of the same guy as before who held her gently and beckoned the tattod man towards her. their eyes locked as he gentled pushed his throbbing member into her anal passage. eva looked up into the air and let out a gentle heave of pleasure. another 2 guys approached her from either side and gently lifted her legs. tinks and all the guys with her lost concentration as everyone was now focusing on the hot steamy situation going on just beside them. MR tatoo pushed his cock deep inside her faster and faster. he grunted with delight and she sqealed with pleasure! after 20 minutes of pure unadulterted anal sex the guy grunted and grunted again as he came inside her. eva fell back into the arms of the guy whos lap she was in as the other guys relinquished her legs. quiet once again fell in the play room and all eyes were again focused on eva's flushed and wet face. she turned over slowly and smiled at tinks and quietly whispered to her.. "TIME FOR A BREAK"