Written by Mark

26 Mar 2010

She worked for me in the shop, Angie, she was a lovely looking girl, slim, petite and with a great figure. She was a natural blonde with green eyes, but it wasn't just her looks, she was a great worker and very responsible, I never had a qualm about leaving her in charge if I had to go to the wholesaler's or whatever. She was always dressed in a businesslike fashion as well, white blouse, black skirt, stockings and sensible shoes. She was never late for work and usually only too happy to work on a bit if circumstances warranted it, she was, in fact, a perfect employee.

There was only one snag, she had the hots for me! She was eighteen, going on nineteen, while I was thirty three, I wasn't married, had been once but it didn't work. I couldn't say that I was ever short of female company. Perhaps this was what got to her, I don't know. She never disguised the fact that she fancied me and one day she said, 'You must know how I feel, Mark, you're not tied to anyone else, why is it that you won't get together with me?' I didn't really know what to say, so I said, 'Well, I'm a good bit older than you, Angie, I just don't think it appropriate.' 'Oh, nonsense! Age makes no difference if people get on with each other and you can't deny that we get on perfectly.' It was true, I couldn't deny it, she was not only the perfect employee but we completely complemented each other in the running of the business. Helplessly I said, 'So, what exactly is it you want, Angie?' She said, 'We run this business so well together, surely it makes sense for us to spend a little non-work time together and get to know each other better?'

'Okay, you may well be right, so how about we have dinner together Saturday evening?' 'Great,' she said, she spent the rest of the day singing to herself and smiling. I picked her up from her house as we'd arranged, I'd booked a table at a nice country inn where I had been before and knew to have a good menu. She looked sensational as she shut the front door behind her, a light summer dress in sea-green that matched her eyes and with which she wore very little else as far as I could see. We indulged in light chatter until we reached our destination. As I pulled in to the car-park she said, 'Oh, what a lovely place! Have you been here before?' I said I had, 'Good place for food,' I told her.

The meal went well, no starter and a light, summer, fresh salmon salad and ice cream to follow. We had a cool Chablis with it, very nice. Angie loved it, afterwards we took coffee and a liqueur in the riverside garden. It was a perfect evening. In the car afterwards Angie laid a hand on my knee, 'That was lovely, Mark, what were you so worried about?' I shrugged, 'I don't know, but I do know that I have rarely spent a better evening.' She smiled, 'Thank you, you always seem to have the knack of saying the right thing.' I took her home and as she got out of the car she gave me a kiss on the cheek, I watched her indoors, then I got back in the car and drove home feeling ridiculously happy.

Of course it didn't stop there, we were soon going out every Saturday evening and our relationship soon developed. Now when she kissed me goodnight, it was a proper, lingering kiss, this soon became more passionate and gave me an erection. The next week, when we got to the coffee stage, she said, 'Why don't we skip coffee here, Mark, why don't you take me to your place instead?' Well, there wasn't much doubt about that.

Once we were home I made coffee and we had a liqueur with it sitting very close. We were soon kissing and Angie became very passionate, 'This is what I wanted, Mark, I know that I'm very inexperienced, I'm a virgin but it's you I want.' Well, I certainly wanted her, who wouldn't. This beautiful young girl had the hots for her companion! I said, 'As long as you're sure, Angie, after all I am much older than you.' 'Oh, I am sure, darling, I know that you're experienced and I'm banking on that when you make love to me!' We finished our coffee and liqueur and I took her to my bedroom, it has an ensuite and we took turns to shower, Angie first.

When I came out she was lying naked on the bed, oh, how beautiful she was! Her skin was perfect and she had very little body hair anywhere. As I exited the bathroom she stared at my erect cock, 'Sorry to stare,' she said, 'but I've never seen a man aroused. It really is beautiful, isn't it?' 'Just like you,' I smiled. I got on the bed with her and we were soon kissing passionately, I fondled her breasts, I had thought them so high because of the bra she wore, but I was wrong her breasts were naturally that way and so firm, it was unbelievable. She said, taking hold of my throbbing cock, 'What do I do, darling Mark?' I showed her and she turned out to be a natural at that too.

After a while I said,'I know that you are very inexperienced, Angie, so I shall probably do things that you've never heard of, if you don't like anything I do, just tell me, okay?' She smiled, 'I don't think that you're likely to do anything that I wouldn't like.' I kissed her, then kissed my way, via her breasts and nipples, down to her pubic area. I think she was surprised, I had turned and as I licked her fanny she gasped and her hand tightened on my cock. She spread her legs even wider as she felt my head between her thighs and I pushed my tongue into her and fucked her with it. I don't think I had ever tasted a woman whose juice was so pleasant. She began to writhe on the bed as thrills raced through her, then I sucked her clit and surrounding tissue into my mouth and pulled it out of my mouth through closed lips, she came noisily, then gasped, 'Oh God, I've never felt anything like that before!'

I made sure that she was producing lots of juice before I filled my mouth, slid up her body and kissed her. I forced her mouth open and filled it with her own juice, she swallowed noisily and panted, 'Oh! That was so naughty.... but so nice!' I moved over between her legs, I kissed her, 'This may hurt, darling, if it does, please tell me.' Fortunately it didn't and my cock slid smoothly up her well lubricated cunt until my balls were trapped against her bum, then I stopped, 'Just get used to the feel of it,' I told her.

I felt her tightening her internal muscles on my cock and after a minute began to move gently. She so obviously liked it because she grabbed my head in her hands and kissed me passionately, 'Oh, it feels so strange! but it's nice too!' I gradually increased the force and speed of my thrusting and Angie started moaning with pleasure, 'Oh yes! Do me harder, Mark darling, your thing feels so big and it's going right up inside me!' She was, of course, very tight, but being so well lubricated it wasn't a problem. I began to feel her body convulsing as she became more and more aroused. Then, suddenly, I knew that I was going to cum, I hadn't fucked a virgin for so long that her tight cunt was bringing me off far sooner than normal. I panted, 'Look, I'm going to cum, I'll pull my cock out, if you want to see just lift your head!'

The moment came and, as I groaned, I pulled out. Angie raised her head just as I spurted for the first time, unfortunately the first jet hit her face and she flinched. Then she laughed as she watched my spunk spurting all over her breasts and body. I flopped on her slippery body, 'Messy, isn't it?' I panted. She laughed, 'Everything feels so naughty, I love it! Your stuff does smell funny though!' Afterwards I rolled off, 'Are you alright, darling,' I asked. 'Mmmm, wonderful!' she replied, 'If that's sex, I'm all for it!'

By now it was very late so we showered, this time together, and I took her home. As she kissed me goodnight, she murmured, 'Thank you for a wonderful evening, Mark darling, I shall never forget it.' I thought she was probably right, I thought that I probably wouldn't either.

After that Angie was mad for sex, apparently shehad asked her mother how she could have sex without getting pregnant, her mother took her to the Family Planning Clinic and she got fixed up. We had sex after work the same day because she wanted to find out what it was like for me to cun inside her, she loved that too, but then I think most women do, it's the 'accidental pregnant' thing I suspect. Anyway, afterwards we had sex most days, Angie was insatiable, not that I minded. She'd made it clear that she wasn't in love with me, just regarded me as the perfect teacher and sexual companion until someone better came along. However, it wasn't the end of this particular story.

Apparently all along Angie had kept her mother in the picture and one day she told me that she'd like me to meet her sole parent. So we invited her mother to our usual Saturday evening dinner out. Picking them up that evening I saw a woman who was simply a mature version of my young lover and just as beautiful, I fancied her straightaway! her name was Shirley and we got on like a house on fire immediately. After dinner we sat out in the garden having a last drink and Shirley said, 'Thank you for looking after Angie so well, I am so glad that she took my advice. I told her, you see, after she had been singing your praises all the time, that you were obviously an experienced man who would take care of how you would take her virginity. I'm so glad that I was right!' I was 'gobsmacked', as they say.

After this our friendship grew apace until one Friday Angie said, 'Mum wants you to come to dinner with us tomorrow evening, she's really taken to you!' I thanked her and said, 'I have to say that I've really taken to her as well!' Angie raised her eyebrows with a smile.

The next evening I drove to their place, it was a perfect evening and all three of us got on like a house on fire. On the Monday, Angie said, 'Mum's behaving just like me, she's really got the hots for you! You ought to get it on with her, it's been a long time since she had a man.' 'Wouldn't you mind?' I asked. 'Well.... maybe a little, but I'd sure like to see Mum enjoying a good fucking like you give me!' We had, you may note become much closer and used language that Angie found a tutn on. I thought a bit then said, 'Well, if you think that, set it up, I'd love to give your Mum what I give you!'

And that's what happened the following week. I went to dinner again and sometime afterwards, Shirley said, 'If what you said to Angie is what you really want, would you like to join me upstairs?' I followed her, we showered and then got down to it. Obviously Shirley was a different proposition to her daughter as she proved to be a very experienced woman. I was amazed at how good her body was, she was just a more curvy example of Angie, fuller breasts, slightly bigger bum and a lovely full mound. She explained that she was thirty-nine, six years older than I was. She said, 'I'm not like Angie, I lost my cherry early and I had a lot of experience before I got married, my husband was a twice a day man and I've missed it frightfully. Now give me a right good fucking with what Angie tells me is a nice big cock!' So I did, in fact I stayed the night and we had sex half a dozen times. They let me sleep on in the morning and it was Angie who came in with a cup of tea at about half ten. I went for a shower then came out and fucked her too. Shirley guessed and laughed about it when we went downstairs.

In the end after a few more visits during which I made love to both of them separately, we ended up one Saturday night all in bed together. I fucked one then then other and they seemed to like it that way, who was I to argue?