Written by Naughty 'r'

26 Feb 2011

I love going out for meals so when a past boyfriend Michael offered to take me out for an Italian meal to celebrate our 1st anniversary I didn’t need asked twice. Eager to make a good impression I dressed in my best underwear; a purple and black lace bra and thong with sexy patterned purple stockings and suspenders. I then put on a soft purple patterned blouse and dark purple velvet mini skirt, finishing off with elegant high heels. Even before leaving the house I felt incredibly horny.

He picked me up in his car and we set off for the restaurant which was about half an hours drive away. Unfortunately disaster struck on the way. As my skirt was quite short, when I sat down on the passenger seat it rode up my legs showing the tops of my stockings. Michael couldn’t take his eyes off my legs and starting stroking the top of my thigh. He wasn’t watching where he was going and crashed the car into the barrier at the side of the road. He couldn’t get the car started again so we decided to walk down to the main road and hail a taxi. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long, but as it was a warm evening it wouldn’t have mattered if we had.

We jumped into the back of the taxi and headed for our restaurant. Now able to give me his full attention Michael continued to stroke my thigh letting his fingers gently brush the outside of my thong. By this time my pussy was really throbbing with excitement and I could feel my thong getting sticky and wet with my juices. I looked down at his trousers and could see his cock hard and pulsing against the material.

The taxi arrived at the restaurant and we were shown to our table which was in an alcove at the side of the room. The waiter had set the places opposite each other, but we decided to put them side by side instead so we could sit next to each other. After we had chosen our food, we chatted for a while but I was desperate to carry on where we had left off in the taxi, so I moved in my seat slightly so that my skirt had ridden up my thighs showing my suspenders. Michael slid his hand in between my thighs and started rubbing my pussy through my thong again. This time he did it quite firmly and I started to slide off the seat with my legs opening wide enough so that he could slip his hand inside my thong. I had taken great care to shave my pussy that evening so it was smooth and very soft. One of his fingers entered my pussy and slid in and out causing the juices to start running down the tops of my thighs.

When our food arrived Michael managed to eat his meal whilst still with his fingers up my hole…….. I could barely concentrate on my food as I was now desperate for his cock. After we had finished eating I went to the loo and took off my thong as it was absolutely soaking.

When I came back Michael was sitting on a stool up at the bar as we had been asked to take our coffee up there. The restaurant was completely full as I climbed up onto the stool aware that my skirt had ridden up my thighs again……I noticed Michael facing me looking down at the exposed flesh. I had had several gins with my meal so the bottle of pink champagne made me even more tipsy and I was feeling very lustful and incredibly randy. I opened my legs a bit more so that Michael could see my puff pink pussy lips easily. He leant across my legs and ran his finger over my hole before sliding his middle finger right into my tight wet cunt making my writhe around on the stool absolutely gagging for a fuck. He also undid a couple of buttons on my blouse so that the top of my breasts were exposed.

Although I was by now very drunk, whilst we were drinking our champagne I notice a very attractive much younger guy sitting behind Michael watching what we were doing. However, by this time I really couldn’t care I was enjoying myself so much. Michael then got up to go to the loo and seemed to be away for quite some time. As I slightly re-adjusted myself so that my pussy was hidden the gorgeous guy came over and asked if he could sit on the empty stool. I started to get quite excited again and said yes, would he like some of our champagne. He said that he wouldn’t but he would like to play with my fanny. Without waiting for me to say yet he leant over and slid 3 fingers right up my soaking wet swollen hole and rubbed them in and out really fast. Right there on the stool I came all over the place with my dripping juices forming a pool right in front of me. I looked up and saw Michael coming back over towards me so I quickly pulled my skirt down again. The guy got up and went back to his place in the bar. Somehow I think this was planned but I said nothing and we paid our bill and left the restaurant.

When we got outside we had to walk down the road to get another taxi. However just a few yards away from the restaurant Michael pushed me down a small alley against the wall. Without a word he undid the buttons on my blouse and pulled out both of my breasts taking one of my huge erect nipples in his mouth and started sucking it. With his other hand he roughly pulled up my skirt and started to intensely fuck me with his fingers. Absolutely loving my nipples being sucked, I begged him to get his cock out but he kept on using his fingers. He then crouched down and put his head between my legs and started to lick my clitoris until I screamed out in ecstasy absolutely desperate for a fuck. I still begged him to get his cock inside me but he said that wasn’t his job. I then looked up and saw the attractive young guy from the restaurant standing looking at me with his fly open and showing his long hard thick cock. Michael stood aside and the young guy came forward and I shuddered as he thrust his cock in between my legs. He pumped me hard and fast until I felt his spunk spurt right up into my sloppy pussy. He then stepped back and Michael came to me and rammed his cock into my swollen fanny. I didn’t think I could take any more but he fucked me until I had a huge ogasm and my legs turned to jelly making me collapse to the ground. Immediately the young guy then got down onto his knees and entered me from behind fucking me hard and furiously. The next minute Michael shoved his throbbing cock into my mouth. I moaned as I pumped the shaft, my lips and tongue moving rapidly round the bell end. Just as Michael withdrew his cock from my mouth, I screamed as I came and the other guy pulled his cock out of my fanny……Michael then went round and fucked me from behind whilst the young thick hard cock was rammed into my mouth… I sucked and pumped his cock until he came spurting his spunk down my throat.

The young guy then left us and Michael and I walked down to get our taxi. A 1st anniversary to remember!!