Written by Al

4 Aug 2009

I thought I would update you on my wife Tina and her sexual adventures since she took on a regualr lover (she now has three). Sean is a muscular, mixed race gym instructor who she met through a contact site. Tina makes sure she tells me about all their meetings and has great pleasure in describing how Sean enjoys fucking her tight pussy and has brought her to several climaxes.

I enjoyed her accounts, however I still had a burning desire to watch this young stud easing his big cock into my wife. Tina was understandebly reluctant to lose Sean though. She felt he may be spooked if we told him that I was a willing participant in her illicit meetings. After careful thought we decided I would watch them perform whilst hidden in the undergrowth at a spot over looking their meeting place.

On the night Tina payed careful attention to her appearance. She enjoys teasing me with descriptions of what may unfold. As she put on her black lacy knickers she watched me closely while she run her hands over her shaved pussy. "Sean loves me in these. He likes to lick my pussy through them before easing them aside and sliding a finger up me. God I love his cock in me, he has so much stamina as he fucks me to an orgasm" As she went into explicit details of how they were both going to attend to each other she sensuously ran her hands over her breasts and asked me how I would feel letting this hunk suck her nipples? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"god yes" I implored "let him kiss and suck them before he fucks you in the open". "he hates condoms so I have to fuck him bare back. How do you feel about him easing his naked cock up me and thrusting his sperm into your wife". I urged her to let me watch him take her. She smiled at me as she finished her make up and gave me a light kiss as she told me to go to our pre arranged spot.

I parked the car up the road and made my way across to some trees where I would be safely concealed. I was slighly disappointed to see another two cars parked on the park, however it was secluded and I know Tina isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t shy when it comes to putting on a show in public. Tina arrived and parked oppoisite my hiding spot. She was shortly followed by Sean\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s car. Tina got out and with a discrete glance towards my position she climbed into the passenger seat. It was really dark and I couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t make out much of what was going on, although Sean obviously had my wife in a passionate embrace. As the windows steamed up I was left imagining Sean gradually undressing Tina as she ugently released his cock. I was gently wanking my cock as much to my delight the door opened.

Out came Tina with just her knickers and with her tits pushed out of her bra. She was closely followed by Sean wearing just his boxers, straining to conceal his large erection. Sean lay a rug on the bonnet and Tina obliged by lying accross it. What a site to see my wife lying almost naked while this young stud began licking her pussy right in front of me. Just then one of the cars put on his headlight, briefly illuminating the scene. Sean went to get up but Tina was having none of it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"dont stop. let them watch it turns me on\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" She urged.

The guy in the car must have been encouraged and got out. He approached them and stood about 7 foot away admiring the view. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"mind if I watch?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" he enquired. Before Sean could answer Tina quickly replied yes. Obviously the other guy was awaiting developments and he to got out and joined the first bloke. They were both in their fifties, one slighly over weight with grey hair and the other bald and tall. They soon had their cocks out like myself wanking over my wanton wife taking Sean\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s tongue into her pussy as she ran her hands over her breasts, gently plucking at her own nipples. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Fuck me now Sean\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" she demanded as he stood up and removed his boxers. His large cock stood angry and erect as he eased aside her knickers and gently slid in inch by incredible inch of his hard bare cock. I had to get closer so while Sean thrust into my wife with long powerful strokes I took the opportunity to sneak around eventually emerging between the cars oppisite. I tentatively approached until I was level with the two on lookers. They both looked at me nervously until they saw I to was wanking off. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"she\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s fucking gorgeous\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" stated the one guy \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"she enjoys being watched\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" he happily informed me.

I was tansfixed to the site before me. Sean was giving it to her with long powerful thrusts almost pulling out before gringing his cock back in, I watched mesmerised as my wifes labia responded to her strokes nad her breast jiggled in time with each thrust. Tina looked over to us and holding her breasts she urged us to suck on her tits. Sean looked a little put off but a few words from Tina soon soothed him and he returned his entusiasm into fucking her. I eagerly moved forwards however The other two lads were in front. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"you take your turn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" she asserted as the two lads moved in either side taking a tit each they carressed and sucked each breast before theu both sucked at her hard nipples. I was forced to watch as these men feasted on her breasts whilst wanking their cocks. Sean was making increasingly frantic grunts as he neared his inevitable climax. The extra attention on her nipples must have brought Tina\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s orgasm to life as she screamed out her pleasure. This was too much for Sean and with several thrusts he exploded inside her. Sean wiped the last drops of spunk onto her mound he he moved away.

Tina looked up through misty eyes and opening her legs she told me to lick her out. I got onto my knees and hesitated at the site of the cream pie presented to me. One of the guys sucking her tit, seeing my reluctance, volunteered to swap. Tina however decided the matter by sitting up and pulling my head down, giving me my first taste of my wifes used fanny. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" she encoraged taste his spunk up me. Clean my pussy out so my husband never knows Ive been fucked\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". I buried my face into her sucking the mixture of their juices as the two guys began to urgently rub their cocks. She took a cock in each hand taking over and aimed them at her breasts, demanding they coat her breasts with their milk. One of them groaned as his load shot onto her nipple and ran down to be caught on her bra. This led to the other guy shouting out in exstacy as he came over her other tit, rubbing it in and giving her nipples a fianl tweek before they both thanked her and Sean and left. I stood up and looked towads Sean asking if I could fuck her. Sean quickly denied me access to my wifes pussy however he said I could fininsh myself off over her tits. I moved up and after a few strokes my cum was added to the other guys. After nodding my thanks to the both I took my leave and returnedf home.

Tina returned after two hours. She admitted that it was to much for Sean who was unable to accept being watched. However she still has two other guys who may be prepared to let me particiapte.