Written by MB

3 Oct 2007

We had arranged to meet with a single man on this evening for some fun, having previously met for a drink and found we all got on well.

C, mywife was excited at the prospect as she likes men more than women so prefers MFM to MFMF sex.

T, our visitor was keen on stockings as well as I was. C had put stockings on but put a really thin stretchy pair of jeans on over them.

We had a few drinks and some nibbly food with C taking it in turns to kiss us both but especially T. He stroked her thigh with encouragement from me me and could feel her suspendoers through her jeans.

Then we decided to play cards with forfeits for the loser. Not many clothes came off before T got "play with a vibrator" as his forfeit. C decided to make it easy for him, straddling his lap still wearing her jeans and getting him to use the vibrator on her pussy through the jeans, it only took a few minutes before she had her first of many orgasms for the evening.

She then got a "change clothes" forfeit and went and put on a short skirt and pair of pearl knickers. C came back into the room and we could see her stocking tops as she walked, a real turn on for us men. When she came and sat down and we saw up her skirt and we saw the string of pearls disappearbetween her lips, we both knew we were onto a winner.

She ended up sucking T while I played with her pussy from behind and he played with her breasts from the front, she had another orgasm and announced she wanted to fuck him. I got a condom and they put it on between them and she hoisted herself up and sat on his cock. Soon she was bouncing up and down looking at me while he played with her breasts. I was sitting on the sofa next to them by now with my cock in my hand! She had a powerful orgasm and slowed down. He was not done so picked her up and sat her on the sofa and proceeded to fuck her, going really hard at it, which she likes. She pulled off her boots and had her legs over his shoulders, they both came this time. Eventually he pulled out and went to dispose of the condom and she turned to me. First she sat on my cock then she sucked me. I came in her mouth as T came back in and watched, she was kneeling in front of me showing him her stockings and swollen pussy, he liked what he saw.

The evening was not over yet and we went on to all come again with lots of flashing of pussy and nipples, licking and rubbing.

A very sexy evening, to be repeated we hope.