Written by Naughty Girl

10 Feb 2017

It seems that I have neglected to describe some of the meetings I had with my friend.Just a brief resume : he is a friend from my school days that is frustrated at home(yes that old chestnut) and I am a swinger , and I decided to teach him a few delightful things. I'm an average blond mid forties woman ,quite curvy with wickedly expressive eyes,He is tall ,grey around the temples very smiley eyes with a sexy bum .Don't for one minute think we had stopped meeting .It became a quite regular habit to meet in the dark and pull into the usual lay-by ,we are not into dogging just lacking a place to go to have some time together. We would spend half an hour kissing, fondling licking and fucking until we had to leave and go our separate ways.Wonderful,lust filled but never quite enough time(or space) to completely satisfy our desires. Finally we arranged a hotel to meet in .As a swinger it didn't phase me booking a room,he was a little nervous about how obvious it would be that we were just going for a few hours of sex.

We walked in together and were given the room nearest reception ,with the staff two doors away it even made me wary but we just put the T.V. on for background noise and decide to ignore the cleaner outside the door.

I slipped into the bathroom to change into my basque, stockings ,suspenders and high heels. wow I felt sexy ,I even wore my long satin gloves he had an inkling to see me wear.As I entered the bathroom he was naked on the chair sporting a wonderfully hard erection. I was soon on my knees before him ,we kissed and caressed each other ,He has an amazing touch on my clit that can very quickly leave me shuddering to orgasm ,and I am quite loud.I soon found that I had his cock in my mouth ,taking him as deep as I could.It is wide and generally a little more than I can take in my mouth completely ,however with time I managed very well. Our passion was building and it was time that I was filled by this lovely hard cock. I lent over the bed as he bent me forward and slid deep inside me .I rather think I screamed in pleasure.I was so wet it was easy for him to be inside me very deeply.We could see in the mirror as he thrust away and it wasn't too long before we came together, I love the feeling of his cum inside me .We continued to kiss and caress on the bed .It was good not having to hurry away.

After a while our kisses ensured he was hard again,i encouraged him to keep making me cum with his fingers tickling my clit.I was soon in heaven ,certainly making lots of noise .I was been taken from behind then flipped over and had my legs in the air,my ankles held as he thrust away .At one point he was rubbing my clit with his thumb while watching his cock slide deeply into me. I lost count of the times I came.We wore each other out until it was time for a shower together ,which of course ended in less washing more kissing ,exploring each others bodies ,tasting wanking and more cumming from me. Eventually we dried off and reluctantly left the hotel. What next? Well can you believe he has never tried anal sex ,so that's on our to do list as I like it and want to teach him how to satisfy me even more ,we have also decided that hotel rooms are the way to go even if we got raised eyebrows as we left ..