Written by Grandad

25 Jan 2017

Hi all. I'm Tony, I'm 71 and loving my new found energy and life. In my younger days I fucked around like most lads and even tried a bit of swinging with the wife but that didn't work out and we split up many years ago ( basically she became obsessed with a guy we where swapping with and became pregnant). Anyway, it takes two to tango and that was a long time ago.

Now and then when I fancy a fuck I meet friends I met online and we fuck each others brains out but she's in her 60's so I miss the younger women and I thought my days of getting a young ( as in under 40) stunner where over until I met a couple on line.

For this story I'll call them April and Tom. April is 23, slim and a beautiful looking woman. She has a perfect body, pair shaped breasts not an ounce of fat on her with long blond hair. They contacted me on a site like this and we wrote for over six months before they said they wanted to meet.

It turns out that April has a thing about older men and Tom has a thing about watching her fuck older men. I thought there was no way this was real and expected them not to show up at the arranged meeting point. But they walked in about the same time as I did and we got on really well. She is so beautiful she stole my heart immediately but I had to ask why she wanted to meet an old man like me and she told me that she thought I was hansom and kind and gentle. After a could of hours we agreed to talk again after her and Tom had had a chat. The next day April called and asked if I would come to the house. Because they live over 60 miles away I made sure I left early. I sat in a cafe for over an hour until the time came for me to arrive.

Tom answered the door and welcomed me in. The house was immaculate, April stood there in a light almost see though dress. Her breasts pushing against the material, her nipples trying to push through. I told her she looked amazing and she giggled like a shy girl.

We talked for a while until April left the room. About 5 min later Tom told me she was waiting for me and told me where to go.

As I started up the stairs he sat down and explained that she wanted us to be on our own the first time. I still expected it to be a joke and someone would jump out and every one would have a good laugh at my expense.

I opened the bedroom door and she was laying there, a single sheet hiding her perfect body. I stood at the side of the bed like a virgin kid trying to decide whether to run or not. She pulled her sheet down and exposed her breasts and told me not to worry. I told her how beautiful she was and she put her hand on my cock and gave a gentle squeeze before pulling the zip down and taking it out.

After exploring my cock with her hand for a little while she told me to lay next to her. I started to lay down but she pushed me back and said ' no clothes'. As undressed and lay next to her and she took my cock in her hand again and started to stoke me. She stared at it as thought she was seeing one for the first time gentle wanking me liking her lips. The site of this beautiful woman with perfect pale skin and firm breasts pleasuring me was almost too much and I was worried I was going to cum. I took her hand to stop her and she looked at me and asked if I was ready. I explained that I didn't want to cum yet and she said she didn't want me to cum yet either and she pressed a spot behind my balls rubbing them and the feeling stopped.

She took my hand and placed them on her breast. They where soft and full and her nipples like stones, I explored her chest and face and then she took my hand and pushed it between her legs and asked me to taste her.

I went down and opened her lips and explored her pussy with my tongue. Her pussy juice was sweet and I took as much out of her as I could. by now she was thrusting herself into my mouth, my hands reached up and felt her breasts again until she pulled herself up and took my hair and pulled me up and looked at me. Her eyes where stunning and shiny and it was as though she was begging when she asked me to make love to her and to 'please be gentle'

I worked my way up slowly until my cock was nudging her pussy. I spread her legs open side and tried to slid into her but she was tight so she took hold of my cock and helped ease it in. Thankfully she was wet so it wasn't too hard.

I slid into her and she groaned and squealed wrapping her legs round my waist and thrusting herself against me.

It was amazing, I couldn't take my eyes off her, her beautiful breasts trembling each time I thrust myself into her as deep as I could her eyes closed biting her lip her hands either grabbing her own breasts to pleasure herself or reach down to join my cock in her pussy or to feel me slide into her again and again.

This was getting too much and I knew I wasn't going to last very long and I apologised. She looked at me and kissed my lips telling me its ok, its the first time it will get longer.

I started to thrust harder and knew my cum was on its way. She joined me and together we started to go from gentle love making to a raw fucking. Then she gave out a roar and scream and started to shudder, her orgasm sent me over the top and I poured cum into her and she screamed and shuddered again.

We lay there and she stroked my chest and told me her life story as though we were long lost friends. then as though it was natural took me in her hands and started to massage my soft cock until it showed interest. Then, when it was hard enough to stay erect she slid onto me, sat up and lowered herself onto my shaft.

I just lay there and watched this stunning young woman ride me touching herself until we came again.

After all this I got dressed and she covered herself with a dressing gown and we went down stairs.

She walked up to her husband and they took each other in their warms and hugged, she smiled at me and told Tom she felt wonderful and that I was wonderful then she giggled and said she had to go and that my cum was dripping down her legs.

Tom and i had coffee and he asked if I would come again, I asked him if he didn't mind and he just smiled and said he loved making her happy. Since then I've been back twice a week for several months. Sometime April and I make love on our own but most times Tom is there either watching us or we share April and take turns to cum in her or on her.

I have found my perfect friends. April is pregnant now, I knwo its not mine becouse I had a vasectomy a long time ago and Tom and April are delighted.

I thought they would want to stop our relationship but April has asked me to continue visiting and that after Tom I am what makes her ' complete'.

She's starting to show a little so I am extra gentle but I still make her cum. Sometimes if she's tired she likes to just lay there and let me cum over her breasts and once or twice she has guided my cock into her mouth and let me fill it with cum before Tom forced it down her throat with his tongue.

I'll let you know how our relationship expands but would love to hear similar stories becouse I can't be the only one out there with a special relationship.