20 Jun 2016

A week or so ago I wrote about my first experience with Mavis. Well it didn't stop there. I did go back for dinner instead of lunch and this is what happened.

When I got back to my house it dawned on me what had just happened. I had just been sucked and wanked off by my neighbour who was probably about 25 years older than me. Obviously I had really enjoyed it – especially playing with those enormous tits – but it was quite a surprise. Then the phone rang again. It was Mavis again to say that I was still welcome to come over and share the pie with her but because she was still in a bit of pain she was going to take some painkillers and lie down for a bit and so she was going to eat later. About 5 o’clock but I could come over about 3.30 if I wanted and perhaps we could play a bit more !!!!! I told her OK as long as I good play with her tits some more.

Now I’d already had sex with my wife that morning and Mavis had made me cum again so at 3 o’clock I popped a little blue pill and at 3.30 on the dot I let myself into Mavis’s house and locked the door behind me. I called out to her and walked into the kitchen. She wasn’t there but then she called out that I was to go in the lounge and make myself comfortable. She wouldn’t be a minute. Going into the lounge I found the curtains drawn and the lights on. A couple of minutes later Mavis made her entrance. She had showered and made herself up a bit. She was wearing her housecoat which was completely open and nothing else. I was quite surprised how slim and well formed her legs and tummy were but all I really wanted first was to play with her gorgeous breasts again. I got off the settee on to my knees and went over to her. Now I am quite tall and she was very short so I was at exactly the right height to bury my face into her chest. I stayed on my knees playing with her for quite a while. I sucked her nipples; I held and squeezed and fondled her tits; I put them on my shoulders either side of my face; I licked and suckled and did all sorts with them. Eventually Mavis pulled away and said the painkillers she had taken had worked but she needed to sit down now or she would start to hurt again. I adjusted my Viagra fuelled cock and complimenting her on her appearance we sat on the settee. Her hand immediately went for my cock and she gasped when she felt how hard it had become. She said she had really enjoyed what had happened this morning and she hadn’t realised how nice it was to suck cock. It wasn’t he done thing when she was younger as far as she knew and anyway her husband had been a bit of a prude so sex was a very rare event and only in bed under the blankets and in the dark. I asked her if he had ever kissed her “down below” and if she had ever had an orgasm. The answer was obviously no and she wasn’t sure about being kissed there and she was probably too old for an orgasm. I told her there was only one way to find out if she wanted to try. She was a bit doubtful and said well maybe but only after she had sucked my cock again. She had enjoyed it this morning and this time she would let me cum in her mouth as the taste was quite nice. All this talking had done nothing to soften my cock and she had been stroking the whole. I stood up and stripped off for her then stood on front of her with my cock standing to attention in readiness for her mouth. She sat forward on the settee and kissd me and took me into her mouth. I let her do as she wished for a little while. She did everything she could think of to my cock and balls and even grasped my buttocks when she tried to get me in deep. I’ve had a lot of blowjobs in my life. All by woman more experience that Mavis but what she lost in experience she more than made up for with her enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment. Finally I could feel myself getting close so I held her head still and slowly began to face fuck her. With each stroke I slid deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was looking up at me into my eyes and I as I pushed even further into her mouth her eyes would open wider. I didn’t go all the way cos I didn’t want to make her gag and maybe frighten her. I could feel that I was almost there and she sensed it as she increased the pressure of her mouth and tongue on my cock.

“I’m cumming Mavis are you ready?” She nodded and took me even deeper into her mouth as my cock began to pulse and send my seed itno her eager mouth. She swallowed some then pulled away and let the rest go into her still open mouth and over her lips and face. She swallowed everything that had gone into her mouth and wiped her face with her finger and licked that off too. There was a little more appearing at the end of my cock so she licked that off and then cleaned my cock with her tongue and lips. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat and told me that was lovely. Some of my cum had fallen onto one of her tits and when she saw it she just pulled it up to her mouth and started to lick it off. There was a bit on her nipple so I sucked that off for her then kissed her full on the lips forcing my tongue into her mouth so she could have the last of it.

I let her lean back on the settee cushions and her tits parted and fell to her sides. I couldn’t resist them and returned to kissing and fondling them and gently tweaking her nipples between my finger and thumb. She didn’t stop grinning. I reached behind her and gently pulled forward on the seat so her buttocks were resting on the edge. She was so small she was nearly lying down so I adjusted the cushion behind her head so she could see what I was doing then I started to gently lick an kiss the underside of her tits and slowly worked my way down her tummy. I could feel her tense and I neared the wispy grey hairs at the bottom of her tummy. She had never had oral sex before but I told her that as she had enjoyed me so it was now time for me to enjoy her and she should relax and savour the moment. She relaxed a little and I was able to get my hand between her legs. I gently eased them apart and not stopping kissing her tummy I adjusted my position and knelt between her legs. She smelled of lavender with just a slight musky aroma and I slowly traced the tip of my tongue down over her lower abdomen towards her pussy. I gently licked her pussy lips and then eased them apart and entered her with my tongue. She was a little bit moist but not completely dry and so I continued the treatment until she became more moist. Next I went to click her little pink bud an found it quite easily. As I licked it and teased it it started to enlarge a surprising amount until I could actually get it between my lips. With this treatment she began to get very wet and I buried my face and tongue deep into her pussy until my face was covered in her juices. I felt her moved so I stopped and asked her if she was OK and not uncomfortable. She was still grinning and her reply was to open her legs even more and push my face back down. She was obviously enjoying it more that she had expected and so was I. My cock was harder than ever so I knelt up and stroked the head of my cock between her lips and across her clit. She was loving it and asked me to kiss her some more as she thought she may be able to cum for the first time in her life. Who am I to refuse a lady’s request so my tongue and mouth went back to work with a vengeance until I finally sensed her tense again and as she gripped me with her legs she pushed my face hard into her pubic mound and slowly gyrate her hips until with a deep guttural moan her pussy began to move of its own volition and she achieved the orgasm for which she had waited for nearly eighty years. I stayed very still until she relaxed a little and I was able to move and take a breath. I leaned forward over her and held her in my arms and kissed her again on the mouth.

“That’s what it should be like Mavis” I said. “I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you let me be the one to share the experience with you” Still grinning she just said “mmmmmmm.”

I laid her house coat over her and told her I was going to make her a cup of tea and after she had time to recover and drink the tea there was still a bit of unfinished business to attend to as I showed her my still rampant cock.

Fifteen minutes later after we had finished our cuppa she was refreshed and the Viagra was still in control of my cock. “I think we had better go to the bedroom now” I said “we can be more comfortable there and I don’t want your pain to come back.” She still hadn’t stopped smiling and just nodded so walked hand in hand to her bedroom.

I gently laid her on the bed and lay beside her holding her small frame in my arms and kissing her lovingly. All the time I could feel those enormous tits pushing into me and my cock straining for more action. Eventually I moved away and laid her on her back and started again kissing her beautiful breasts I quickly moved my mouth back to her pussy and lay for a while between her legs with my mouth again buried between her pussy lips and my hands playing with her tits. I didn’t want her to cum again like that and my cock was now desperate for some action so I again knelt between her legs and gently began to rub my cock over her pussy and gently ease it between the folds of her lips.

Soon I was buried deep within her and quite surprised at how tight she was. She could actually grip my cock and the feeling was amazing. I fucked her like this for a few minutes until I could see her back had started to hurt again. I pulled out and turned her onto her side. I slipped my cock between her legs from behind and slid straight into her up to the hilt. In this position I was able to fuck her and hold her breasts at the same time and she was more comfortable. Finally I could feel myself getting to the point of no return. I grasped her hips and increased the pace and depth of my thrusts until I could hold on no more and I came with full force inside her just as the walls of her pussy contracted firmly around my cock as she reached another orgasm with me. We lay for few minutes then she went down on me again to clean the mixture of our juices from my cock. She lay back on the bed so I assumed the 69 position and cleaned her the same way she had cleaned me whilst she took my now slightly deflated cock back in her mouth.

Unbelievably I started to get hard again but I told her she mustn’t overdo it or her back and legs would suffer and my cock might drop off. Anyway she had promised me dinner and I was hungry. I told her if the pie was good I might just tit fuck her after dinner and if it was really good I might just let her try to suck me off again if there was anything left.

Thank heavens for little blue pills.