Written by Brian

8 Dec 2011

My name is Brian and at the time this happened I was a Sales Rep calling on housewives, the calls were always pre-arranged, it was also my responsibility to enthuse dealers in our products.

One of my dealers was quite a small business, usually just the owner and a girl assistant. When I first started calling there was a woman assistant who I quite liked the look of and I assiduously pursued her. She obviously liked me to some extent but was married and somewhat reluctant. After a while however she began to come round and eventually agreed to come out with me one evening. To cut a long story short I took her to a nice quiet pub out in the country, which she liked but saying that she wasn't much of a drinker. After a second vodka and tonic she said, 'I shan't have another, I'm feeling a bit woozy, can't we go somewhere quiet?' I was so surprised that I nearly fell off my chair but quickly assured her that I knew just the place.

Off we went, in the car as we drove she said, 'I don't get the chance to get out much these days, it's such a treat to be out with someone nice.' Her skirt had ridden up considerably showing a nice pair of legs, which I complimented her on and stroked her thigh above the knee. She didn't take offence nor ask me to remove my hand. We eventually reached our destination, it was public common and the part I headed for was where the undergrowth grew thickly. I had scouted this years before and always took women there, this was because there were ways, if one knew them, where one could park in comfort and unseen even on a summer evening.

As soon as we stopped she grabbed and kissed me, passionately, 'I've wanted to do that all evening,' she said. I turned and kissed her in return, 'Letting go a bit, are we?' She laughed, 'I may be married and very rarely get the chance to go out, but I believe in taking a chance when I get it!' 'Let's get in the back,' I suggested which she responded to with alacrity. We continued kissing, I caressed her breast as we did so then gradually undressed her. The result was that I gave her a good fucking, first hard and fast to get rid of the passion, then long, slow and tender. I pumped a good load of spunk up her each time, she had cum the first time and the second time little cums rippled through her all the time. It was great, we repeated it, not very frequently but over a long period. It ended when her husband cottoned on that she was up to something and stopped her, eventually they moved away.

The next assistant in that shop was a much younger girl, called Lucy, and a real stunner, she made up to me outrageously when the boss was out. In the end I said, 'I'll start taking this seriously, if you don't stop.' She laughed, 'Promises, promises!', she taunted me. 'Right, that's it,' I responded, 'pick you up at your house at seven thirty and you'd better be ready for anything!' She laughed again but when I arrived outside the house she was standing by the gate!

Off we went, just as before, couple of drinks in the pub and she was saying, 'I thought we'd be going so,mewhere nice and quiet!' 'We are!' I told her. Half an hour later we were parked in my little hidey hole and straight in the back of the car. It was obvious what she expected to happen and I didn't disappoint her. She said, 'I bet you've been here loads of times, you drove straight here!' 'You're right,' I replied, 'and I have never seen another person anywhere about here, so you can relax!'

I had her naked in minutes, kissing, caressing, feeling and really getting her going. She couldn't get to my cock quickly enough, 'Oooh, it's lovely!' she panted, 'You are going to fuck me, aren't you?' It was a bit of a shock but I said, 'That's what we're here for, isn't it?' She bent and kissed my cock then took it in her mouth, staring up at me with her lovely blue eyes that looked so innocent, as she gave me the treatment. I soon responded by kissing her lovely cunt, she had a prominent mound and neat closed lips, at least they were closed until I'd run my tongue up and down them a few times.

When her lips parted I went inside and tongue fucked her, she became very excited, writhing and panting. Then I sucked her clit, she went into convulsions as she came, thrashing around in her exstasy. I mounted her then, kissing her at the same time as I pushed my cock into her cunt. She kissed and licked all her juice from my face, she panted, 'It's alright, I'm on the pill, you won't make me pregnant, fuck me hard!' So I did, lasted about three minutes before I shot my load deep in her throbbing cunt. She held me tight as we both came down from the high.

I hadn't taken my cock out and I said, 'Do you know how to make my cock hard again?' She said, 'Why? Can you fuck me again then?' 'Of course I can, we've only just started,' I replied. 'Tell me then,' she said. 'Squeeze me with your cunt muscles,' I told her. After a minute or two she got the hang of it and got me hard again in a few minutes and I started fucked her again, more gently this time.

As we fucked I asked her if she was a virgin, I took her for about nineteen and thought it unlikely. 'No,' she replied, 'but I've only had it once before, years ago. He was only a boy and I didn't enjoy it much. Mum told me sex should be good, I guessed that you were experienced and I liked you a lot so I thought .... well, you know.'

This girl was absolutely gorgeous, blonde, blue eyed with a figure to die for. She had a glorious cunt, it looked really lovely when the lips were closed. When her lips parted she had full inner lips and, unbelievably, a free clit, it stood out like a miniature cock and was about an inch long when erect. I fucked her every way possible so that she would enjoy herself and finished up about an hour later pumping another load of spunk up her.

To say that she loved that evening would be an understatement, I was to find out later that she had even told her mother how good I was at fucking her!

I didn't realise when I had called to pick her up that first time that I knew her family! Then one evening she told me that her mother had said once that she knew me, she said, 'You want to come in and meet her, she'd like that.' How could I refuse? So when I took her home I went in.

Her mother greeted me like an old friend, Lucy went straight to he bathroom to clean up. Lucy's mother, Louise, was in her late thirties, roughly ten years older than I was at the time. She was a looker too and I remembered too that I had quite fancied her when I'd called before. We were talking and she said, 'If I was ten years younger I would be asking for a share of what my Lucy's getting!' I laughed, 'What's all this about 'ten years younger', I reckon there's a lot of mileage in you yet!' 'Don't be cheeky,' she replied, laughing, 'I haven't had sex for ten years, it's all gone now.' 'Get off,' I said, 'tell you what, good hair-do, manicure, nice clothes, you'd look a million.' 'Are you saying you would have me?' she asked. I wasn't actually thinking that, but I thought, why not you've always fancied fucking a mother and daughter. I said, 'Tell you what, Louise, you give me date when your husband and Lucy won't be here, and I'll come and prove that there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle!' She seemed staggered by the thought, then she said, 'Why not, give me a ring in the week and I'll work something out.'

A fortnight later I was at the house, Louise answered the door, 'Come in, Brian.' I followed her in and straight up the stairs. It wasn't until she began to take it off that I realised she was wearing something that I think is called a 'peignoir', she had nothing on underneath and said, 'You'd better come through now, Brian, now I've taken all this trouble.....' Actually she looked great, a mature figure, nice full breasts with neat nipples and aureoles, bit of a tum and a massive mons that had similar lips to Lucy's just showing. I was stripped in no time, she admired my cock, I'm not boasting because I'm no different to most men with about six inches.

We got on the bed and began kissing and feeling each other, I said, 'I haven't had a good look at it yet, Louise, come on let's see it.' She smiled and spread her legs, like her daughter the lips were closed. I got off the bed, went to the foot, grabbed her ankles and pulled her to me, putting her legs over my shoulders I leant forward and kissed her cunt. I heard her quick intake of breath and I proceeded to lick up and down the lips just like I did with Lucy. I heard a little gasp as her lips parted and I tongue fucked her, her clit was buried but I simply sucked the whole area of delicate flesh into my mouth and pulled back with my lips tightly closed. She screamed and came with a great shudder, 'Oh my God! Oh my God!' she panted, 'I've never cum so quick in my life, and I hadn't made any woman cum in such a short time either! I scrambed up the bed and pushed into her, 'I suppose you want it the way Lucy had it?' I asked. 'How did you know?' she panted. 'Oh, just a lucky guess,' I replied, 'this is going to be as near rape as I can get so you'd better enjoy it.'

I rammed my cock into her and proceeded to fuck her as roughly as I could, however, she was lubricating hugely and was too wet to be hurt and apparently enjoyed every moment. I say' apparently' because she came and came during that two minutes or so and grabbed me to kiss me passionately over and over again after I'd shot my load up. 'Christ,' she breathed as we recovered, 'I've never had a fuck like that, Lucy was right you certainly know what you're doing!'

Louise sucked my cock hard again a few minutes later and then got fucked for an hour or so in very position she wanted. She loved it doggy-style from behind and even used a hand-mirror to watch my cock sliding in and out of her very willing and sloppy cunt. After we had cleaned up a dressed she gave me a scotch, 'to restore my strength', then said, 'I love the way you cum, it's like a firehose up my cunt!' I laughed, then she continued, 'Sometime I'd love to see it comimg out, I'd love to have all that lovely spunk shooting all over me!'

She got everything she wanted over the months that followed and it was a long time before she told Lucy that I was also fucking her mother. Lucy, apparently, was staggered, 'I don't know how he , Mum, I know for a fact he has other women too!'

I did, but that's another story.