Written by Island Life

12 Aug 2016

I've written before about my wife Brenda's adventures at a cafe on a neighbouring island to our home in the Greek Islands where we took early retirement and ran for the sun. Search 'Island Life' for more.

The cafe owners have a small room behind the cafe that is used for breaks, etc and we have, on several occasions now, visited the cafe so Brenda could service any of the cafe patrons who were in on the secret. She has been taken in all her holes and by a variety of men, but the latest trip turned out to be extra spicy.

We had an appointment with our lawyer later in the day, so thought we'd get a coffee first. The boys were busy so told us to go into the back room and asked if Brenda was up for some action if anyone wanted, of course she said yes. She's gone from a shy, almost prudish soul, to a complete cock lover since we've been doing this.

Anyway, about nine fifteen, one of the boys comes into the back and says there's a bloke who has heard of the side line at the cafe and wanted to join in. His luck was in that day.

B asked for a few monents ot get ready and took off her dress, keeping just her bra and knickers on.

You can imagine her face, and probably mine as well, come to that, when, a few minutes later, in walks the lawyer whom we were due to see later that day. We've known the lawyer and his wife, who works with him, for several years . After a few moments of embarrasment and mumblings, it was decided that the cat, if not yet the pussy, was out of the bag for all parties concerned and so they might as well carry on.

Not wanting to spend too much time, the lawyer decided he'd like a blow job and B was only too happy to oblige. He sat on the edge of the table and she came and kneeled infront of him. She undid his zip, reached inside and took his rapidly stiffening cock out, slipping it straight into her mouth and began sucking him. This wasn't something she used to enjoy, but has got the hang of it and it didn't take long to get him hard.

She paused to get him to drop his trousers and boxers and lean back on the table, just as so many men have done to her recently. She then began to suck and lick his balls with enthusiasm. After a few minutes of this and him being an obvious gentleman, the lawyer pushed her head away , stood up, undid her bra and began caressing and sucking her breasts. The nipples soon responded and she clearly was getting aroused as well. Soon, he slipped off her knickers and slid his hand between her legs, guiding her back onto the table, where he laid her down and began to lick her shaved pussy.

I've witnessed this several times, both as live action and via the cafe's cctv when she's been there by herself, but it's still as horny as hell. Watching your wife being taken by another man and hearing her moans of pleasure as her body becomes sexually aroused is a high like no other.

By now, all thoughts of getting to the office on time have clearly left his head and our lawyer kept at his debriefing until B had orgasmed on his face - the lucky bastard! - and she was now almost begging for his cock to penetrate her. Of course, he did, B on her back on the table, legs now in the air, he slipped into her with ease, she being well lubricated and ready to be fucked.

He plumbed her depths for several minutes, slowly, quickly, with short, shallow strokes and deep inside her until she came again. I could see her lips tighten around his manhood as she shivered with the orgasm going through her. At this, the lawyer increased his speed and plunged deep into her glistening pussy and soon he was shooting his load deep into her unprotected hole.

Afterwards, B sucked him clean and as they were dressing, the slut gave him her knickers! That was a first, as far as I know.

After he had left, B gave one man a blow job and then we had to go to our appointment with the lawyer.

How we all kept our faces straight when greeting his wife and carrying on with the meeting, I don't know, but now he knows the situation, we may have to arrive for all future meetings a bit earlier.