Written by shaven69_1

30 Nov 2010

Sitting on the bed you move towards me and push my legs apart with yours, you then take you finger and place it along the slit of my pussy, moving it up and down, teasing me. You then move your finger in a circular motion on the outside of my pussy hole, really teasing me this time as I want you to just ram your finger up there but I try and keep cool. You then take your finger out and move it towards my mouth so I can lubricate it. I suck it really hard as its smells and tastes of my cunt, and I love the smell of pussy, especially a wet one like mine.

You then take your finger out of my mouth and move it down towards my aching pussy again, you play some more and then you slowly put your finger inside me, going really deep and moving it round, you then put another finger inside, I am totally loving this and moving my arse from side to side and my clit starts getting hard. The fingers that are inside me are moving even faster now and you have turned up the end of your fingers so that they are rubbing against the inside of me, and I love it. I tell you to do it harder and faster and I move my legs up so that they are resting on your shoulders, my arse is now exposed.

As you are frantically thrusting your fingers inside me I reach down and start playing with my arsehole, rubbing the outside of my hole with my fingertips, I then put that same finger in my mouth, sucking it and then I spit on it and place it back on my arsehole this time pushing my fingers inside. I can see that your cock is fiercely hard now so I pull my finger out and pull myself up so I can wrap my hand around your cock and start wanking you off, whilst you are ferociously wanking me off.

I absolutely love it, we are both looking at each other and panting away at the pure energy we are putting into wanking each other off. With my free hand I push up one of my 34G tits so that I can reach it with my tongue and lips. I start licking my nipple with my tongue and then I push my neck a little more forward so that I can put my luscious lips around my nipple. You then grab my other nipple and squeeze it really hard, as you know that that’s what I really like. I then push you onto your back and I turn myself around so that my arse is above your head. I start sucking your cock, squeezing the tip between my lips and then circling the rest of your hard gorgeous cock with my tongue. I then move my head up and down so that I can get the whole of your fat dick in my mouth. I can feel the tip of your cock against the back of my throat and I fucking love it.

Meanwhile, you finish off what I started earlier with my arsehole – you spread my pert soft arse cheeks apart so that you can get a good look at my hole, you then place two fingertips inside the hole and pull that apart so you can get a good look inside, it’s beautiful and then I feel your tongue darting inside and licking my rim hole and I can’t contain myself, nothing feels better than a tongue inside my arsehole, I love it. You then put two fingers inside my arsehole and start moving them in and out. You then put another finger inside, and then another and soon your whole hand is inside me and you are moving it around so that you are wrist deep inside me and my cunt is aching so much now as my arse feels gorgeous so I take one hand away from your cock (which is still immersed in my mouth) and start rubbing my clit really hard, you see what I’m doing and take over for me. One hand is inside my arsehole pounding away and the other hand is rubbing against me clit with a few fingers rubbing against my clit hole as well. I now start wanking you off again with my hands and spit on the tip of your dick and then suck it really hard again. I massage your balls and then crane my neck forward so I can suck them as well, they taste really good. You then move from under me and kneel behind, your dick is so hard now you want to use it really bad and you thrust it inside my arse.

Anal fucking is the best fucking and you know I love it so you pound me really hard. I am screaming with joy, you know how to arse fuck really good. You then say you are about to cum and you shoot your load inside my arse and then you pull out your dick, you are a heavy cummer and it’s dripping out of my arsehole. You scoop some of it up and bring it round to my mouth where I lap it up as I love the taste of cum in my mouth especially your cum.....I want more so you put your hand back inside my arsehole and scoop out some more of your cum and again I put it all in my mouth and swallow it all and lick my lips. You then finish me off by fucking my cunt with the same hand. It’s not long before I come everywhere and soak your hand with my juices which you then bring towards my mouth so I can lick my own juices. You then go down on me to lick up any remaining cum with your tongue, I lie back, extremely satisfied.