Written by goodtimebiboy

13 Aug 2008

I was 19, horny and very curious. Thankfully the internet came to my aid and I learnt what cruising was and where to go.

Let me first tell you about myself, i\'ve always been a very sexual person and this happened about a decade ago although i wish it was when i was even younger but then i didn\'t have the wonderful thing called the internet. I\'ve watched porn and always enjoyed the look of a cock and wondered what it was like to suck and most importantly fuck one, or two or three...

Anyway back on with my first time, I went to a dogging and cruising spot on the M4 outside Bristol. I parked up and saw loads of cars but no one about so I entered the woods and couldn\'t see anyone, i went a little deeper and nothing. I thought that i lucked out and thought i would wait around for a bit and see what happens, anyway after a while I needed a pee so I got out my 6\" cut cock which was semi hard and started to seen a ho stream of piss against a fallen tree, halfway through i noticed a movement to my side and saw a guy staring at me. He was fairly short, old and nothing really redeeming about him except for his cock sticking out of his trousers. He smiled at me and as a very inexperienced and shy young man i smiled back as I unsure and nervous what to do. He walked over and by this time i had finished peeing, his hands went to my cock and i rturned the favour, he asked what i was after and in a very croaky voice i said i anything, this was my forst time and i wanted to suck and fuck a cock. His eyes lit up and siad that could be arranged, with that he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. I just allowed this to happen and i really enjoyed it, i now relaise this is the beginning of my role as a sub. Anywa he pushed me to my knees and here i was kneeling in my own pee with an old uncut cock staring at me. He told me to touch it, which i did, it felt war, and i could feel the blood pumping, he then grabbed my hair (back then i had really long hair) and pulled my head to his cock. I didn\'t resist, and i licked his cock, a first for me and it tasted a little stale, slightly salty nothing fantastic but that didnt stop me. i licked the length of the shaft, around the foreskin, the underside and the peehole tasting the precum. I then put my lips around the head and proceeded to take in as much as i could, to my surprise and his enjoyment i could take him all, it seems i am a good little cocksucker. I was so intranced by the cock in my mouth i didnt realsie that the owner of the cock was chatting to someone else. Only when he stopped trying to fuck my mouth and took his hands from my hair and head, withdrawing his cock did i notice the other guy. He was younger than the guy taking my oral virginity, probably about 45-50 instead of the 55-60 that i was sucking. He asked if i was enjoying myself and i smiled and nodded, they spoke to each other then as if i wasn\'t there and that excited me even more. The older guy send i was an oral/anal virgin but very willing and a great cocksucker and that he hadn\'t had such a young guy before, the other guy said that i looked damn good sucking his cock and that he wondered what i would look like naked. They told me to strip and i duly did as asked and stood there in front of them stark bollock naked in the middle of the woods next to a rest stop off the M4. And not to be arrogant but I looked damn good, remember I was 19, long curly brown hair, I\'m over 6\' slim, not overly athletic but i looked very fem and i knew it and best of all i knew i had a great ass and i was determine they would see it and use it. So i turned around legs apart and bent over, reaching round and spreading my cheek exposing my virgin ass hole. I could tell they like it as the older guy wlaked forward and stoked my ass and licked my hole, he carried on and rimmed me, sticking his tongue in my ass. I was in heaven, breathing deeply, panting even and moaningi was pushing back as he tongue fucked me. It was with great personal regret that he stopped as it was heaven. He told me to get on all fours and i dropped to the floor, all the time leaving my ass in the air for these two strangers to view. When all fours he proceeded to continue to rim me and i bucked and fucked his tongue as best as i could, he then siad he was stretch me some more with a finger or two. Well i have finger fucked myself before and thoroughly enjoued it, the most i\'ve taken is two. He started with 1 and it felt fantastic, the other guy just watched, wanking a rather small cock he didnt seem to want to participate but i didnt care i was enjoying the mature guys tongue and fingers. Durig this time, my cock was like granite, as hard as it has ever been and i knew that i was bi from that moment on. Anyway he fingered me more and more, introducing another finger, soon he was up to 3 and i felt nice and stretched. he told me he was going to fuck me hard, taking my virginity and i could feel the tip of his cock against my tight hole. Then i relaised he was about to do me bareback, i may be sub, horny but not stupid and i told him unless he wore a rubber he owuldnt take my cherry. He didn\'t seem to pleased but agreed and he put one on, i asked the other guy to make sure. Now i was ready, i was on all fours, spreading my legs to get as low as possible as he was a short fella and the old guy started to push against my hole. The pain was excruciating and i though i would never take it but it went in and thenkfully he just stopped there and held it, letting me get used to the feeling and stretching of my ass with his cock. the other guy was watching the hole thing, as the older guy pushed it slowly deeped in my ass and the pain was gone but the pleasure was electric, soon he was all in and the feeling of having all his cock in me and his belly aginst my ass was wonderful. He pulled out till his cockhead was just in, grabbed hold of my hips and thusted deep again. The air was pushed out of me and i moaned like a whore, he wihdrew and thrust again, building up a rythm. I was being fucked and loving it. The guy watching was as weel as he was wanking his cock like a maniac, the old guy told him to move to my face and make me suck him like the slut i was and he did as he was told and i knew i would do as i was told as i was the slut the old guy said i was. So here i was being roughly fucked by an ugly short older guy and about to have a cock in my mouth at the same time, I am lucky. Or maybe not, as the guy fucking me was calling me all kinds of names and i was loving it, i was pushing back meeting each thrust, fucking him as he fucked me and moaning like a pro which must have been to much for the guy informt of me as he started to cum even before i had a chance to lick or suck his cock. He exploded over my face to my total surprise. He wiped his cock in my hair then left, the guy fuckign me started to speed up and without even toching my own cock i started to cum allover the muddy ground. The old guy pulled out moved to my face took the comdom off and came on my face and hair, he slapped it against my mouth telling me to open up and as you may guess i did,and i licked him clean. He thanked me, said he never thought he would take a boy like mine cherry and that the whole thing was a fantasy come true, I said that it was something that i wanted and he gave me his card with his number on then left. There i was naked alone, fucked for the first time with two guys cum all over my face. I picked up my clothes and realised that one of them took my pants, i used my socks to wipe the cum from my face and hair, got dressed and left the woods. There we\'re more people around now and from the look of me they knew what mst have happened. I got in my car and left, feeling dirty, used and thoroughly fucked. i loved it.

That was my first time, sorry it was so long but i enjoyed it then and enjoyed reliving it, hope you did to. I shall tell you about my other firsts soon, but if you want to get in touch please do as i do enjoy meeting new people.