5 Feb 2019

I originally posted this several years ago as the second half.

You might want to do a search on 'analyze this' for the first part.

Just a point to clarify the first part. This was the first time I shared my wife with anyone not just my mate …… Anyway….

Well Steve struggled to make eye contact with me when I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife. He did mumble something so laughing I said “I’ll take it that’s a yes then”. He laughed and said, “be rude not too”. Ice broken.

When J returned I said, “one more and back to ours”.

I got up and went to the bar to order our last drink leaving them to chat. Times like this you get a strange feeling of ‘fuck is this really happening’. At the bar I glanced over at them a few times they were deep in conversation. I’m thinking it’s obvious, but truth be known it wasn’t. That feeling inside had moved down to my cock, despite the alcohol my cock was stiffening and I knew I wanted this to happen. I returned to the table and sat facing J and Steve. J lent over and whispered in my ear, “I’m so fucking wet”.

“I’m rock hard”, I replied load enough for Steve to hear. He laughed. “Run your hand over his jean”.

Where I was sat nobody could see past me as J run her hand up the inside of Steve thigh. “Fucking hell”, he whispered. She gently rubbed his cock through his jeans. “Drink up”, she said.

A couple of minutes later we were walking home, J in the middle, Steve and me either side of her. She linked arms with us both. It’s a quiet walk home so unlikely to bump into anyone. The final minute or two is along a cut through path in a small wooded area. She stopped turned to Steve, arms around him and kissed him passionately on the lips. He embraced her tight body, moving his one hand under her vest top (no bra) onto her breast. I stood there hardly believing what I was seeing. I ran my hand up her skirt onto her ass. “Fuck she’s taken her knickers off”. “Feel this Steve”, I said. I ran my hand along her ass making my way to her pussy. Steve was already there rubbing her clit. I inserted two fingers from behind into a very wet pussy. Steve was kissing and sucking her neck, which she absolutely loves. Later I would realise he’d left his mark on her neck. J broke free, “Home now”.

Once in she ushered us both up to our bedroom and told Steve to sit on the bed. She quickly removed her top. J has gorgeous firm tits, not too big but beautifully formed. Her nipples were hard and long. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him towards her tits. I remember thinking Steve must be a real tit man. He just couldn’t suck them enough. Eventually she pushed him back onto his back and started to undo his jeans. She then pulled his jeans down enough for his cock to spring out. Steve was a good size probably 8 inches or so, not quite as long or fat as me, but what impressed J most was that he was cut. “mmm I love cut cock”, she purred. I’m not cut and hadn’t realised her preference. “Dirty bitch”, I thought to myself.

She was straight down on his cock, sucking and licking it. Then down to his balls for more of the same. She really was giving a BJ masterclass. How Steve held back was beyond me. By now I had stripped off and I’m holding what feels like an iron bar in my hand, so I go up behind J and rub my cock along her pussy, ready to push in and fuck her hard. “Stop ….. I’m fucking Steve first”. Just a point J’s pussy is tight, hairy and her pussy lips are gorgeous. As she said this she straggled Steve and lowered herself on to his throbbing cock. Poor lad didn’t stand a chance as she fucked him hard. He held her ass tight as she bounce on his cock. I noticed again that he was sucking hard on her neck and tits, this just seemed to quicken her to a huge climax. She kept fucking him hard….. He just couldn’t hold back. I had a great view of his cock ploughing into her, covered in her pussy juice. She shuddered again as he pump his load into her.

A few minutes passed, her still embedded on his cock, Steve still sucking hard on her neck and tits, J moaning, me rubbing my cock with long slow strokes. I had to fuck her, so I raised her ass a little and had my first ever sloppy seconds. I was fucking her deep pushing Steve’s cum out of her pussy onto my balls and dribbling down onto his cock and balls. I only lasted a couple of minutes before added my load to her used pussy.

All three of us with J in the middle lay on the bed, rested and smoked. It was gone 3am and I fell asleep. When I woke at about 8am they were cuddled up both asleep. I had a raging hard on and slipped it easily into J’s sloppy pussy. As I fucked her slowly I noticed on the side of her neck several big love bites. This just heightened my desire to fuck my load up her. As I fucked her I whispered in her ear, “you were such a dirty slut last night”. “Did you like me being a slut”, she gasped. My reply, “Suck his cock you fucking slut”. Steve was half asleep as she wrapped her lips around his semi hard cock. My cock was throbbing in her pussy as I watched Steve stiffen and J suck him to completion. She then turned her head towards me and kissed me, pushing his cum with her tongue deep into my mouth. Another first. My load quickly followed.

It was only when Steve left that I fully noticed the mess he’d left her neck and tits in. She was absolutely covered in love bites. That evening we saw Steve in the pub. J had done her best to cover up the bites but hadn’t completely succeeded. It turned me on so much sitting in the pub with Steve just being able to make out some of the bites knowing it was him that gave them to her. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, if they did I suppose they would have assume it was my doing. And the good thing was it took two weeks for them to completely fade.

Over the last few years family has got in the way of us inviting other men to fuck my wife. We did however have many encounters with Steve and plenty of other guys following this first encounter. J really was a first class slutwife. Me I loved watching her and joining in, but my pleasure was always heightens if she was left with love bites. She knew this and would openly flaunt them in front of me. I still wank off to my collection of pics I took of J with love bites sucking and fucking other guys. Why this turns me on …. Fuck knows!