Written by A

20 Sep 2016

I have posted previously, many years ago. I can’t remember the title of a post I recently read, however it did spark a thought that I hadn’t really pay too much attention too. The husband got off on seeing his wife getting fuck, but this was enhanced by the fact that her lover had covered her in love bites.

This reminded me about the first time my wife (J) and I ended up in bed with my mate. You may want to read my previous post to get a little background on our relationship (search tonelevel). Anyway we did the normal fantasies in bed, over time getting more expansive and eventually my mate, Steve became a regular in our fantasies. It was clear to me that she had a bit of a thing for him. She’d often say ‘I’m going to ask him back to ours next time I see him in the pub’. I didn’t take her seriously, just thought heat of the moment talk. Our fantasy about Steve did make for some hot fucking sessions.

This all changed when we met Steve at our local one Friday night. A little background the wife slim and attractive and always looked hot when we went out. Steve good looking, tallish and slim with a good sense of humour, but slightly on the shy side.

Anyway at the local Steve came in and joined us for a drink, well several drinks later the three of us, a little pissed were having a laugh. The drink needed getting in, so I went to the bar. I was gone about ten minutes. When I got back Steve was at the loo. J looked at me ‘well I asked him’.

I replied “asked who what”.

“Steve, I asked him did he want to come back to ours” she said.

A little confused I said, “Steve what for?”

She grinned “Asked Steve if he wanted to come back to ours to fuck me”.

It’s at this point when your partner says something like this to you for the first time that you experience a feeling unlike any feeling you’ve had before …. I’m sure some of you will know exactly what I mean.

I stammered “what did he say”

“He was worried what you’d say, he doesn’t think you’re the sort that would let this happen”.

I’ve always been viewed as a man’s man with an air of arrogance. Brag over, all front really. Just then Steve came back, from the loo, looking a little nervous. I was still processing the situation. He sat back down. I thought it best not to discuss it straight away, so started talking about something else. Anyway the joking started again. Soon enough J went to the bathroom.

“Steve, J says she asked you if you’d like to fuck her”.

Fucking hell I thought he was going to shit himself. “Steve for fucks sake calm down. Well do you want to fuck her”.

Conclusion anyone?