Written by Lucky bastard

22 May 2017

I am 27 years old , i look after myself and i have a beautiful girl friend who is fun fun fun in and out of the bed room.

Weve been together almost 3 years we are renting a apartment which perfect for the time being.

Annies mum & dad are divorced, but looking at her mum you know were she gets her good looks.

Anyway 3 weeks ago her mum was in the area bit of business and catching up with some old friends.

We all arranged to go out for a meal and drinks , the evening was going great i went to the bar to order some more drinks when Jay "annies mum" came to see if i wanted a hand with the drinks , i said i was ok , she said her 2 friends said your were hot , i said ok , but then Jay said im jealous of my daughter it looks llike ur looking after her in all departments , ive not seen any action real action in months , maybe it was the drink but i said , you are a stunning woman the men must be hitting on you all the time , she said i wish .

But thanks for the compliment then she went to the ladies rest room.

Anyway the meal was finished and the drinks flowed, Annie said we will bring her mum back to our place as shes had too much to drink.

So we got a cab and Annie put her mum in the spare room and she was out like a light sound a sleep .

I was off the next day ,Annie was working late , i had a note look after my mum.

I left a note for Jay saying i had gone to the gym and to help herself to breakfast .

When i got back , Jay was up with no hint of a hangover , wearing Annies dressing gown,

We said hello and commented on the evening , she said i wasnt drunk last night , i pretended so Annie would let me stay here.

Anyway i said i have to go for a shower , 10 mins later , Jay said she wanted to apologise about behaviour with me at the bar , stupidly i said it easy to see were Annue gets her good looks from , she said thanks then started sending a message on her mobile , it beeped she put her phone down and said we have 3 hours before Annies home , she put her hands around my waist and she kissed me ,i responded before o could catch my breath she was on her knees pulling my shorts down and in one go she was sucking me off , she had some skills.

After a bit of sucking we went into the spare room , she stripped off and she ordered me to lick her pussy , 2 fingers in i was licking her clit and finger fucking her juicy pussy , she said dont stop im going to cum , which she did .

Wow wow wow , i was rock hard she said i havent had any cock in months fuck me ,i pushed it in and as i was fucking her she was telling me to fuck her harder , we stopped to change postion , doggie i was in a good rhythm she told me to slap her arse and fuck her deep , after about 5 mins of action i said i was going to shoot she said in my mouth , i wanked like crazy some went into her mouth some on her face , collapsed in a heep , Jay was rubbing her clit and she came .

Laying there i was thinking what the fuck have i done .

I got up and showered ,Jay showered after me .

The silence was deafening, i said this is a one off , it cant happen again , Jay said it was the best sex she had had ever and her body was still tingling .

I said i had to go out , when i got back Annie was home , with her mum she game me a kiss and said thank you for looking after mum she said you were the perfect host ,

Anyway yesterday out of the blue i got a msg from Jay she wants another meet .....i am tempted