Written by Corky

17 Jul 2018

I had never got the whole watching someone fuck my partner thing. That was not until a few months back.

I have been with my partner now for about eight years. We had what I considered to be a healthy sex life. We would make love on regular bases; we spiced it up with on line porn every now and then but nothing out of the ordinary. We spend time together and have a good life style. I work in banking and she works in a large office for a government organisation. We don’t have children together, I have a grown up son from a previous relationship and my partner a grown up Son and Daughter, also from a previous relationship. They all live and work away or at University, they come calling every now and then but generally our time is our own. We are in the fortunate position of having time to do what we want.

We have lived together for about seven years, in that time we have always sleep together of an evening, there are spare rooms in the house when the children come calling but apart from that they never got used.

My partner dressed smart for her job, nothing flashy and always sensible. She is the same as many middle aged women, sexy underwear for the bedroom but sensible underwear for work with knee length skirts and blouses. I would always compliment her on how smart she would look as she was heading out of the door.

Approximately two weeks ago I noticed she started to buy more and more what I would call bedroom underwear. They left very little to the imagination when she had them on, I could see between her legs and her lips clearly showed when you looked. I was glad she was buying these; I love to see her in these panties when we are together in the bedroom, and they turn me on immensely.

One morning, the same as any other, she went to work and I had a day off work to play golf. I got everything ready and settled down with the newspaper for awhile. I decided to put a wash on so it would be ready to dry when I returned, its not something I would regularly do but with time on my hands I thought I would help out with the chores. I went into the washing basket and separated darks from whites. As I did so I noticed a pair of my partners’ panties, they were the bedroom variety, but I had not seen her wear these in the bedroom. They were soiled heavily in the gusset area; I could see it had dried on. I thought my partner had been masturbating one day before me returning home from work, I felt turned on by the thought of her doing this and placed the panties to my nose to smell her juices.

I left the house to play golf. Over the next couple of days my mind wandered back to my partner’s soiled panties. I decided to keep an eye out in the washing basket for any more. Sure enough another pair turned up a few days later. My partner was upstairs showering and had only just taken these ones off; they lay with her work shirt on top of the basket. I placed them to my nose, I could feel the wetness, they were very wet and I could smell the odour of her on them. I had a few minutes as she had only just gone into the shower. I took the panties to the down stairs toilet, pulled my trousers and pants down and sat on the toilet. I placed the panties to my nose with one hand and rubbed my now erect cock with the other. I inhaled her odour deep in to me and rubbed myself quicker and quicker. Just as I was about to come I held the panties in front of my cock. My semen spurted into the gusset of them.

I cleaned myself up and returned the panties to the washing basket; I didn’t say anything to my partner about what I had just done at the time. Later that evening we got into bed together. I was still feeling exited about her masturbating and me seeing my cum spurting into her panties. I reached over and caressed her shoulder. She understood what I wanted and responded. I ran my hand over her body, feeling her erect nipples; she ran her hand to my cock and started to rub it. My hand soon found her pubic hair between her legs; she rubbed me faster and closed her eyes. I slid my hand down further and felt between her legs, she was incredibly wet, It felt good that she was so turned on by my touch. I gently rubbed her and she did the same to me, this carried on until I placed my self between her legs, she lay back, her nipples very erect now, she guided my cock inside of her, I could feel how wet she was on my cock, I slid myself all the way in and started the gentle rhythm of making love to her.

I had come only a couple of hours ago so I was in no rush to come again. I looked at her lay there, eyes closed and enjoying me. I asked her if that was good, she whispered yes. I wanted to spice things up a bit; I said I had found her soiled panties in the washing basket. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She seemed shocked at first, I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I reassured her it was ok, it turned me on, I went on to explain what I had done in the downstairs toilet whilst smelling them. This reassured her and she wanted me to go faster. She said she didn’t think I would understand, I would be angry with her, I told her it was sexy and I had been thinking about her doing it.

She kissed me passionately on the mouth and said did I want to know more details. I wanted to know everything I said, it makes me turned on thinking about you doing something so naughty.

The next sentence I was not prepared for. She said she had been with him twice. I couldn’t at first work out what she was saying. I was very close to coming but this had thrown me a bit and stopped it. I carried on making love to her in a state of shock and not knowing what to say, she on the other hand was getting very exited, she carried on saying that it was a massive turn on for her, she went on, he wanted to fuck me today and you are fucking me now. She was close to coming and started to rub her own tits. She continued, I pulled my panties to one side and he fingered me today on my dinner break. She went on to say that’s what you could smell in my panties.

I thought this was a new fantasy she was indulging in, something to spice things up between us. She came and with me now believing she was fantasying this I came with her. I rolled off her and lay next to her. I was still unsure what to say about what had just happened, it was nice but out of the blue.

She sat up and looked at me, she then apologised and said I didn’t think you would be so understanding.

I sensed she was talking about something else, not talking about her masturbating at all. She continued, we have only been together twice, the second time being today, we haven’t fucked or anything like that.

Jesus I shouted, what the fuck are you talking about. She looked at me confused. I thought you knew, I thought that’s what you meant about my panties and me being naughty. Her face struggling to read mine.

No, I thought you had been masturbating when I was at work, that’s what I meant.

She went quite and seemed to understand now the confusion. She continued, ok, well I suppose its best you know, it’s been eating me up since it started. There is someone at work who has been paying me a lot of interest the last month or so.

My heart sank and she must have seen my reaction.

Its ok, we haven’t slept together like I said, it started a few weeks ago. He has parted from his wife and is going through a divorce. I have worked with him for several years now and nothing like this has ever been mentioned or hinted at before. He is having a bad time and we used to talk, just in breaks etc nothing unusual, just two work colleagues talking. Then about two weeks back he asked me if we could talk at dinner time, I agreed as we normally do anyway. He went onto ask if we could talk away from work, if we could go for a drive, he wanted to clear his head. I agreed and come the dinner time we went for a drive in his car.

He drove for a short while into the country and pulled over into a lay-by, it was secluded but I didn’t think anything by this, we had know each other for years and I felt safe with him.

I listened intensely as the story unfolded, my heart racing and my mind with it.

She continued, we talked for a short while about his problems and his divorce, nothing out of the ordinary. That was until after about fifteen minutes he turned and looked at me, he said you have been very understanding and a very supportive. He then leaned to me and kissed me on the mouth. I didn’t know what to do, I was shocked, I froze. I then felt his hand on my breast, he massaged it, I wanted to tell him to stop, but the thing is it felt so good, I had never thought of him that way but it just felt so good and I didn’t tell him to stop. I liked what he was doing and I kissed him back. He went on to unbutton my blouse, my heart was now racing and I could feel this strange sensation in my stomach. He slipped his hand into my blouse and placed it into my bra. My nipple was so erect and he played with it for what seemed like an eternity.

He then placed his hand onto my knee just below my skirt edge, he kissed me harder and I could feel his hand starting to slide up. I stopped him, I made the excuse we had to get back to work. He stopped and the reality of what I had just done hit home to me. We drove back to work and didn’t mention the incident for the rest of the day. I came home on the evening and wanted to tell you, I didn’t because nothing had real happened, but over the next few days I couldn’t get out of my mind how good it felt when he felt my breast, I felt like I had been naughty but only a little if that makes sense? I started to wear my sexy underwear to work after this. It made me feel exited, like I was being naughty without anyone knowing.

A few days after this had happened he came up to me again, we had spoken since the lunchtime drive but only about work mainly. He asked if I wanted to go for another lunch time drive, my heart raced and I desperately wanted to say yes. I never though, I made an excuse that I had to go into town to do a couple of things over lunch. He left the office at lunch time, I watched him walk out and I wanted so much to call after him but I didn’t. I left my desk and went to the ladies toilet, I went into a cubicle and pulled my skirt up and my panties down, I opened my legs and played with myself, I was already wet but within a minute I had come, all the time I was imagining it was him rubbing me between my legs whilst we were in his car that day, I have done it to myself several times since then, each time imagining what it would feel like have him place his hands between my legs.

Over the next couple of days I wore my sexy underwear to work and I spoke to him but only again general chit chat. Until today that was. He asked me again if I wanted to go for a drive, my heart raced again and before I had even thought about it I said yes. I wanted to take it back as soon as I had said it but I couldn’t, I convinced my self it was only going to be a drive and nothing more.

We drove to the same lay-by as before, I was so nervous at this point I could hardly speak, we talked about his divorce for a few minutes and then he kissed me again, this time I kissed him back straight away, I was waiting for it to happen and wanted it to happen. He undid my blouse and played with my breast again, the feeling that I felt before came back, he played with my erect nipple and I carried on kissing him. His hand left my breast and went onto my knee again, he slid it up and I didn’t stop him this time. He slid his hand under my skirt, along my thigh and onto the outside of my panties on my pubic area, I wanted him to feel me so much, I pulled my skirt up as far as I could and opened my legs as much as I could in the front seat of his car. His hand went down between my legs and he rubbed me on the outside of my panties to start with, he looked down between my legs as he rubbed me, I knew then he could see my lips through my panties, this man was now looking at me and seeing everything in-between my legs through my now wet and very skimpy panties, I was so turned on by this.

He carried on for a short while, I was getting very wet and he commented on this, I wanted for him to finger me, to feel something inside of me. I reached down and pulled my panties to one side, again he looked between my legs, now he could see my swollen lips, the wetness that was all over them, he reached down and gently parted my lips, he rubbed my clit and it was erect, I wanted him to carry on and to never stop. He rubbed me until I came. I lay there exhausted after what can only be described as an amazing cum. He started to undo his trousers, I realised he wanted to fuck me, he pulled his trousers and pants down and started to climb over to my seat, I stopped him, I was not ready for that and I felt guilty enough as it was.

He sat back into his seat and I could see his erection, I reached over and placed my hand onto it. It felt strange, it was no bigger than yours but just different. I pulled his skin back and I could see the blood rushing into the head of his penis, it went purple and swelled up. I started to rub him like I rub yours; he leant his head back and closed his eyes, he moaned and I sped up. He wanted me to suck him but I knew he was close to coming, I carried on rubbing his penis and he came, it came out in several large spurts, I felt turned on again and if he had offered to finger me again I would of let him, but he didn’t.

We tidied ourselves up and returned to work.

I listened to the story, not believing what I had heard, my partner acting like this and letting another man see her and to feel her. I was speechless. She carried on to reassure me it wont happen again and she was sorry, she said she had only done it for the excitement, they didn’t have feelings for each other it was purely for the pleasure only.

I picked up my cloths of the floor and went into the spare room, I sat for a while on the bed trying to work out what had just happened, my whole life had changed in the course of one evening. Time passed and eventually with my head spinning I climbed into bed, I closed my eyes and feel asleep. That was until the early hours of the morning.

Please let me know if you want to hear the rest of what happened.