Written by The G Spots

27 Dec 2011

We have been reading stories here for many years and most of them start with 'this is a true story' or 'I always wanted to watch my wife with another man'

Well this one really is true. It's how I came to enjoy the swinging lifesyle with my first wife, Susan and continued when I remarried about 6 years ago. The story won't end with this first episode, rather I see it as a continuing work. I will try to recount things as they happened, but it did start nearly 40 years ago, so I may have got things out of synch. It doesn't really matter. It also starts off very slowly, as that's the way it was!

Just before I got married in the early 70's a friend of mine had a very attractive girlfriend. They are still together today. He later told me that she would tease guys when in a bar by wearing short skirts without knickers and then sit on a barstool. I was a bit too naive at the time to realise what was going on. On occasions, he would invite three of his mates out and his girl would sit in the back of his car between two of them. She would let her skirt ride up, tease them with dirty talk and then take their cocks out and wank them. She was only 18, so it was quite a turn on for them. If only I'd known what was going on! He told me that he didn't involve me as I was engaged to be married and thought it would affect our friendship.

My wife and I were friendly with another couple (we'll call them Dave and Liz) and had our kids around the same time as they did. Several evenings were spent in each others houses and after a year or so the talk got a little sexy. One evening, I threw my wifes small cuddly toy over to her and it latched onto the top of her blouse, almost disappearing down her cleavage. We all laughed and Dave jokingly offered to help retrieve it. Nothing happened, but a few minutes later the cuddly toy found itself on Liz's chest. I dutifully made a similar offer, which to my surprise, she accepted. It involved nothing more than collecting the toy and although we all picked up on the idea, nothing more happened

The next time we met up, a few drinks loosened the atmosphere and the same cuddly toy appeared. This time the offers were always accepted and Dave and I always managed to brush a hand against a boob when we collected the toy. Then one of the girls threw the toy, which somehow landed in Daves lap! My wife ran over and it was a minute or so before she got it back! He made a point of keeping it between his knees, making her work for it.

This game continued for probably an hour or so (we had been drinking a lot!) and each time the toy took longer and longer to find. The girls took to putting the toy down their blouses each time and of course Dave and I took great delight in taking our time to find it. Whilst I had my hand in her blouse I would feel her boob over her bra. She was hot and the fact that she didn't pull away made it a very erotic experience. This was of course all very tame to what would take place later. I would hold her boob and squeeze her nipple, making it and me very hard! I'm sure Dave was doing the same.

When I got the toy in my lap, Liz would rub her hand over my cock and sometimes sit and talk to the others while keeping her hand very firmly pressed against my balls. I think this was her way of giving the other two a way out if they wanted it. Luckily, they didn't! Things progressed a little more, with the girls hiding the toy inside their bra and Dave and I putting it down the front of our trousers. This was the first time I had ever touched a girl in front of her husband. I would sit there and hold her boob for a few minutes and eventually she took her bra off, but kept her blouse on. Susan wife did the same. This allowed Dave and I free access to their tits and we made the most of it.

Liz would somehow get her hand inside my pants when looking for the toy and rubbed my erect cock, making me almost come. I enjoyed watching Susan do the same to Dave. Then the toy started to get hidden up their skirts. Liz always wore stockings, so a hot pussy was the prize. Dave took several minutes to find the toy on his first trip up Susans skirt. She told me later that she was quite wet by this time and he had immediately pushed her knickers aside and put two fingers inside her. She continued talking to us as if nothing was happening. I wasn't quite as confident with Liz and just rubbed her fanny over her knickers. I remember how wet they were whenever it was my turn to put my hand up there. She would always open her legs slightly.

At the end of the evening whilst in bed we spoke about the events and decided that we were happy with they way it was going. We were finding the whole thing very erotic.

The meetings were eagerly awaited and the next one involved the removal of clothing. We played truth or dare and a forfeit had to be paid if we didn't play fair. Dave removed Susan's top and skirt and we were all eventually left in our underwear. This was a tense moment as none of us had seen the other couple nude. Liz eventually lost all her clothing and had to stand in the middle of the room naked while we lost our remaining items. To watch another man strip your wife is a lot of fun! Liz was a nice shape with lovely boobs and full pubic hair. This was the 70's remember!

The forfeits were then to suck a nipple or hold a cock. Neither girl actually wanked a cock, just held it. I think we were all just finding our way and seeing how it progressed.

At one point Dave told Liz to sit naked on my lap while I played with her boobs. She then had to stand up and face me while giving me a French kiss. This was too much for me and I came over her tummy and legs. She didn't pull away and we all laughed as she stood there with cum running over her pussy! I remember that she didn't rush to get a tissue, rather just let it dry there. Susan said that it wasn't fair and immediately did the same to Dave, although she gave him a helping hand before cumming over her pussy.

From that moment on, it was just a case of when we took it to the next level. Susan and I were happy to let things develop and not try to engineer anything.

And that's what we did.....

This really is the first time I have ever made written account of this part of my life. Indeed, it's the first time I've ever written something for the benefit of others. If I get some positive feedback, I'll post the next seriesn of events. If you find the story a bit boring, it will improve when I get onto the current lifestyle that Becky and I have. Becky and I have been together around 12 years and married for six. It would be easy to embellish the facts, but that's not what I want. It's truth and the whole truth.