Written by Mrs Prim

18 Jan 2013

We are a happily married couple been together ten years, both been married before, but he has had far more experience than me.

I am nearly forty and he has just gone 50. We are both in Education and my work is actually in a College.

I am 5’9’’ slim size 10 just a 32b,attractive longhaired redheada but more than enough for my husband. or so he says. I dress conservatively, blouse, cardigan long skirts, and tiny micro panties. Tony loves to work his hand up my legs and play with my panty covered pussy when he picks me up from work.

Over the years we have spoken about dogging, swinging, 3sums and each time, I have gone along with the role play and bottled out when he tried to take the matter further.

Tony knows exactly what to say to me to get me in the mood, he will make me remove my panties when driving, play with my slit, let me hear how wet your spunky pussy is he will ask, on one occasion he made me feed my panties bit by bit up my dirty wet cunt, (But he nearly went into the back of a bus, so we have not done it since).

At home he will make me kneel on our carpet, or tile floor and suck him, he will make me thank him for the lift, he will also make me pull my skirt up and offer my cunt or asshole to our imaginary friend, on these occasion Tony cums very forcefully in my mouth face or hair, he always fucks me after but never with the same force as when he shot his load the first time. He calls me slut, makes me say that I’m a cock-happy whore, and I want two cocks. I cum like crazy as he licks me, but I have not taken another cock yet.

When he has asked to bring another guy around or go on cam, I have made the following genuine but to me very reasonable excuses.

I would love to fuck a stranger but do not want it pre-arranged, and be someone I like. I will not go on cam in case anyone from College spots me.

After they have fucked me I want the stranger to leave, just go, no small talk, pants on and fuck off. I want him to cum in me, and tony in my mouth, and then vice versa. I want a non-smoker, slim, not to hairy, not too smooth, not circumcised, not local, educated and not a shortass.

Tony thought I was having a laugh, and said well, when we spot a guy like that we will be past it and drawing our pension.

Over the years, I have become more sluttish, let tony paint slut on my tits in lipstick, and went knickerless but never what he wanted, but our sex-life has been excellent.

Just before Christmas our friends were moving to North Wales and had made numerous trips back and forth, on the way back down he filled the van full of ready cut logs that they never needed, and was dropping them off to us for free, before taking van back to van hire.

I was ok with it , worried really because they were wet, but Tony was delighted and him and Andy unloaded the logs and were quite pleased with themselves, me I was just home from work thinking I hope Andy don’t want to stay for tea.

They came in Andy was quite out of breath and to be honest quite out of shape, I made them a hot drink, shut all, the doors and made small talk.

And then out of the blue Tony said, Thank Andy for the logs,

I thought what’s this about, Thank you Andy.

Not like that Tony said Thank him properly, I looked at him but immediately started to get hot and wet between my legs,

“Say thank you properly you dirty little slut”

“On YOUR FUCKING KNEES”, and I did, I am told Andy had no idea this was going to happen, but Tony unzipped his fly and got his cock out, I just opened my mouth wide

“Use her Andy she loves it”

so this stumpy hairy bastard got his fat cock out and started wanking it by my face I stopped sucking Tony and started on his cock, he had no foreskin but to be honest I was so horny it didn’t matter.

“Pull up her skirt Andy have a look what she wears underneath”, Andy did and whistled slapping my ass.

”Mmmmmm” he said “What a dirty little whore she is”.

“Fuck her Andy, Fuck her hard, cum in the bitch”

And the dirty bastard never even removed my knickers, he just roughly pushed them aside and he fingered me, then said

“She’s sopping wet Tone” and pushed his cock in me, it could only have been 5-6 inches but it felt enormous, and as he fucked me he grabbed my hair and was shoving my head on and off Tony’s cock. You dirty little slut,we need to get her gangbanged Tone, get her slutted. She’s gagging for it, and I was pushing my hungry wet cunt hard onto Andys cock and deep throating Tony. I was in a depraved heaven. I wish I had more time I’d anal the bitch, but my cock is red raw as it is”. Charming!

I felt so cheap.and humiliated, but equally the orgasm was incredible and my stomach was churning and my heart was jumping with excitement.

Andy came in me with a horrible guttural grunt. He pulled out with an “Sschlop” wiped his cock on what looked like a rag from his pocket, and said I’ve got to go mate. We are all at mums and were going first thing in the morning, Arms around each other keep in touch, ill friend you on Facebook, and he was gone.

The van pulled away and I was on all fours with Tony towering above me with a rock hard cock. Not believing what had just happened.

On your back whore, keep your pants on, I led on my back, he gently removed my pants and rather embarrassingly showed me the white cum in the black cotton gusset, then the dirty bastard sniffed them before licking up his sweaty mates cum.

I opened my legs I needed more cock but first he went down on, me gently licking my puffy shaved cunt lips, tell me he said tell what im doing.

Licking up another man’s sloppy seconds, by this time I’m fingering my clit too, I came and my juices were added to Andy’s and then he stopped licking me, and got his cock just at the entrance of my sopping wet cunt, and as he pushed in I could feel and hear the dirty fucking mess Andy had left my cunt in. Tony was talking about tea, too be honest all I wanted was cock and cum

That evening we went out for dinner, and fucked like rabbits when we got home, and after when Tony had finished and saying how much he loved my mind was on what Andy said about getting me gangbanged.