Written by studleygudshag

4 Aug 2010

First of all let me say thanks to all you readers that have posted such nice comments on my previous 2 encounters "At last...the wife becomes a slut" 29th July and "Angie puts on another great performance" 31st July. For those of you who have not read them it might be worth doing so now and then come back to this one LOL

After Friday night and Saturday morning Angie was feeling well and truly shagged (and she certainly had been) so, when we got home she had a lie down for a couple of hours to replenish her energy.

We had invited John round for dinner that evening, and that was all it was, dinner and small talk, and a very relaxed evening it was. Kids went to bed at ten and John, Angie and myself retired at 11. John had the spare room to himself.

Sunday morning we all headed out for the day, ran the kids ragged to tire them out, had some lunch and returned home at about 7. Watched telly and got the kids to bed for 10.

Angie had showered and changed into a zip up top and legins, not her sexiest look but shagging was not on tonights agenda. That is until I started hinting to her to let me and John have a flash of her lovely tits. After a little gentle persuasion she obliged but was worried about the kids catching us out. I checked on them and reassured her they were sound asleep.

John by now was enjoying the view as Angie gently massaged her boobs until her nipples stood proud. We were all smiling in anticipation and John said that he really didn't expect this to be happening after all the shagging she'd had the previous 2 days.

I went over to Angie, kissed her gently on the lips and cupped her breasts with both hands, what a lovely handful they are! She sank lower on the sofa and raised her bum upwards to enable john to slide her legins down and onto the floor.

I couldn't believe she had no knickers on, I thought she saved that for kinky nights out when she wore dresses. So there was her lovely bush of pubes on display again for me and John to enjoy. I moved my left hand down to her bush, I do love the feel of a hairy minge, then, as she spread her legs slightly open, I let my index finger move over her clit and into her wet hole.

She spread her legs wider so that I could get 2 fingers working on her clit and I knew she was revved up for some more action as she pushed against my hand and gently moaned with pleasure, she is so horny.

John was rubbing his cock through his trousers then moved in close to get a good look at Angies soaking pussy, at this point I removed my fingers from her hole to let him take in the wonderful site of her clit and he started to lick at it, slowly at first, then in a circular motion and up and down. He definitely likes to lick my wife out and I enjoy watching it happen. Up and down her clit with his nose and diving into her hole with his tongue.

Angie was flushed with delight and started to pull at my jeans to release my cock, I soon got it out and she took it straight into her mouth, pulling the foreskin right back and taking most of the length in, sucking and biting, God she's good at that. Before long I just had to get it inside her, so she pushed John's head away from between her legs, spun round so her legs were off the sofa, grabbed my arse and pulled me straight into her.

She has turned into a real sex fiend since we decided to include John and I fucked her to orgasm while John played with his cock. John seemed to be struggling in getting hard again, I can't understand why with all this sexual activity but we carried on regardless.

I fucked Angie doggie style while John paid attention to her tits. What I love about Angie is that she rubs her clit all the time she is being shagged and she managed 2 more beautiful orgasms doggie style before a fourth one laying across the sofa on her back.

I was ready to shoot my load cos I'd held back all night and to my dismay I offloaded before Angie reached her 5th orgasm. I apologised to her as I wiped the spunk from her tummy. She just smiled and said "It's okay, that was fantastic, now it's Johns turn" and with that we both turned to John who sat there with a very limp dick in his hand and a very forlorn look on his face. "Sorry guys" he said "it's just not happening tonight".

Well, I was totally drained and couldn't manage any more, John was useless again and Angie was gagging for more. "Not to worry" she said, "sweetheart, fetch the rabbit"

Wey hey, we were treated to a lovely exhibition of what Angie does best...performing with her Rampant Rabbit on the sofa, legs wide open, wet fanny on full display, tits bobbing about as she writhes about ramming this toy into her gaping wet hole with it's little ears vibrating her clit to a final, 5th orgasm of the night...I thank you!

Now this coming Friday we are hoping to visit John's house, and, as suggested by one of you readers, Angie has asked me to try and get some viagra for him! Because if he doesn't fuck her this time we will have to replace the useless prick with someone who can! Only joking about the useless prick comment...he's a good friend and we love him to bits....so, where is the nearest viagra shop? This is so embarrassing!