Written by Jason

15 Oct 2007

Sadly, now but a memory, but a treasured one...goes back twenty years to a time when I first felt brave (and randy) enough to go nude on the the more secluded beaches. I had a day on the vast, almost deserted sandy beach north of Aberdyfi in Wales. As the beach was all but free of humanity, I walked the depth of the sand down to the water's edge naked, and spent almost an hour swimming, before, after a precautionary look up and down, returned to my spot in the lower dunes.

I assumed I was alone, so stood enjoying the sun as I toweled myself down: Nature took a hand and gave me a semi-erection, which was nice! Unbeknown to me at that time was that two ladies in their fifties has settled nearby, and had watched my arrival back from the swim. They made the mistake of giggling, so I then became aware of their presence. I sat down, a little embarrassed that I had been seen, but the fantasy element then crept in; felling bold, I stood up again and resumed 'drying' myself, only this time making sure that the towel rubbed up and down against my tackle until I had cultivated a decent hard-on. I then dropped the towel, and turned slightly so that my jutting seven inches could be seen to advantage. 'What a tart!' I thought, suddenly pretending to see the two girls....'Ooops, sorry...I did'nt realise you were there' I lied.

The tubby one, Cathy, was well in charge: 'Don't apologise...we were enjoying the sight...in fact we would'nt mind a closer look!' Anita feigned mock surprise....'Cathy....we're married women...!' but never took her eyes off my now-softening todger.

'That would be nice!' I replied, taking my bag and clothes over to where they sat, fairly well hidden in a recess in the dunes.

Both were wearing one-piece costumes: Cathy had pulled her top down to display a pair of large rather floppy breasts with small nipples, whils Anita had only slipped off her shoulder straps. I sat opposite, near their feet. 'We enjoyed your little show...it's nice to see a decent cock now and then! Tell us honestly...did you not know we were here?' I confessed I did, and felt a little fun with two gorgeous but mature ladies would make not just my day but my week. 'Well, I'm certainly up for fun, but I'm not sure about Anita here...she's a little husband concious! They're off playing golf, by the way..!' Anita rose to the bait. 'I did'nt say I was'nt...just like to be careful! As if to honour the point, she peeled off her costume, wriggling out of the lower part, until she was bare. Small but nice tits, berries for nipples, a slimmer figure, and a full growth of pubic hair, less the trimming for the bikini line. My erection assumed full attention at the sight of her lovely body, and was further boosted by a competitive Cathy climbing ungainly out of hers, to reveal a well-rounded belly, and shaved fanny,the lips already protruding.

I moved in, stroking their legs and thighs, leaning forward to kiss and suck their nippled orbs before my two hands worked quickly down to their mounds of venus, before slipping fingers into their cunts. Anita was fairly dry, Cathy sopping wet. Before I had time to concentrate my attentions on clits and g-spots, a firm hand grasped my cock and started wanking it: Then Anita ducked under my chest as I knelt and attempted to suck me, but could'nt reach. We all three adjusted our positions until Anita was taking most of my length (but gagging a bit) while Cathy was playing with my bum with one hand, stroking my balls with the other. I could feel myself getting close: 'Rest, ladies, please!' No way...Anita kept sucking until I could feel my hot cum surging into her mouth....'Urrghhh...she pulled her mouth away from my spurting cock, wiping my first few spurts from her lips....Cathy leaned over and shoved it in her willing oral cavity, greedily sucking until I was dry, and began to soften.

Anita, it seems, did'nt like the taste of spunk, or the texture...had I wasted a superb load? I was still working the eager cunts of both women, but had now shot my bolt....Cathy started an orgasm, so I kept on finger-fucking her using all the skill I could muster; Anita lost interest and pushed my hand away. She watched impassively for several minutes while Cathy moaned and groaned, punctuated only by the heavy snog we were enjoying at mouth level.

We lay resting for a few minutes, with nothing said. Then Anita said she was off for a swim, climbing back into her cossie. Cathy lay beside me playing with my softish cock, until it started filling again; using hand and mouth, she soon had me back to a reasonable erection. 'Come on, lover boy, aunty Cath wants a ride!' So saying she climbed on top of me, her fullsome body covering mine: I was'nt yet hard enough to slide straight in, but she somehow managed to feed my bell-end into her cunt lips until I was at least half-way in. She started riding me slowly until my new hardness eventually filled her hot, wet honeypot: She pumped vigorously for several minutes, getting noisier all the time. 'I'm not going to cum...' I thought...how can I not cum? I think she sensed this, as she slowed right down, lifted off until my helmet had almost slipped out, then plunged slowly, sensously down until I knew I was filling her with my hard flesh. I suppose about 2 minutes of this, and I could at last feel my balls getting ready for action. It took a couple more minutes of hard shafting, but, yes.....here it comes! Niether of us was counting, but I reckon upwards of a dozen spurts of my hot cum filled her thrusting cavity; we kept on for ages until the inevitable softening eventually separated us.

I kissed her tits, belly, and re-visited her glorious pink cunt...I had always thought tales of spunk oozing from well-fucked fannies a bit of a myth, but there it was, a milky-white juice slowly seeping from her: She reached down even as I licked and pushed her fingers deep within.

This real-life fantasy would have finished for me by Anita stripping off her swim-suit and demanding yet another effort from me. No way, it seems, a mouthfull of spunk seems to have spoiled her day. I did wonder what their response was when the golfing hubbies asked over dinner if the had both had a nice day on the beach......