Written by Daftrucker

7 Sep 2018

After Ann’s afternoon fuck with our farmer host, she was now lay in just her lingerie and high heels on the sun lounger enjoying a few glasses of red wine, and clearly getting herself rather turned on and horny lay in the sunshine and occasionally slipping a hand inside her pants and having a stroke, I was sat in the hot tub enjoying a cold beer and my cock was rock hard watching her, about 7 pm I saw the farmers wife’s car head off down the long driveway, and my heart started beating a bit quicker knowing the farmer would soon turn up and be fucking my wife again, I was so turned on I had to get out the hot tub and go finish my wank in the bathroom. ( well cum floating in the water isn’t very good really is it)

When I returned to the hot tub I saw Ann was clearly excited about her night as she had removed her panties and was happily stroking her clit. Soon enough her farmer fuck bud was walking onto the decking, he walked straight over to Ann and gave her a very passionate kiss, he then spotted me in the hot tub and acknowledged my presence. He then whispered something to Ann and she laughed, then she looked at me and said” go get me another wine and he will have a beer and do it now bitch” FB laughing went back to snogging my wife as I obediently went to fetch their drinks.

When I returned, he had already stripped Ann down to just stockings and heels, and had her standing at the front of the decking leaning against the rail as he knelt behind her with his face buried in her ass and pussy from behind, he stopped long enough to say thanks for the drink, and I saw his face was already soaking with my wife’s juices from his licking etc. He then told me to get back in the tub and keep quiet as he wanted Ann for himself and his own pleasure. I did as I was told.

I watched as he went back down on Ann and from my viewing spot I watched him not only devouring her pussy but also giving her arsehole a damned good rimming, and watched Ann squirming with pleasure as he was sliding his tongue in and out of her ass like a piston, it was so horny I was not only rock hard again but close to cumming again so had to stop wanking.

Ann was soon spun round and he didn’t ask but ordered her onto her knees in front of him, and he then started fucking her mouth, no not accepting a good bj but simply fucking her willing mouth, he had hold of her hair with both hands, holding her head still and was simply fucking her mouth like he would her pussy, she was certainly enjoying it and had slid one hand down to her pussy and was flicking away on her clit as she was face fucked. He then looked at me and asked if I was enjoying seeing my wife with another guy, I just stood up so he could see how hard I was, he laughed and said “ oh yes I can see you are, “

He then told Ann to get in the hot tub, and he climbed in behind her, he sat down and pulled Ann down onto his lap, and judging by the small adjustments and the squeal from Ann, she was sat down hard on his cock. And as she wriggled about on it, he had both hands on her small perfect tits and was mailing them and occasionally tweaking her nipples which were now like bullets. Ann’s eyes were closed and she looked like she was in sexual heaven, he just stared at me as he carried on playing with her tits as she rode his cock, he then told her to stand up and lean on the side of the tub, he then moved her around slightly so as he slid his cock slowly into her I was only a few inches from her ass and could see and hear as he very slowly and deliberately slid fully in and out of her pussy, and then he slipped his thumb onto her asshole and stroked it and then started sliding it in and out in rhythm with his cock in her pussy, Ann was now pushing back hard onto him and groaning louder as he quickened his pace with both his cock and thumb, Ann was now begging him to fuck her harder and harder as she was going to cum. Her legs went rigid and the deep grunt from her was amazing as her orgasm shook her, FB then pulled his cock from her and he sat on the edge of the tub opposite me, he then pulled Ann down by the hair and stuck his cock back in her mouth, he ordered me to lick her pussy and clean her cum, the sight of her swollen pussy lips, her gaping hole and her stocking tops was so fucking horny, and I was very quickly lapping her juices from her, and I made sure her ass hole was well rimmed too, after a few minutes of this he ordered me to stop and he told Ann to get out of the tub and get her shoes back on, he then told me to go get them another drink each and come join them at the gate, so drinks in hand I went towards the gate at the end of the drive, Ann was already standing with her feet on the bottom rung and holding the second from the top, her ass stuck out proud behind, and FB already balls deep in her pussy pounding away hard, when I got to them, FB simply said “ hold on to those drinks and pay attention to what this wife of yours wants, and leave your cock alone” well with drinks in hand I couldn’t play with it anyway. So I stood to the side of the gate and watched as he continued pounding hard at my wife’s clearly wet pussy, her tits swinging away with every thrust, then Slap he smacked her ass and told her she was a dirty bitch and she needed a good sorting out.. slap again and he asked her what is she?. “ I am a dirty little bitch who needs fucking please” said Ann. Slap and he said “ louder you fucking bitch I want to hear you scream and beg” slap slap slap,, “ please fuck me please as hard as you can please shouted Ann, please punish me for being a dirty bitch please.. and so it went on. Now I’m beginning to think I hope no one is out on the footpaths around here as they are getting rather loud.. each time his hand connects with her bare cheek it echoed around the valley.. then he shouted at me to put the drinks down and get under your wife so you can see my cock sliding in and out.. and make sure you are close enough to lick her clit.. obediently I did as instructed, and wriggled between his and her legs so I was looking straight up as his dripping wet cock slid all the way in and out of my wife’s now very wet swollen pussy, the sounds and the smell was amazing, lick her clit you fucking wimp he ordered me, so as he was still going at her like a piston I stretched my tongue and started flicking it fast over her clit, within a few minutes I sensed her legs tighten again as another orgasm took hold of her and she was shouting at him for more and more, then with an almighty grunt he rammed hard into my wife, his balls hitting my chin and he unloaded his welsh cum deep in my wife.. he withdrew shortly after and told me as he was withdrawing to make sure she was spotlessly clean before she was allowed off the gate, like I needed telling.... he sat on the grass and drank his beer as I was cleaning his and her cum from Ann’s pussy..

Once I was done, Ann went over and sucked and licked his cock clean, then they both sat on the grass and relaxed with a drink. I was ordered back to the hot tub.

Soon enough he was dressed and ready to leave us, he had arranged to be around the next morning for a quick visit thanked us both and left..

Ann and I spent the next few hours enjoying each other and fucked like newlyweds.. then it was bed time as Ann has another date with her welsh FB at 0900..